9 Top Alternatives To Samsung Galaxy S10

In February 2019; Samsung launched 4 of its latest Galaxy models. They are the epitome of perfect design. Their edge-to-edge display is a treat. The small camera for selfies only enhances the beauty of these phones. They aren’t lacking in features either. To charge them rapidly, you can just place one phone on top of another. Wait before rushing to the nearest store to get your own Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for there is a bummer. It starts with a whopping $1000. Fret not, you don’t need to feel disappointed when you have me by your side. I have made a list of the alternatives to the same which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the Samsung flagship smartphones, however, if you don’t like it then here is the list of the Samsung Galaxy S10 alternative smartphones to the same which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S9

First Samsung Galaxy S10 alternative in our list is Galaxy S10, don’t underestimate this phone just because it was launched a year ago. Its speed is still as fast as a brand new S10. What makes it better is the difference of several hundred dollars. You will never be disappointed with the camera quality of this phone. It can still beat several phones in the market. It also has features like a headphone jack and MicroSD slot which are generally quite rare to spot on most phones.

It will be a lie to say that it doesn’t lie behind in certain aspects but its drawbacks can be easily covered up. It has a fingerprint scanner but not the cool in-built one. The S10 boasts of a triple-lens camera with features like amazing zoom-in and wide-angle shots. This feature is missing in its predecessor. As far as the look of the phone is considered, instead of just a small camera at the top, this phone has top and bottom bezels.

Samsung Galaxy S9 altertnatives

I am sure that you won’t find these to be major red flags. Samsung has updated its operating system to Android Pie and thus you can make use of the latest development. Samsung has always been quite infamous for lagging on updates but this phone will surely get them for at least a year or two more. It is easily accessible and will work on any wireless network as it comes unlocked.

If you purchase it from Samsung, S9 will cost you somewhere around $420-$620 and S9 Plus will cost you somewhere around $540-$740.

OnePlus 7 Pro

If there is one phone launched in 2019, that you can really call one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 alternatives then you have to lay your hands on its OnePlus 7 Pro. Leave being an alternative, it is bigger and faster than Samsung S10 and comes at a more affordable price too. The look of the phone is stunning. Though it has a bigger screen than Samsung S10 (6.67 inches), its look is not obstructed by any cut-outs or notches on the screen. Super tiny bezels are all there is to help you navigate.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Is it a bad deal if you are getting the same processor, 128 or 256 GB of storage, triple-lens camera and that beautiful display at a mere cost of $669? Though it does have the drawback of not providing wireless charging and a headphone jack but ask yourself, does it matter?

If you leave that aside, this phone is the best in its range. Unlike Samsung, it doesn’t have a cut-out front camera. Instead, it has a mechanical pop-out one which looks extremely neat and adds to the overall look of the phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro starts at $669. Its best model is still priced $250 cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Umm, what’s the best way to describe Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Easily put, you can think of it as the fancier version of Samsung Galaxy S9. It has several other advantages like being bigger, having more RAM, more efficient battery life and greater file storage. My favourite part is the S-pen stylus that pops out from the bottom. It is available with all Samsung Note phones and it is fun to write or draw on the screen with it. Honestly, if you prefer a bigger screen size and want to own a more stylish phone, go for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as alternative which is priced at $700 if you purchase it from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Google Pixel 3 XL

If you get to know of its features, you will certainly realize why it is one of the best Android phones in the market. Its specifications are similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 discussed above. With a beautiful AMOLED display of 6.3 inches, it has dual front-facing speakers. Its software operates at rapid speed. The best part is that you won’t need to deal with the slow updates of Samsung. With this phone, you can be assured that you will be the first one to know whenever a new update hits the streets. The fanciest new features will be on your screen before most people even get to know about them. All of this comes backed by the Google Assistant features. Smart replies and call screening can just not be overlooked. The camera isn’t a disappointment either. Night Stand mode is indeed an amazing feature.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Since both the phones are running on the latest Android Pie, the experience will be pretty similar. There are certain points of divergence though. This phone is water-resistant. With this phone, you will be able to use Google Pay instead of Samsung Pay. Do keep an eye open to the fact that this phone lacks a MicroSD slot. So, if there are any chances of you running out of space in future buy a 128 GB model in advance. You can purchase this phone at just $699 from the Google Store.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Here comes yet another alternative to Samsung Galaxy S10. The regular P30 gives a tough fight to Samsung. It has a 6.1-inch screen, robust internals and three cameras on the back. The more efficient P30 Plus goes one step ahead. The four cameras at the back of this 6.5-inch phone successfully beat Samsung.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro best Samsung Galaxy S10 alternatives

Some of the differences make this phone even more attractive than Samsung Galaxy S10. For instance, instead of a cut-out camera, this phone has a teardrop-shaped notch for the front-facing camera which makes it appear much better. Both the phones run on the same Android software so you will not notice any difference when it comes to the same.

iPhone Xs

C’mon, don’t shrug it off already. It is a well-known fact that no Samsung user wants to switch to Apple and vice versa but it remains a strong alternative for the same. Though iPhone Xs also has an amazing display, it is a bit behind S10 in this sphere at 5.8 inches. The best part is that there is no obstruction. There are no bezels whatsoever leaving aside a small notch at the top of the Face ID sensors.

iPhone Xs alterantives Samsung Galaxy S10

Apple phones tend to lack behind on functionality. If you need a ton of storage space, I will certainly not advise you to go for this phone. Moreover, you will also miss out on a fingerprint scanner. Even then you must remember that it is the best phone by Apple at present and Apple has left no stone unturned at ensuring that it performs stunningly well. The camera is the USP. There are two cameras on the back. You can also have fun while experimenting with various portrait modes. If you want to customize your phone according to your needs or want to add something new to it, the expansive App Store can be your one-stop destination.

If you detest the curved screen and the cut-off camera at the top so much that you don’t mind fishing out extra cash for a phone that has a smaller screen and a lesser memory, you should opt for iPhone Xs rather than looking elsewhere. It is priced at $699.

LG – G8

You can either opt for LG –G8 or the V40 model launched by LG last year. LG is one company that is well known for making efficient phones which are loaded with amazing features. Unfortunately, lately, LG has not been getting the attention it deserves. The V40 is no less than the Note 9 of Samsung. Moreover, it is cheaper which only makes it better.

The display is mesmerizing. With a 6.1 inch display, LG’s phone is packed with the same specifications of Samsung Galaxy S10. The memory is also pretty good at 128 GB. LG has made sure that the phone looks neat by providing two cameras at the back without any bulges. The camera is great. The front camera is of 12 MP while the back one is of 16 MP with a wide display. The sound system is to die for. LG’s boom box speaker stands undefeated in the market. It also has a unique sound-on-display technology. This means that the entire screen functions as a speaker.

LG – G8 smartphone alternatives

Is there anything that this phone is lacking? This Android Pie phone is even water-resistant. Unlike most of the other phones, this phone also supports wireless charging and has microSD support. You can get it for anywhere around $649-$814 depending on the carrier you choose.

Pocophone F1

Now, this might sound like an odd option on the list. However, it fits the purpose of the list perfectly. The main motive of this article was to provide a list of the most affordable and efficient phones in the market and Pocophone F1 offers great value for your money. This Xiaomi phone hardly lacks behind in any aspect and encompasses all the latest hardware from Qualcomm. All the amazing features along with a Snapdragon 845 processor and a massive 4,000mAh battery are priced at just $350. Quite unbelievable, right?

Pocophone F1 Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone alternatives

With that low price, it also has a drawback. Its user interface will certainly not be your favourite. It uses MIUI which is not as efficient as the ones on the best phones in the market. Another drawback is that it is boated unnecessarily. It is packed with certain extras that you might want to get rid of altogether.


Why should you steer clear of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8?

Though in the first glance, you might not find anything wrong with purchasing a two-year-old phone you should also look at the record of the company before going ahead with something like this. When it comes to Samsung, it doesn’t have the best record of supporting its two-year-old phones with updates. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S8 came with certain issues of its own.

One of the major issues was that the fingerprint sensor was misplaced. It was placed in close vicinity of the rearview camera and it was a tough nut to distinguish it. The problem of accidentally smudging your camera lens while trying to unlock your phone can be annoying at times. I am saying this from personal experience. Samsung has also worked a lot on the battery life of its phones after Samsung Galaxy S8 which was not the best in this sphere. The Note 8 also has pretty much the same issues. Though the camera quality of these phones isn’t the worst, the rapid improvement made in the industry in the past year or two cannot be ignored.

When you look at Samsung Galaxy S10 you will be awed by its beauty and charmed by its features. It might seem to be a technical marvel at first. However, is it wise to spend that big an amount just for a little more screen? Whatever your reason for not choosing this phone is being it the exorbitant price tag or the tendency of Samsung to be a tad bit slow with its updates, there are phones in the market to suit your fancy. The phones on this list are amazing in their own right but the market for smartphones is dynamic. In no time, something better than Samsung Galaxy S10 will hit the stores. It is always wiser to choose a phone that is better suited to your needs rather than aimlessly following the current trend.



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