6 Best YouTube Video Downloaders to Install on Windows 11

Youtube is unbeatable when it comes to video content. When you want to watch any video, it is just a click away on YouTube. In several situations, you might want to download the videos for offline viewing on your hard drive, even though you are not supposed to do so. As this is unofficial, there is no way you can download YouTube videos for free without using any third-party program. 

That said, today I will talk about the 6 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Windows 11. While most of the programs will be free, you can remove ads or get advanced features using the paid version or with a recurring subscription. However, you can always download YouTube videos using the YouTube app, which can only be viewed on the YouTube app.

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the 6 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Windows 11.

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Snap Downloader

Using SnapDownloader, you can download YouTube videos in multiple resolutions up to 8K, making the app future ready when 8K videos will be abundant on the internet. Besides YouTube videos, you can also download playlists, channels, and other elements entirely, which is magnificent. Forget just YouTube, as SnapDownloader enables your Windows 11 computer to download videos from around 900 websites, and hence convert them to MP4 videos or MP3 music files.


VideoProc Downloader

With the help of VideoProc, you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and from around 1000 websites in different resolutions. If you are looking for just the audio, it is also possible to download the audio stream and use GPU acceleration to convert the downloaded videos on the fly to different formats, or even downscale the videos to match your requirements. Using VideoProc, you can also edit videos, you can crop out unnecessary parts, merge multiple videos, compress videos to save space, and carry out simple other tasks.


SameMovie YouTube download videos

Besides downloading individual videos from YouTube and other websites, you can use SameMovie to download videos in a batch which saves your precious time. Using SameMovie, the videos can be downloaded in a handful of formats that can be great if you use a media player. SameMove offers extremely fast video downloading to popular formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, etc., and the user interface is very easy to understand for all classes of users.



Viddly is a star in the galaxy of YouTube video downloaders, and hence it is here in the list. Starting with the basics, Viddly is extremely lightweight, and you can download videos in multiple resolutions, including 8K. Forget just pre-recorded videos, as with Viddly, you can download live streams, entire playlists, and most other elements you can think of. For the videos you download on YouTube, you can also download the subtitles in the most popular languages.


iTubeGo offline youtube downloader

If you download multiple videos often, iTubeGo is a great video downloader that can download videos in a handful of formats, or even extract audio from the videos that you want to download. Some of the most popular formats include MP4, MOV, M4A, etc., and you can trim the videos to save only a part of it, right onto your hard drive. The advanced Multi Thread technology that iTubeGo implements, helps download videos by fully utilizing the CPU power and network bandwidth, which can even download extremely large videos in just a matter of minutes.


Allvasoft video downloader

Using Allvasoft video downloader, you can download videos from YouTube, music from Spotify, and multimedia files from several websites along with a handful of features. With Allvasoft, you can download videos in a batch, and convert them to any format while downloading. If you have happy hours on the internet, when downloads are totally free, Allavsoft comes with a download scheduling feature that will help you download a set of videos at a specified time in a specified format.

Using Allavsoft you can download VR 360-degree videos that can hence be played on an app that supports VR videos with a suitable gear.

While all the programs I have mentioned here are free to use, some features might be paid, while others might have a limited trial, after which you have to get the full version by purchasing a license. As YouTube always tries to keep users away from downloading the videos, these programs too, need to update themselves, and hence you should update the programs from time to time when such updates are available.

So, that was my 6 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Windows 11 that you should download and use. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.