Future Scope for Big Data Analyst in India

Technology is like an ocean and we all are just like small children admiring its beauty and appreciating the gifts that it has given us and continuously giving us every day. The number of jobs that are generated by technology and all of its fields is just bizarre, and it continues to grow at an exponential rate. There are a large number of professionals out there who are earning their livelihood and supporting their families by working in this industry and there are also more aspiring candidates who wish to join this evergreen family who want to flow and merge in this vast ocean to fulfil their dreams and establish their careers. Big data analyst happens to be just like a bucket of water in the big ocean, but as we all know that in today’s world each and every drop counts, so the same goes for it also. Let us understand everything about it in details.

Future Scope for Big Data Analyst in India

Educational requirements

In order to enter this field, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline. You need to have the knowledge of coding and different programming languages and any experience on them would just add fuel to the fire and make your chances of survival more firm in this industry. 

Skill-sets required

  • You must have in-depth technical knowledge of this field as you will be required to manage different pieces of information and then deliver the desired results.
  • You should be able to translate unstructured information into structured one.
  • Also should have a clear insight into the cloud services like Amazon web services or the Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Try to build good communication skills as you will have to communicate with your team and higher officials very frequently.
  • Big power comes with great responsibility, thus you should also possess good leadership skills as you have to complete many projects and lead your team in many presentations for the upliftment of your organisation. 

As a career option

Big data analytics are very precious to the organisation, a data is useless if there is no one to utilise it, so is an organisation without you. The recent surveys show the same. There has been tremendous growth in this field as more and more firms are willing to invest a lot of money in it and hire hardworking individuals to get their job done. As a result, there is an increasing number of job opportunities in this field and it is only expected to grow more and more in the coming future.

In short, we can say that the current number of professionals working in it is just a trailer while the rest of the picture is yet to come. Now a question may arise in your mind, that when a lot of job opportunities are being made, then why are a lot of jobs in this field still unfilled? Well, the answer is pretty simple, it is only because of the shortage of the right talent. Yes, you heard me correct, the right talent.

So, if you are ready to put in all the efforts, then the fruits of that effort are also going to be very sweet. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, in the US alone, there are more than 1 million unfilled posts of the big data analysts, so now you can imagine its value and worth. Nothing comes that easy, you have to put in a lot of dedication and tremendous about of hard work for all your goals, and the same applies here.

Now, again let me shock you with the fact that India, our motherland has the highest number of big data analysts in the world. But still, the number of professionals currently serving this post is very less compared to the number of professionals required. So, you have everything right in front of you, all you have to do is earn all that by your capabilities and talent. 

Big data analytics is one of the topmost priorities of most of the organisations as it improves the overall performance of the organisation. And so are the analysts, if you are skilled and talented then you will definitely yield good results for the company and as long as you are beneficial for the company you will be treated as a gem as this happens to be the common law of every private company nowadays.

Therefore, all your hard work today is going to give you rewards for a very long period of your life.

Well, the most common fact for the ever-increasing popularity of this segment is the fact that it is present almost everywhere and not just limited to a certain extent, thanks to its outstanding features. Healthcare, consumer, manufacturing, technology, banking, energy, and so on. You just name it and you will find that big data analytics is used there. It further increases the job opportunities in various fields and makes it easier for you to make a career in the field of your choice. 


Thus, we can see the value and importance that this industry holds in the organisation and how lucrative and good it is as a career option. If you happen to be willing to make a career in this field, then all your doubts are definitely going to be solved after going through this article.

You can see that there are many opportunities that you have in this industry and there are many vacant seats and you can grab one of them with patience, concentration, education and hard work. So, I hope this article was useful to you and you liked it.