3 Best Cloudready Alternative OS to experience Chrome OS on PC

Are you looking for Neverware CloudReady Alternatives, however, you should not because CloudReady is the closest OS which is exactly like official Google Chrome OS. Still, if someone wants to know the CloudReady alternative options those are available for CloudReady then here are some:

What is the CloudReady OS?

To provide Google Chrome OS kind of features and facility of using Android apps, the Neverware, a company that used the same opensource Chromium OS for developing the CloudReady; that use by Google. This means you would not find any difference between CloudReady OS and Google Chrome OS except, the Neverware allows its OS to install on PC & MacOS including Chromebooks. See: How to download & install CloudReady Chromium OS on VirtualMachine

The beauty of the OS is it allows the users to install Android apps along with the apps from the Chrome Web store.

Although, there are a very handful of operating systems that are similar or equal to Chrome OS, so here we tried to list the nearest possible best CloudReady alternatives:

Chromium OS

Chromium OS alternative to CloudReady

Chromium OS is an open-source project same which is used by Google to develop its own official Chrome OS. There is no official source from Google to download their OS and try it on our regular PC, however, developers have found the way and offer the compiled version of Chromium OS to test on our PC. Thanks to Arnold The Bat, where the latest image of Chromium is available to download.

Download CloudReady alternative Chromium OS from here.

fydeos- Best CloudReady alternative

FydeOS which is formally known as FlintOS and for your information the FlintOS year ago was acquired by Neverware, the developer of CloudReady OS. However, the FlintOS was open source, so later a few Chinese students developers took an initiative to revive the FlintOS again and launched it under FydeOS name. Yes, it is still in beta state but worth to try as a CloudReady Alternative.

fydeos best Chrome OS alternatives

FydeOS has also driven form Chrome OS and Google Chrome by default comes with the Chinese language, however, the user can change the language to English while installing it.  It allows running web applications + Android programs + Windows programs + Linux programs but there are some hiccups while using apps. Only available to install for PC hardware or as VM for Vmware.

How does FydeOS run Windows application?

As per their FAQ section:

We tested by the on FydeOS Codeweavers CrossOver for Chrome OS Android software, you can run a part of popular Windows software on FydeOS. For the experience, you can download and download the Cross install for CrossOver for Chrome OS into FydeOS.

Download FydeOS for PC or VMware

NayuOS- CloudReady Alternative

NayuOS- CloudReady Alternative

NayuOS is a free Chrome OS or CloudReady alternative project developed by Nexedi using Chromebook as part of development tools. However, it is free to download and install on PC. Their message is:

We only create Free Software (see our full stack) so we want to have a Free alternative for Chrome OS which fits our needs.

Download NayuOS

GalliumOS- Chromebook  hardware alternative

GalliumOS- Chromebook  hardware alternative

We can’t say it exactly either a ChromeOS or CloudReady OS alternative instead of that it is meant to run on Chromebook. It is built on the top Xubutnu Linux and if someone wants to run some Linux operating system on their Chromebook then this could be a good and optimized Linux operating system.

Download Gallium OS

Cub Linux- Mimic CloudReady OS alternative

Cub Linux- Mimic CloudReady OS alternative

Cub Linux is not the Chrome OS or CloudReady OS alternative by features but by the interface. Yes, it is a Ubuntu-based Linux operating system that depicts the desktop appearance and functionality of Chrome OS. It used Openbox as the window manager and tools taken from LXDE, Gnome, XFCE as well as a number of other utilities. Also, Cub Linux is quite a cloud-centric by extremely focusing on the Chromium Browser.

Note: It has not been updated for the last 3 years.

So, these are just a couple of best-called Chrome OS or CloudReady alternative OS. Most of the websites just for the sake of List add Linux and Android OS in their listing as alternatives but actually, they are neither Chrome or CloudReady OS alternatives.

If you want to know best Android OS for PC here is link: 4 Best Android OS for PC 64 bit or 32 bit: Free/Opensource

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