6 Best Alternatives to Google Search Engine

Is there another search engine other than Google? Yes, there can be several reasons why you might be searching for an alternative to Google. Recently, privacy concerns are on the rise. As you know already, Google provides custom made content that is tailored to suit your needs. However, too much personalization and the constant popping up of ads on the screen which are specifically targeted towards you may turn very annoying.

Search engines like DuckDuckGo didn’t really have much privacy protection tactics up their sleeve until recently. However, after the entire outcry, several of them have started enhancing their features.

There can be several other reasons too. Whatever the reason may be, we have compiled a list of best Google Search engine alternatives for you to choose from. This list will surely solve your dilemma and break down this Herculean task to a piece of cake for you.

Best Google Alternative Search Engines


The first Google Search engine replacement for standard use of course will be Bing. Microsoft’s popular product. It has various tools to enhance the experience of users using a visual search engine. The search results stem from Yahoo!. There are several attractive features. Its background is splendid and keeps changing.

Sometimes it may display an animal and sometimes a mesmerizing image of an exotic location. The search results for videos appear in the form of large thumbnails and you can view the same by hovering your cursor on them. They don’t immediately open to a new window and play on the same screen.

It has special features for programmers. It also offers other services like flight tracking. It has an app for both Android as well as iOS. It is thus a great alternative for Google.


DuckDuckGo as Google SE substitute is known for its strong privacy game. It never stores any information. This also means that you will also get relief from the constant targeting of ads.

The search results of search engines like Yahoo, Yandex, etc can be found together under one clean interface. “Bangs” is a unique feature of this Google search engine alternative.

The Bangs are short commands which we can type of this Google alternative that directly points Duckduckgo to search for something for you. For example: !w pizza this command will search Pizza on Wikipedia.

By using “bangs”, you can easily search on other platforms like Amazon, Facebook, etc. All you need to do is put an exclamation mark after your query. What are you waiting for? Just add its extension to your browser already!


If we ask to tell some search engine name as Google alternative, the first would be the Yahoo in your mind. Though Yahoo might sound like a thing of the past, we must remember that it is still quite popular among the netizens. Launched even before Google, it epitomizes the saying “Old is Gold”.

It is not very far behind Bing when it comes to popularity. It has an array of features that you can enjoy. It doesn’t restrict the user merely to queries.

I can’t think of one field that Yahoo has not already delved into and that too in a whopping 38 languages. It works as a news aggregator, gaming platform, online shopping center and whatnot. The default search engine of Mozilla Firefox even has an excellent web portal.

Ever since it has merged with Flickr, its sphere has enhanced further. It has sections like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance that are very popular. Moreover, Yahoo has also managed to outperform Google in the privacy sphere.


This search engine is based in France and is yet another privacy-oriented alternative to Google. The website claims not to track you or record any personal information for ad-targeting. Since it is also privacy-oriented, it has several features that match with DuckDuckGo. “Quick Search Shortcuts” is in line with “bangs”.

The user interface is a treat to the eyes. The trending topics are displayed on the screen in an organized manner.  If you search for any topic, the search results are categorized into Web, News, and Social. This division makes it, even more, easier for you to arrive at the desired homepage.

Also, this Google search engine alternative has something in store for the music lovers out there. If you are a music lover already, you should switch to this alternative already. A vast world of new music and new lyrics awaits you which you can unveil with the help of AI.

However, it might not be able to provide a “personalized” experience like Google. However, aren’t you trying to escape from the very same “filter bubble”?


This is yet another privacy-oriented search engine. It was previously known as Hulbee. Providing a happy online experience is a major concern of the new age parents and this enhances the importance of such search engines even more. Pornographic and violent content is kept at bay and you can easily leave your kid alone with the computer.

Like other privacy-oriented Google alternatives, even Swisscows is not interested in storing your search history. Thus, it is yet another option better than Google in the privacy arena. Moreover, it is based in Switzerland. No one can really dare to mess with the privacy laws of that country, right? It works great even though it relies on Bing for intuitive search results.

There are several reasons to switch to this one. The most obvious ones are that it provides ad suggestions. These ad suggestions are derived primarily from your query. Please note that I haven’t mentioned the location here. Typing in a query is also a piece of cake with the help of suggestions offered.

Search Encrypt- Privacy Based Search Engine

Search Encrypt is another search engine that aces the game of privacy. It uses local encryption and puts online security at the forefront. This platform has almost 23 million visitors each day.

If you are one of those who constantly forgets to delete their search history and has often been embarrassed in your circle for the same, this search will provide you with much-needed relief. The inactivity of the user results in the deletion of browsing history in merely 15 minutes.  So, you don’t need to panic if you forget to delete your search history again.

Google is a brand in itself. It has gobbled up almost 90% of the market share and many people are not even aware that they opt for alternatives. It uses powerful AI techniques to provide a seamless and personalized experience to its users. Since all of us are quite used to Google, the browsing experience at these platforms might seem weird at first. But trust me, once you get accustomed to it you will thank your stars.

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    You should check out this new cross-platform video search engine that doesn’t track its users. It’s called Petey Vid and you can find it at https://www.peteyvid.com . There are also plug-ins available for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

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