Best 10 Replacement options to Google Maps for different platforms

Planning to go to a new place! Search it on Google Maps, and let it do the rest. Well, Google Maps always do the job of our best pal by suggesting us everything we need to know about the place, from navigating to it to everything else like finding ATMs, restaurants, places to hang out, and everything else you can think of. Google Maps is undoubtedly great. But just like every other Google product, Google uses the Maps service extensively to collect locational data of the users to better target ads or optimize the services better for the individual users. But, you might prioritize privacy over convenience.

In the ecosystem of Google, all the services offer a lot of convenience in exchange for our data. Getting rid of this ecosystem completely isn’t going to be a piece of cake for a majority of users, as we all want convenience. But if you want to limit sharing your location data with Google, you can do that to some extent by using an alternative of Google Maps on your Android or any other platform you have access to. Besides limiting sharing location data with Google, using an alternative of Google Maps can help you navigate or see the maps on custom ROMs, as well, if you don’t want to install the GApps on your Android device.

So without any further delay, let’s find out how the top alternatives of Google Maps stand out to help you get your job done by making navigation even easier for you.


The first alternative to Google Maps in this list is HERE Maps aka. HERE WeGo. This Google Maps alternative by Nokia offers all the elements to be a great competitor to Google Maps, from showing you places of interest, finding route or navigation directions to different places by offering you real-time conditions of your route collecting information from different sources including local police, tweets and camera data from cameras scattered across the whole route. You can download the Here WeGo Map apps for Android and iOS

With HERE Maps you will no longer face any issues with finding different sections in a building with the building internal mapping functionality, which though is limited only to some selected buildings across the globe.

One unique feature of HERE Maps is the ability to download a map of a whole country altogether. Needless to say, that will be super handy for your next foreign trip if your destination country falls in the list of 100 countries, whose maps can be downloaded. Talking about the availability, HERE Maps is available for both Android and iOS

Bing Maps

If you have already used Windows phone by Nokia or Microsoft, you might have already used Bing Maps, which offers almost the same set of functionalities Google Maps has to offer.

Trying Bing Maps might seem like tasting a new brand of scotch as Bing Maps is a part of Microsoft’s ecosystem, somewhat similar to the give and take a policy that Google follows. Yet, Bing Maps have some exciting features to offer, one being the ability to get images and facts about a place from different online sources like Wikipedia.

Bing Maps already have all those features you are already getting from Google Maps, like the ability to get driving and walking directions to your location, real-time condition of your route to rethink your journey plan, routes to avoid toll plazas and whatnot.

You will not be disappointed as well if you are a fan of the Google Street View as Bing Maps already has its own 3D view, which undoubtedly is something most users will be happy about. Thus, in a nutshell, Bing Maps is a great competitor to Google Maps if you want to part yourself a bit from Google’s data collection ecosystem.


Available for the web, Android, and iOS platforms; MapQuest is one of the oldest in the domain of map and digital navigation services. MapQuest is acquired by AOL, and it offers some handy features no other apps have to offer.

If you often commute by public transport, MapQuest is the best for you, and you can even book cabs directly from within the app if you find it difficult to walk or cycle to your next destination. MapQuest supports multipoint navigation feature, which can be super handy if you want to stop at some places for a short relaxing session or for some meals.

MapQuest makes it easy to share your real-time estimated time of arrival or ETA with your friends, colleagues, and others so they don’t call you up every minute if you are late to your party or the meeting with a new client.

MapQuest, just like Google Maps will show the real-time condition of the route to your destination and will also inform you about any accidents or unavoidable circumstances on the route. So MapQuest has everything and some bonus features as well, making it the best alternative to Google Maps.


Built on the OpenStreetMap database, MAPS.ME is a crowd-sourced alternative to Google Maps, which also uses crowdsourcing for showing different neat information to make commuting even easier. You can know more about crowdsourcing here.

Though with a smaller user base compared to that of Google Maps, MAPS.ME is regularly updated with new businesses and local attractions, making it a great app for tourists as it can double up as a tourist guide. Available as an app for Android and iOS.

On MAPS.ME, you can even book hotels directly from within the app, which can be very handy if you are planning your next trip. MAPS.ME show you navigation through different modes like walking, cycling, apart from just driving, which can also be handy for trekkers and tourists to see the directions for a quick walk to the nearest place of interest or cafe.

As MAPS.ME is based on crowdsourcing, you can expect precise real-time conditions of the route to your destination on both Android and iOS with this app.

CoPilot GPS

If you are looking for a paid or premium navigation app, CoPilot GPS, available for Android, iOS, and Windows is the best app with all the features you want. With CoPilot GPS, you can not only navigate effortlessly to your destinations, but the app will automatically find the destinations your travel most and will inform you beforehand about any traffic congestion or any unavoidable circumstances on the way that might delay your journey.

CoPilot GPS collects data from different online sources to give you as precise information as possible for making your journey a comfortable one. Download its Android and iOS app.

CoPilot GPS has the unique ClearTrip feature, which can help you out in tricky junctions on your route with lane indicator arrows, and everything else you need to take the turn confidently.

You can download the offline map for most countries, to not face any issues at all with connectivity while commuting. CoPilot GPS is available as a 7-day free trial, after which you will have to pay the developers for using the app. But it is worth paying a few pennies for hassle-free riding regularly.

Scout GPS Maps

If you are looking for something more than just navigation Scout GPS Maps is the perfect mix of a social and navigation app, which is worth trying out. Based on OpenStreetMap, Scout GPS Maps can help you get all the small details of your journey to your destination, including places of interests, hotels, gas stations, and everything you can think of, on the way.

The best part of the app is, it features an everybody’s favorite Material Design UI, even though Scout GPS Maps, one of the best alternatives of Google Maps is available for both Android and iOS.

Just like every other great navigation apps, Scout GPS Maps will provide real-time information on the route, and you can reroute with just a single tap.

With Scout GPS Maps, you can easily share your ETA with friends and family members, so that they can understand, where exactly you are. Scout GPS Maps also offers some neat socialization features you will surely love. You can plan a trip with your friends by creating a group, which makes Scout GPS Maps a one-stop platform for navigation as well as socialization.


If you are looking for something more than just an alternative to Google Maps, Navmii should be the one you should undoubtedly go for, which is available for all the major platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. With support in 85 countries, with more adding every now and then, Navmii brings almost everything from the street to your screen.

From showing speed limits on roads to information on construction sites on your route, and any important signboards, Navmii shows you everything to help you get to your destination in the smoothest possible way.

Navmii also has some other neat features to offer, like the ability to reroute your destination automatically, and it also uses FourSquare, TripAdvisor, etc. to offer relevant results to what you search for.

One unique feature of Navmii is the ability to rate a user by analyzing the driving skills of the user, which can be a great way to show off your extra skills to your friends.

Just like most other great alternatives of Google Maps, and Google Maps itself, Navmii also supports offline navigation, which can be very useful for a drive to the countryside or any other place with weak network connectivity. Though free to use, some unique features of Navmii might require in-app purchases.

Sygic Maps

If you want to navigate like a pro, Sygic Maps, powered by TomTom is the one you should definitely give a try. With support for turn-by-turn navigation in a plethora of languages, Sygic Maps turns out to be one of the best navigation apps for almost all types of users out there.

Apart from support for driving navigation, Sygic Maps is also a great app to guide the pedestrians to the exact location using the shortest routes possible. Moving back to car navigation functionalities, Sygic Maps has support for lane guidance so that you never take the wrong lane and face a penalty for the wrongdoing.

Just like most other great maps and navigation apps, Sygic Maps support automatic rerouting to your destination, lest something wrong happens in the pre-planned route to your destination. The ability to integrate with the car audio system is one of the most appreciated features of Sygic Maps if you don’t want to consider it as a bottom line.

Only the regular drivers can understand how handy it is to get the car audio controls integrated with the navigation app of the car. Sygic Maps, just like Navmii will show you warnings of speed limits right on to your car, which can be just too handy, to say the least. Sygic Maps is available on the Web apart from Android and iOS.


If you aren’t into driving a lot, but commute mainly on your foot, cycle or public transport, CityMapper can be the best app for you for a number of reasons you can’t even imagine. Though it doesn’t offer as many features as Google Maps has to offer, you can get updated data of public transports, delays, and prices, directly from within the app.

Though available only for a few cities in the world now, you can commute to the destination with the shortest possible route that CityMapper shows you. On CityMapper, you can book an Uber directly from within the app, which can be very handy if you want to travel to a remote destination. For real-time route information, CityMapper collects information from several web services like Yelp, FourSquare, etc.

Available for Web, Android, and iOS, you can even check the calories burnt while walking or cycling to your destination, which can obviously motivate you to work out and burn more calories to be more healthy.

Just like all the great navigation apps, you can share your real-time location with your friends with just a single tap. Though not yet available in India, once it is available, it is going to be very handy for daily commuters in India, commuting to their workplaces or anywhere else.


Do you love adventure, and often go out trekking or mountain biking! Komoot, available for both Android and iOS is worth using for a seamless experience of the next trip with your buddies. With Komoot, you can plan your trip beforehand so that you don’t face any troubles when you actually go out for the trip.

After you plan your trip, Komoot can download the complete route for you to make it available offline, just in case, there are network issues on the way to your dream destination. Being an app for trekkers, and travelers, you can upload photos taken by you on your destination to Komoot to show off those picturesque landscapes and whatnot.

With Komoot, you can even find the difficulty level, surface type of the place you want to visit so that you can rethink a different destination based on your likes and fitness levels. Komoot keeps a track of the total distance that you have covered, which can also be handy to reach the mountain top at your planned time if you fall short of distance on one day of multiple day trips. Komoot is completely free to use, and thus, there aren’t any reasons you shouldn’t try it out.

Let me wrap things up. Google Maps is undoubtedly the best navigation app, which is completely free to use, and millions of people across the globe use it regularly for commuting. Just look around to see somebody finding directions! 9 out of 10 people will use Google Maps.

With a lot of users, using it worldwide, Google Maps is an ideal model of crowdsourcing to show you the most precise information as per your needs. But if you value your privacy more than convenience, and want to try something new, those were the navigation apps, which has the potential to compete with Google with the unique features each of them has to offer.

Hope you liked the top 10 alternatives of Google Maps! Do you know any other maps and navigation app, which deserve its name in the list? Feel free to comment on the same down below.

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