18 Best Alternatives To Instagram For Photo Sharing & Artists

Here are a few popular and best Instagram Alternatives that can be considered as apps like Instagram to share photos and place for photographer artists to show creativity, without bothering who you are an adult, kid, teen or veteran person.

Well, every second person has a smartphone in their hands these days and you can say with almost a sense of certainty that most people who own a smartphone also own an Instagram account. It is not for nothing that the user base of this app has reached a billion already.

The saying goes that what might attract a majority might not be the best choice for you. There is a hint of truth in it. Perhaps, you are an ardent artist who wants to learn the rules of the game from the top artists around the world or simply need a community who would be willing to purchase your work online.

Give a break to the endless stream of selfies and hashtags and have a look at these incredible alternatives.

Free and Paid Instagram Alternatives for Adults & Teens


VSCO is available on both Android as well as iOS. It is a free app which is giving stiff competition to Instagram in this field due to high-end photography. Artists all over the globe have built a closely knit network on this app. The quality of work that you will see here is simply phenomenal. It is bursting with innovation.

VSCO instagram alternative

Though it is centred on allowing artists to share their content, it has several features which will help you in capturing as well as editing images. You can also use a variety of filters to further enhance the beauty of your photographs. This app has been carefully designed to encompass all those features which will lend a helping hand to a budding artist. There is no option to comment on a photo but the photos can be “republished” and “liked” by other fellow artists. Unlike Instagram, there is not a cut-throat competition to get the most number of likes. The number of followers is hidden to ensure a level playing field. If you want to boost your skills by looking at inspirational work, simply type the name of your favourite artist in the search bar and you can have access to their photographs.

As such, it is a free app but if you wish to enjoy its premium features, you can opt for the same at the cost of $19.99 every year. The premium features include access to presets, access to editing tools, tutorial videos etc. All of these features will help you in taking your skill to a new height.



Those of you who are old players would remember the days of Hipstamatic. That all was notoriously difficult to get used to and had a lot of other features which did not make it a favourite amongst the artists. This app has been developed by the same minds but they have worked on those errors to come up with this brilliant app for the iOS platform.

Oggl instagram alternative app

You can either take a picture from the camera available on this app or import photos from your gallery. You can then edit these photos with Hipstamatic filters. The best part about this Instagram alternative app is that it is not dry. You would love using it because it is interactive and allows you to tell a story with every picture. Every picture has a story and missing out on it would be grave injustice right? If you are feeling lazy and don’t want to edit your images personally, you can go for the preset filters designed specifically for portraits, landscape, nightlife, food etc. If you are not satisfied with the preset filters offered by the app, you can also create customized ones. This app gets all the good parts together. Not only has it worked on incorporating the interesting feature of Instagram of being able to share stories but has allowed users to further widen their reach by being able to share their work on other social media platforms.

After reading so much, one thought that might pop up in your head is that what new does it bring to the table? Does it really have an edge over Instagram? Though its features are actually quite similar to Instagram, the sheer variety of lenses and filters are worth trying. It will give you an amazing chance to be creative with your day-to-day snaps.


Now, comes the most attractive option. Are you looking for a platform which will help you in earning a price tag for your work? If you believe that your work is indeed sellable, you can try this Photo sharing app like Instagram which is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

It has the best of both worlds. It has the well-knit community feel of Instagram and at the same time allows media outlets and other interested parties to browse through your images and settle for a buy. You can also use it to get inspired by amazing artists on this network.

Eyem app like instagram

Much like other apps, this app provides you with two options. You can either lick a picture with this app or import one. You can then use a variety of filters to further boost the picture quality. It also allows you to tag the desired list of users before posting so that they can have a look at your work and purchase the same. You will fall in love with EyeEm Scans feature. This feature carefully tracks those photos of yours which have received the maximum attention from potential buyers. This feature makes it easier for you to earn through your skill.

It is indeed a competitive network and provides a host of opportunities. The “missions” feature allows you to keep a track on the posts by several brands. These brands list down the specifics that they are looking for. The prize ranges from commercial exposure of your work to decent cash prizes.

If a user-friendly alternative for Instagram which allows you to cash in is what you are looking for, don’t bat an eyelid before installing this application. The only hurdle that you will face while posting your images for sale is proving that you have gained the permission of the model as well as the location. Even this hurdle isn’t really a deal breaker and further boosts the security of this app.



Now, this is one app which has the stats on its side to prove the love of the photography community. With a vast user base of over 11 million users, this iOS/Android  Instagram alternative app is surely here to stay. Its vast user base also points out at the fact that it is quite successful at achieving its basic objective which is to build a community. This app is mainly centred on sharing work and participating in constructive discussions.

500px – Photography app like instagram

The layout is as simple as it gets. The simplicity has also worked in protecting the essence of this wonderful hobby. There is no mad rush to collect the maximum number of heart-shaped likes. This app revolves around merely sharing your work with fellow artists. If you are hunting for inspiration, just go to the curated pictures section to see the best out of the rest. This curated section is also created with the help of your fellow photographers and is well designed. You can even boil down your search options to the specific theme you are looking for.

It is truly a professional app and has all the features which make it a must-have. If you are looking to earn some cash through your work, this app will provide you with the opportunity to do so. It will also allow you to work for other established businesses through the “assignments” feature.

Are you tired of compromising the quality of your images while uploading? This app has a solution to that too. It uploads images in full resolution. It is a collection of these thoughtful and well-designed features which has made this app leave a mark on the hearts of passionate photographers.


Polaroid has been around since forever but this app under the same name has worked wonders at bringing it at the forefront in the modern day. It is available for iOS platforms. It is not owned by Polaroid but its retro-cool approach makes it look inspired from it for sure.

It has a unique idea behind it. This app believes in breathing life into still photography. Simply dragging your finger across the screen or hovering your cursor on the image works like magic and it starts showing movement. The blowing of hair and the blinking of eye characterize this app.

Polarid swing

One of the most incredible features of this app is that it really levels the playing field. It has brought in a whole new dimension. While a professional photographer might find it a bit difficult to get accustomed to the movement in the images, an amateur may pick up in no time.

Though this app has not gained as much popularity as the others on the list, I highly recommend it. If you want to make your images more interesting with a dash of creativity, this app is perfect for you.



A picture speaks a thousand words. This alternatives to Instagram for photographers is available as an iOS/Android app is based on narratives but is central hold lies in imagery.

It has a variety of layout templates which will make it a piece of cake for you to weave a narrative through your images. All these images along with others will be seen in the “storyline”. The way it connects people is pretty similar to Instagram. After you share your story, other users are free to like or comment on it. They also have the ability to share it on other social media platforms. You can also share your own work to widen your reach.

Stellar instagram alternative app for adult

If you are looking for inspiration, this platform will make it easy for you to hunt for it. If you go to the “Collections” section, the work of the best artists has been divided into various categories like “extreme”, places etc. You can just go through any collection and stop at the artist of your choice.

The way that this app allows you to narrate a story is satisfying, to say the least. The feeling of flicking pages has been tried to be replicated to the best of the ability of the developers. Even though it has a multitude of features to help you with the desired purpose, its overall design has stayed simple and easily navigable. This app will have your back when you are looking for something to add design to your visual media.



Dayflash is one of those apps which don’t really have a unique idea behind them but are best at what they do. Sometimes simplicity is all we are looking for, right? It is available only for iOS.

It is pretty much based on the concept of Instagram. The developers wanted to come up with something which would allow users to connect with fellow artists and share their work. The users can not just share with their friends but also with friends-of-friends. Thus, the variety of images on the feed will be worth seeing.

Dayflash Instagram alternative app for Android and iOS

However, Dayflash does make a difference where it is really needed. Instead of the square-like layout that Instagram provides, Dayflash relies on full-screen HD layouts. Thus, the quality of images is not compromised and they can be observed in their full glory.

Just like the other apps, you can either import photos from your phone or click new ones from the app’s camera. After this, you can use filters too. Your phone’s space is less likely to be gobbled up by this app. The photos taken by the app aren’t directly saved to your phone’s memory and thus precious memory space is saved.

The journey of this app has just started. Even though it is in its initial days, it already boasts of users from 30 different countries. A large number of content creators have taken to this platform to share their aesthetic with the world. By uploading images on Dayflash, you also have the option to share your images on Instagram.



SmugMug has acquired Flickr which was already pretty popular in the circuit. The resources have been efficiently pooled to come up with a gigantic community of budding artists.

This platform is incredible whether you want to show off your work merely as a hobby or for business. One feature that it still lacks is that of creating galleries. You need to save a galley on your phone beforehand and then you can post those photos whenever you want to.

Smugmug alternatives to Instagram

One of the best features of SmugMug is that you can download entire galleries at one stretch. You can go through your favourite photos when you are not in places which have the best signal. It not only assures that you have access to inspiring work at all times but also saves a lot of battery life.

This is the only product on this list which will cost you a bit to gain access too. However, the developers do have a reason behind it. They claim that by paying a small account, this platform treats you like a priority rather than a product. If you are unsure, you can avail the 14- day trial. The cost is $47.88 per year for the basic package and $358.99 per year for the business package. By paying this amount, you will be able to develop a client-friendly portfolio which can be the best reflection of your skills.



This app’s popularity is unprecedented. According to the estimates, approximately 80,000,000 photos are taken with the app each day and a whopping 90% of them are selfies. So, this app is the best for the selfie addicts out there.

There is a vast variety of filters available. The app offers around 150 filters. Since this app is majorly popular for selfies, most of these filters revolve around beauty and thus you don’t need to spend your precious time on editing photos. If you want to add a personal touch to your photos, you can use stickers and doodle on them. This feature is provided by Instagram too.

retrica photo sharing app like Instagram for Adults & teens

Sometimes, we really do look our best. In such a situation, coming up with the best photos from a series of selfies can be quite difficult. You can create a collage with this app. You can also add an element of fun to your photos with the help of the retro photo booth feature. If images just don’t do it for you, this app allows you to stream live videos too. Moreover, you can bring a smile on the faces of your friends by making GIFs of your photos and videos.

There is no dearth of inspiration on this app. We have already discussed how vast its user base is. Currently, it has around 350,000,000 downloads. You can make the best use of all these accounts connected to the app through the Insta style “Discover” feature. Just like other apps, Retrica also allows you to share your photos on other social media platforms. This photo sharing app like Instagram for Adults & teens is available for Android and iPhone.


Ello is often believed by many to be the best alternative for Instagram. Through the time, Instagram has brought in several changes and not all of them have been loved equally by the masses. Ello is just what Instagram used to be. It has also incorporated a few new features to make it an even better experience.

Ello is best alternative for Instagram

This app is just not concerned about how much money it can squeeze out of you. You can get the selfless vibe of the developers from the layout itself. The annoying algorithm based approach to Instagram is absent here. The feed is chronological. Sponsored ads and business profiles don’t keep popping up in your feed and you can enjoy peacefully.

Ello doesn’t stick to a fixed format. It provides much more flexibility. You can post texts, videos, links and images in any ratio you want. Moreover, you don’t need to use endless hashtags to make sure that your post reached out to the intended audience. The entire caption is indexed so you don’t need to apply your grey cells there.

Though the discover tab is present in other apps too, not all of them work as efficiently as Ello does. It offers content in around 40 curated categories. Moreover, if your work is loved by the people behind this app, you might earn a spot in the featured list as well.

This app is not just good for beginners. You can make use of it if you are a professional too. If you wish to earn from posting your content, you can participate in weekly giveaways organized by Ello where it purchases the work of some artists to gift it to the others. Big brands have also marked their presence on this app to look for good content and you can take advantage of this too. Ello Instagram alternative app is available for both Android and iPhone (iOS).

[alert-note]Few Other popular known Social media channel website or apps like Instagram for Adults and Teens as an alternative.[/alert-note]


This social network founded in August 2000 has over 38 million registered members and around 65 million unique visitors every month. You can hardly think of any other platform which provides such a wide exposure for exhibiting your work as well as for getting inspired by others. The work ranges from digital art and pixel art to films and much more. The activity on this platform can capture the attention of anyone as over 160,000 original artworks are uploaded every day. This app will never let you sit idle. It comes with drawing challenges every day and has a “discover” feature to allow you to understand new ideas. If you want constructive criticism for your work, you can also become a member of their forum. It has an inclusive and supportive community. You will surely learn a lot from this platform.


Now, this is one app that almost all of you would have heard of already. You can pin your images just like you do on a physical scrapbook. The difference is that instead of keeping it hidden at the bottom of your drawer, you can show your art to the world. Likewise, you can also see what people are “pinning” and are passionate about. You can use this platform however you like too. Nobody can stop you from reflecting all your hobbies in one place. Do you love cooking as well as drawing? With Pinterest, you don’t need to look for two separate platforms for your hobbies, you can share cooking recipes with your artwork. The people who are inspired by your art can simply opt to follow your artboard only. According to Pinterest, it has around 150 million monthly users.


If exposure is what you are looking for, Behance can be an amazing choice. The creative world is so used to this app that they upload their work on it regularly and the companies simply browse through it as per their needs. It is a professional website. It allows you to mention what you are passionate about, list the companies where you have worked in the past and share your work too. Moreover, the innovative platform of Behance regularly shares the work of its artists on online galleries and the exposure provided is massive. Behance is more like an online catalogue. You can understand the nature of this platform from the fact that a majority of its views come from non-members. Behance is the best app if you are looking to get hired.



If you need a platform to share anything from anywhere, Tumblr is the best you can get. No matter whether it is text, videos, posts or quotes you want to share from your email, desktop or mobile phone, Tumblr is an app which can do everything for you. The best part about this app is that it allows greater customization than most of the other apps. From colours to your theme’s HTML, you can give a personal touch to all the aspects of your blog and thus make it a beautiful place to visit. With a user base of around 332 million and over 40 million posts every day, you will surely get the exposure you are looking for on Tumblr.


Seeing Facebook on this list might seem a bit outdated to you and some might even believe that due to the privacy scandal, the days of Facebook are long gone but you simply cannot neglect the fact that over a billion people are still using this platform. If like many other people you already have a private account on this app and don’t want to intermix your personal and professional life, creating an art blog will help you in striking that perfect balance. Also, many others have already taken a step in the same direction. Following their pages will inspire you and reading the posts on other pages might just solve many of the doubts that you have on your mind.


When Twitter was first started, it had an aim. The aim was to allow people all over the world to create and share their ideas. Now, with a user base of around 313 million people, Twitter is indeed progressing pretty nicely in that direction. On Twitter, everyone has an account and you can be sure of coming across such people whom you are unlike to meet in real life. Moreover, the variety of work shared is so vast and exquisite that merely going to this platform and following certain artists will be enough to get your creative juices flowing.


If you are mainly looking for a professional and business network, this platform with over 460 million users is a great choice. With members across some 200 countries in the world, you might be puzzled as to why it has limited itself to the purpose of just business. By being solely devoted to business, this platform enables you to meet other committed business professionals who cannot just help you with resources but also building relationships with other prospective clients and business partners. You can share your resume, contact information, blog id, a summary about yourself and other things on your LinkedIn account. The only thing which is a must is a professional picture.


Dribble basically portrays a fun show and tell game. It is for artists from all walks of life be it, web designers or sculptors. You share a 400*300 shot of what you are up to and the other artists will give feedback on the work or process. Through this platform, you will surely come across a lot of people who will be glad to share their views on your work and thus sail you through any creative crisis that you might face.

If seeing an exhaustive list of these platforms is already making you nervous, you need to relax. I understand that there are many introverts out there who might not be ready to share their work yet. There might even be those who do not believe in “showing off” or boasting of their work but when you have engaged actively in an art form, sharing it is a must. Just try it once. You will be amazed by how positive it feels when you witness how you can gain fans online by simply sharing your work online. You need to come out of your closet and experience how it feels when a stranger comments on your work or someone reaches out to you just because your work has inspired them. You will no longer be alone when you feel down. There will always be someone to rant to whenever you feel that your creative juices have dried up. Sharing a common interest builds friendships. Birds of the same feather flock together.

It is the 21st century. There is no dearth of platforms on which you can share your work and wait for the ultimate glory or even a call asking you if they can purchase your work. Though Instagram is still in a league of its own and hasn’t been surpassed by any other app, developers are coming up with new and incredible ideas every other day, how long will it take before an app actually overpowers this platform? Prioritizing a few platforms is never a bad decision but you should always focus on gaining as wide outreach as you possibly can.






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