What we can expect from the upcoming GoPro Hero 10 Black

The GoPro action camera series is one of the most popular cameras in the world and the upcoming GoPro Hero 10 Black editions might come out sooner with new specs.

According to the leaks of the upcoming GoPro Hero 10 Black, the camera will most likely look just as GoPro Hero 9. From the outer side, it will not get major changes but from the inside, you can expect upgrades from the inside. That means it will offer new features which might increase the quality of the camera and you can get a better shooting experience through it.

GoPro Hero10 Black min GoPro Hero10 Black leak image min

What we can expect and know so far from the upcoming gadget according to the leaks and reports

  • Major internal upgrades are expected according to the reports. From the leaked images, we know that the new one will look similar to GoPro Hero 9.
  • Retaining the front screen and camera size we can notice a change in color as the blue-colored GoPro company logo will be there which will change the color scheme.
  • A brand new GP2 processor is expected that will help to enhance the performance of the camera by supporting the refresh rate.
  • It will provide the support of – 2.7k recording at 240fps.
  • 4k recording at 120fps.
  • 5.3k recording at 60fps.
  • Like the previous version which offers 20MP of maximum photo resolution, the new one would offer a maximum of 23MP of photo resolution. And it will get a sensor upgrade as well.
  • Gimbal-like stabilization is expected with the addition of HyperSmooth 4.0 in the new GoPro Hero 10 Black.
  • An automatic upload will be another new feature that we might have in it which will be a new way to upload videos on the net.
  • The camera will be 10 meters water resistance along with TimeWarp 3.
  • It will also provide the feature of 1080p live streaming which is already there with the current version and it will support SuperPhoto, RAW Photos, and HDR along with other elements.

We do not know about the pricing range and when it will officially come out in the market. But, we can expect it very soon as the previous version of GoPro Hero 9 came to the market around the September-October time frame. So, the company might not take long to release the new GoPro Hero 10 Black and you will get to know the exact price of it along with the release very soon.

Whatever the price and release date of it might be, one thing we can assure you is that it brings a whole new level of experience and fun to use or operate.