Truvison TXSF202N Air conditioner launched with TruAer Technology

Truvison, a European company has launched its Dynam Inverter TXSF202N series AC in India. The Truvison TXSF202N Air conditioner is 1.5 Ton AC that has 3 Star rating that shows it can saves energy as compared to other low one or two-star rating ACs. The TXSF202N comes with a Stabilizer Free Operation allowing it to operate exactly efficient when power source shifts to Inverter.

TXSF202N AC is incorporated into Power Cooling feature with the airflow of 850 m3/h to create a cool ambiance in the room. The company claimed that with an elegant design and functionality, TXSF202N AC also has Auto-cleaning feature; it allows the AC to automatically filter the air by using built Air Purifier. It has multi-fold evaporators those are designed to exchange the heat in much better ways than others.

Furthermore, the press released pubic by the Truvison also mentioned that ti has TryAer technology that allows the AC to consumes less than half of the energy surge.

Truvison TXSF202N Air conditioner

Other key features:

  • 4-way Airflow feature provides wide angled Air flow in all directions.
  • Inbuilt De-Humidification and Poly Synthetic Drying curtain.
  • Custom-made LED Display, ON/OFF timer & Auto Restart function.
  • It includes a control panel that has functions to control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Truvison, Integrated with a dynamic Eco – Friendly Refrigerant of R410A with a cooling capacity of 2800-5500 watts. These ACs come with 1 + 5-year compressor warranty & are available in the retail stores across India. The Truvison TXSF202N Air conditioner price of the Rs. 50488/-