SJCAM C300 Action Camera Review – Budget Alternative to GoPro

When we go outside for activities or those who are bloggers and making Vlogs will definitively want to record their wonderful moments. Well, we can use professional cameras that are of course reliable in terms of quality but too bulky and inconvenient to operate. This is where small, portable, and easy-to-carry camera options come in handy. Out of popular action cameras that are meant to capture our quick moments on the go, one is SJCAM C300.

We have been using it for more than 2 weeks and after recording images and videos, here we are with our experience in video shooting, battery life, and other functions.

I like to record my outdoor moments just to have an archive of videos or photos to watch later. Well, I used to shoot them with my smartphone because I felt, using it was more handy. But after using a couple of Action cameras that notion has been changed, especially because of gyro image stabilization and high-quality pictures.

SJCAM C300 Box

SJCAM C300 Box is big but you should not judge the camera size with it. Because the Black and White colored box does not only offer a camera but other accessories as well required to shoot videos in different scenarios.

SJCAM C300 Box

Don’t see SJCAM C300 as just an entry-level action camera because the accessories that are available with it will change your experience. You can have a chest strap, 16/32/64/128GB TF card (depending on the package), helmet base, cycling stand, back clip, card reader, waterproof case, magnetic lanyard, data cable, wipe, selfie stick, remote control, etc., can be said to greatly improve playability.

All SJCAM accessories min

One of the most convenient features of the C300 for everyday use is its powerful combination of accessories. It can be easily adapted to a variety of selfie sticks or Go Pro mounts whether it is held in the hand, attached to the roof of the car, or placed on the ground to use as long as you need. This means you can do a variety of things to shoot your videos.

That is to say, SJCAM C300 can be played directly when you get your hands on it, and you don’t need to spend extra money on accessories, you can only say that the manufacturer doesn’t want its customers to spend money on extra accessories.

The C300 with a waterproof casing can be used underwater to a depth of up to 30 meters, and my favorite is to use the magnetic back clip for first-person Vlog shooting to record some scenes while driving, cooking, and traveling.

SJCAM C300 Design

If you do not look at the Accessories, the SJCAM C300 body itself is quite small, measuring 68.65×32×25.50 mm, and weighing 55 grams, which is slightly larger than the thumb, and the grip is very light. In terms of appearance, SJCAM C300 adopts a square and tough design style, the four corners are large R-corner transitions.

Camera Action review min

The product has a compact design throughout, and the matte black texture is good, whether it is held in the hand or fixed elsewhere, the product is not too obtrusive. Usually taking it out to shoot videos can be a good way to free your hands, and you don’t have to worry about being stared at with strange eyes.

On the top of the front is a camera lens that supports up to 4K 30FPS recording, and in the middle is a 1.3-inch display with touch, the clarity is acceptable, although the display is small for big thumb users, however, the way to interact with this touch screen is no different from the mobile phone system, hence zero learning curves. If we move toward the bottom of the display we will have a  physical power button, which needs to long press to turn the Camera ON.

Display C300 Action camera

The top of the back is reserved for the rope hole and just below that at the back side we will have holes for the inbuilt speaker output and Mic input.

Speaker and Mic holes C300 SJCam
Rope Hole

Coming to the bottom of it, where the USB port and the battery lock are placed. It has a TYPE-C interface which is common in all our devices now, hence can be used with any other USB cable if needed. Also, it cannot only be used for charging but data transfer as well.


It is worth mentioning that the C300 device comes with a dual-removable battery. The one which comes along with a camera is a 1000 mAh battery whereas SJCAM also supplies an extra battery backup module which is 2800 mAh in capacity and likewise uses the same Type-C charging interface.

Extra battery for Action camera

The extra battery size is long hence not only perfect to use the camera for long hours but also the action camera will be more convenient to hold, just like holding a small remote control. Further, it is also equipped with a 1.3-inch touchscreen and a physical button the same as the host. After connection, the camera becomes a dual-screen touch device that can be operated either from the front or rear side. Making SJCAM C300 more convenient for some Vlog users to shoot without a stick.

Camera extra moudle stick display

The bottom of the additional battery is reserved for a 1/4 screw, which is easily compatible with various photography accessories. Well, the extra battery module cannot be used with a waterproof case, so users need to be cautious when using the C300 on rainy days without using a waterproof bracket.

After pressing the unlock button and removing the battery, the product serial number information and TF memory card slot inside the body of the device will be disclosed. The storage card that we have used with the SJAM C300 packages was 64GB, however, the max size supported by the device is 128GB; an ample amount of storage to capture outdoor sports and adventure activities. So, you will not miss the opportunity to upgrade the capacity in the future.

SD card C300

The magnetic lanyard is undoubtedly one of the most practical peripheral accessories available for the SJCAM C300 camera. It provides a secure and convenient way to hang the camera around your neck, eliminating concerns about accidental falls. Whether you’re making product unboxing videos, fishing, engaging in indoor or outdoor sports, or any other activity, the magnetic lanyard offers a user-friendly and immersive perspective, making it an excellent choice for capturing exciting moments with a steady and hands-free approach.

SJCAM C300 camera lanyard

Overall, the SJCAM C300 boasts a sleek and rugged design that is well-suited for outdoor activities. Its durable outer casing protects against accidental bumps and knocks, ensuring the camera can withstand the rigors of adventurous use. The camera’s compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around, allowing you to capture your experiences on the go. Additionally, the SJCAM C300 comes with waterproof housing as I told you above, enabling you to take it underwater up to 30 meters, making it suitable for capturing your snorkeling or diving adventures.

WIFI and GUI Controls

In addition to the touch screen, we have a physical button to control the Camera ON and OFF, for taking pictures and shooting. This button also has an inbuilt RGB lighting effect, which can display blue light, red light, and green light to show different working states.

The control of the touch screen is very simple, the built-in UI is intuitive, each function has graphic prompts, and also supports a drop-down shortcut menu, which is easy to use.

After connecting to WIFI, you can also remotely control it through your mobile phone, and can perform detailed settings directly through the APP- you can adjust various shooting options, picture quality adjustment, white balance, exposure, color adjustment, and other parameters of the C300 action camera, and can further turn on anti-shake, lens correction, and WDR functions.

The SJCAM app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To connect and control C300 via the app, we just need to follow the given steps.

  • Download the SJCAM application for Android or iOS
  • Turn ON C300 and swipe its screen from top to bottom as we do on our smartphones to check notifications.
  • After that select the WiFi option, and a QR code will display.
  • Now, go to the SJCAM application install on your phone, and open it.
  • Select Connect Remote Camera, and Turn On all the Toggle buttons to give permissions required by the app.
  • After that again tap on Connect Remote Camera button and scan the QR code displayed on your C300 device display.
  • You will be able to have live view streamed by the Camera Lens on your phone plus all setting and controls.
SJCAM app Android and iOS

Among the official accessories, you can also buy a special remote control for quick control. This remote control can be installed on the car with a bracket or worn on the wrist, which is very convenient to use.

C300 Remote control

Picture quality

C300 can take photos in 2MP, 3M, 5M, 8M, 10M,12M, 14M,16M, and 20MP (5888×3312) resolutions in an ultra-wide field of view with some fisheye effects. C300’s lens offers a 154° wide angle with an aspherical lens which effectively controls image distortion while capturing wide scenes. However, the images were captured in JPEG format there is no RAW format option means not much room for post-operation.

Using the C300, I have captured many high-quality photos of streets, animals, and moving objects in both daylight and night. The photos in the bright light environment are both satisfactory in terms of clarity and colors. Well, the center detail of the images is quite clear, however, the edge detail is weakened, but it is still within the acceptable range because it is a common problem with ultra-wide angles.

Moreover, this problem can be managed because of the high resolution of the Camera, which means later we can crop the edges, if not seems good.

The automatic white balance performance of this C300 action camera is quite satisfactory and reliable.

Note: We tried to capture all photos in evening light not in the bright Sun so that you can have the picture quality idea.

C300 Image Sample Actrion camera 3 min
C300 Image Sample Actrion camera 2 min
C300 Image Sample 1 min
C300 Image Sample Actrion SJCAM camera 4. min
C300 Image Sample Actrion SJCAM camera 5.JPG min
Camera Test Image Sample Action min
Garden scenarios min
Low light Imkage Sample min
Scam C300 Images min
Wide Angle PiC C300 min

Further, being an ultra-wide-angle fixed focal length C300 users will not have trouble focusing. The measured closest focus distance is about 30cm, and the far view is a direct infinity range, and there is no problem with color reproduction at all.

In terms of video shooting, the C300 can provide up to 4K@30 frames, H.264/H265 specification video, and support time-lapse shooting, loop recording, and other functions.

4K image quality is one of the highest resolution standards available, and the least resolution is 720P 30FPS.

As a result, the use of the SJCAM C300 action camera can bring clearer and more detailed pictures, both in color and detail. The resulting photos and videos are very vivid in expressions, movements, and backgrounds.

One of the benefits of having pictures in 4K quality as compared to non-4K quality action camera quality is they will not appear blurry, especially when zooming in, which undoubtedly reduces the trouble of post-editing, whether it is increasing filters, portrait beauty, the high picture quality will not display distorted even after editing, hence can be fully present with the picture details.

The C300’s wide-angle lens has 154 degrees, a wide shooting range, and can also be manually zoomed, and in addition, the C300 uses a 6-axis gyroscope, in some sports conditions can also shoot a more stable video picture.

It is equipped with an F2.5 lens and supports burst mode for taking multiple photos in a row.

The standard waterproof cover allows the C300 to shoot 30 meters underwater, and I tried to shoot underwater and it worked. However, its waterproof cover lens cap is made of PVC which will affect the image quality after scratching, so you need to be careful when using it to avoid scratching.

SJCAM C300 review with water proof cover

6-axis Gyro Stabilization

When shooting vlogs or some sporty videos, Gyro Stabilization is very important, otherwise, your videos will be shaky and you will not have the desired results. The C300’s 6-axis gyro image stabilization equipped with the SJCAM C6 action camera is one of the most mainstream anti-shake technologies for action cameras, with the advantages of strong stability and strong adaptability.

Moreover, compared with the traditional 3-axis image stabilization technology, the 6-axis gyro image stabilization can perceive the motion state of the camera in a comprehensive and detailed way, which controls the camera more accurately, avoid shaking, and make the overall image more stable. This SJCAM C300 action camera can adapt to more life scenes when shooting vlogs, whether it is riding or running, the video is clear and does not drop frames, saving a lot of trouble in post-processing editing.

Sample of videos shot while having Gryo mode On and Off to check the stabilization results:

Note: The video quality has been reduced to upload.

SJCAM C300 Waking test to check Gyro Stabilization.

Running Test to check the Gyro stabilization:

Multiple shooting modes

The camera is also equipped with a variety of shooting modes, including slow video, loop shooting, car mode, etc., which can be selected according to different needs, I use more often is to use slow video, there are three speeds to choose from -2x, -4x and -8x.

Its super night vision helps to reduce the distortion in the image while shooting in the dark or evening, it is due to the photosensitive lens. Whereas the same with an ordinary mobile phone or another camera that does not have a photosensitive lens, the resulting image or video is simply miserable.

It is worth mentioning that SJCAM C300 also supports live broadcasts and can be used as a webcam.

Performance and Verdict

We have discussed a lot about the features of SJCAM C300, let’s talk about the core things which will help you decide whether it is worth buying it or not.

SJcam’s C300 is as expected, mainly controlled via a touch screen; it’s not among the brightest that you’ve seen but seems to be fine most of the time and I was able to read most of the numbers and texts in daylight. You will have some interesting options like
the GoPro-inspired pre-record feature which captures video even before you press the record button so that you don’t miss an important event.

Although the stabilization option is there however if you want to use the Distortion correction feature at the same time, this would not work.

If you want some professionally-oriented options such as control over shutter speed that will not be there even 24 frames per second recording option. However, the footage recorded by it was fine without any problem. I’m rather surprised to see so
many details, and a very wide field of view, that’s pretty awesome and almost competes with the DJI Osmo Action 3 about capturing a wide-angle image.

Further, C300 is very good at its low-light performance and I can confirm that also having fewer megapixels is an advantage for low-light footage because each pixel gets a bigger portion of the available light, however, sadly the shooting modes are not that many, and if we look for the weakness we were not much happy with the quality of the slow motion.

In terms of battery endurance, it is rather good for having a small display which means less power will be consumed while it is ON and the pocket case is a very good addition that you can recharge independently. The main battery however can recharge only while it is connected to the camera body. Combining both batteries, a user will easily have more than 5 hours of battery backup. Whereas, if you have plans to use the C300 for some creative work you could use the SJCAM smartphone app. It’s good enough to remotely control the camera and its settings and even can handle online streaming. But the App still needs improvements.

The internal microphone of the C300 is sufficient enough to record audio while creating videos, crisply and clearly. However, if you’re looking to attach external microphones then officially SJCAM offers USB Type-C mic, nevertheless, we have not tested that, so not sure about its recorded audio quality.

The camera has a basic build quality and is non-waterproof without the case, also we cannot use the external battery if we are underwater.

Moreover, users have to buy the accessories offered by SJCAM because C300 is not compatible with most cool action camera accessories which are developed for GoPro and
similar camera form factors.

So my verdict is that buying C300 by SJCAM is worth it if you realize what you are going to get. Image quality and overall performance are not an issue, although its price which is $159.00 as per the official website not going to burn your pockets still feature wise it has a lot to catch up with to be competitive against GoPro and DJI insta360 like action camera models, however, we also need to consider price as well. If your pocket allows then go for GoPro or other high-end Action cameras, however, if you are a novice gamer, looking for something on budget with features we have discussed so far then SJCAM C300 will work for you.

Well, Amazon is full of action cameras at quite lower prices compared to SJCAM but I haven’t tested them, so can’t comment or compare with C300.

I hope that everything you’ve seen so far about the C300 is good enough and helps you to make the right buying decision.

To Buy C300 either check out Amazon Page or SJCAM’s official website.

Technical Specifications:


Standard Recording4K (3840*2160) 30FPS
2K (2560*1440) 60/30FPS
1080P 120/60/30FPS
720P 120/60/30FPS
Photo Resolution20MP, 16MP, 14MP, 12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP
Video ModeSlow motion
Motion detection technology
Video lapse
Car mode
Photo ModeBurst mode
Timed shooting
Quick shooting
Photo lapse
Stablization6-axis gyroscope
Digital Zoom8 times
Exposure Compensation“+2.0 ~ -2.0
White BalanceAutomatic/Sunlight/Cloudy/Tungsten lamp/Fluorescent/Underwater
Video FormatMP4
Video EncodingH.264/H.265
Photo FormatJPG


Integrated Microphonex 1
External Microphone/
Integrated Speakerx 1

Display, Control & Connection

Rear Screen1.3″ touch screen
Front Screen1.3″ touch screen
AppControl shooting / live streaming on social platforms/video photo editing
RemoteNeed to Purchase additionally
USB PortType-C


TypeRechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
Capacity1000mAh – 2800mAh
Battery Life1080P≈3H(small one), 1080P≈6H(big one)


Other FeaturesWebcam
Waterproof30m waterproof with case
Memery TypeMax 128GB micro SD