8 Best SAP Alternative for ERP solution 

SAP is the most popular and widely used Enterprise Resource Planning tool around the world. Though in the competitive market no such thing which can have the monopoly marketing forever. SAP is no exception also. SAP helps to run the key aspects of a business, like a collection of data, ensuring customer satisfaction, generating reports and feedbacks etc. So, the alternative applications of SAP must be as good as SAP while fulfilling all the needed aspects just like SAP.

The main problem with SAP is nothing but the price factor. SAP is a costly tool for most of the small-scale enterprises. Also, SAP needs administrative experts to maintain the backend of the application. Otherwise, SAP is a very good option as an Enterprise Resource Planning application.

If you are looking for a free alternative, then there are very little chances of finding a good one, as these are Professional piece of tools, while in free alternatives you will not get most of the facilities like Paid ERP solutions. For a professional enterprise, you should choose something in your budget but go for the Free applications for an ERP solution is not recommended at all.

Here we are listing some of the best alternatives of SAP. Though in most of the Resource Planning tools there are some learning curves out there. So, read the article in full to have our review and to understand which one SAP alternative better suits your need.

Best Alternatives to SAP for ERP system

Oracle E-Business

Oracle E-Business alternative to SAP

Oracle E-Business tool is a very famous and widely accepted tool by experts around the world. Oracle E-Business Suite is also known as Oracle EBS. This SAP alternative application comes as an integrated set of business applications for various kind of need including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Resource Planning) and Supply Chain Monitoring process.

You can Download and learn more about Oracle EBS from Here

Things you need to know –

  • It has an inbuilt Attendance Recordkeeper.
  • Costs of time management can be reduced by using this tool properly.
  • Pre-defined organizational policies can be enforced easily.
  • The administrators and all the employees can keep an eye upon the Work Submit time, Track Report, Project Viewing, Timecards etc.
  • By analyzing the Work Data, Labor Data and Resource Data insights can be brought forward, hence decision making becomes easier.
  • Central Skill-Repository can be maintained, so no resources can go non-productive.
  • Under-staffing and Over-staffing both can be reduced.
  • The application can be used via the Cloud also.

Microsoft Dynamics

SAP alternative Microsoft Dynamics

This alternative to SAP is a famous CRM application which also offers ERP tools along with the application. The MS Dynamics services can be bought via Microsoft’s Reselling partners, some of those partners also do offers specialized services. While the name Microsoft is there, you can rely upon them for a professional quality service.

You can Download and learn about the pricing and more of Microsoft Dynamics HERE.

Things you need to know –

  • Allows the user to develop the various database-powered application.
  • For quick reporting purposes, Template files using MS Word and MS Excel can be made.
  • Data entry needs are very minimum.
  • Using the presentation with Dashboards and Charts Data Visualization can be done, hence getting insights and taking decision becomes easier.
  • User-defined Automated Data Processing can be created along with the Workflows, which helps reducing time in managing Data.



AscentERP is a very Flexible, Sustainable, Dependable and an Extensive Solution as an ERP tool.

Here is the link for Download and Subscription.

Things you need to know –

  • The application allows the user to increase internal and external communication.
  • The engine is a User-defined schedule enable so that the report got delivered within time automatically.
  • The user-defined scheduling also ensures timely delivery of the services.
  • A Cost Tracking feature for Human and Machine resources.
  • It has a built-in feature for tracking Serial Number and LOT
  • It also consists of an automated or pre-scheduled KPI and Business Metrics Reporting facility.


ERPNext – Open source SAP alternative

ERPNext – Open source SAP alternative

This free & open source enterprise resource planning application ensures you to control all the aspects of your business. ERPNext is available as both open source and paid enterprise pre-hosted cloud solution. If you don’t want then download the open source and implement on your own servers.

It can be used via any pc after installing it on the server or just by configuring the application in Cloud. The pricing schemes are very flexible and affordable even for small enterprises or new start-ups.

Here is the link for Download and to know more about the pricing.

Open source version

Things you need to know –

  • It comes with a very Comprehensive user interface, may take time to master.
  • Social network connectivity as well as in-built messaging service.
  • Support for multiple types of currency.
  • Automatic Accounting with the tax calculation, which saves time for the separate calculations.
  • Comes with the Inventory Warehouse Management feature.
  • The user can also create and design a website through the given UI panel, which is very unique on its own.
  • Can be used from the Cloud.

Financial Force

Financial Force alternative for SAP

This one is a Cloud-based ERP completely. The tool is built on the Salesforce Platform. With the help of this application, you can merge the front-end service with back-office management. Along with this SAP alternative application the Cloud-based system, real-time data can be accessed and analyzed, which in turn provides better result towards the business.

Here is the link for the application.

Things you need to know –

  • This application is particularly a very good option for the Costing, Accounting and Financial Management.
  • The CRM system this tool has always focus on the customer as the central prospect, which helps to take easy decisions and improve social collaborations.
  • The Dashboard Reporting Feature this application has, enables the user to access Metrics, Resource Data, Resource Utilization Data and other Dynamic Data.
  • It also has some features to be used in HR management procedure.
  • Workforce Management feature ensures better utilization of resources.
  • Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Management, Workforce Reporting, Workforce Analysis are some of the most important features this application provides.

Net Suite

Net suite best alternative to sap

A good alternative for SAP, it helps the user with the most critical data. The Data analysis procedure is very good which draws deeper insights, which in turn ensure accelerated growth and innovative approach.

Here is the link for Download and more information about the application.

Things you need to know –

  • Allows the user to combine raw-data with the reports to create better Visual analytics and reports, which in turn create a more meaningful presentation.
  • The application is very fast responding one, the core is made to shorten the cycle times.
  • Very good for managing Streamlined Business Processing, a good time and cost saver, which in turn provides better growth.
  • The functionalities can be added or removed according to the need in business. Which in turn makes the UI very simple and interactive. Many Add-on functionalities also can be downloaded as third-party services.

ePROMIS Business Suite

This application also comes with Real-time data analysis and which creates the opportunity to do the real-time decision making. The ePROMIS tool is easy to learn, flexible to suit the user needs, secure data repository, and also features a customizable UI.

Here is the link to download the tool and more about the pricing.

Things you need to know –

  • This application comes with ERP, CRM and HCM solutions in a bunch.
  • The application can run on Smartphones also, which ensures data access anywhere-anytime.
  • The deployment platform can be selected by the user to fulfil the organization’s need.
  • Real-time data access can be done.
  • While creating the analytical reports it allows the user to create an environment of needed data patterns and data types only, which enables focused analysis report on the subject.

Ramco ERP

Not much popular, but Ramco is the most comprehensive Cloud-based ERP solution among all. Though I am saying not much popular, they have some Fortune 500 level clients as well. Not very costly, so it is a good choice for small enterprises.

Here is the link for the Ramco ERP.

Things you need to know –

  • This solution can be deployed on-premise or can be accessed from anywhere via using the Cloud.
  • They feature HR management toll, Attendance recorder tool, Workforce management, Financial and Accounting tools, Asset management, Transport management, warehouse management, so considering this application as the most comprehensive one is not wrong at all.
  • Also, the Location and context-aware feature allow the user to use a geo-enabled mobile based ERP application.
  • There is also an exception toolkit within the UI, which gives you the freedom to analyze your business by adding an exception, or even removing not0desired datatypes.
  • Supports MS Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS etc.

Wrapping up

The ERP applications are tools for professionals only, so these are not a mere tool which can be used by anyone. So, before selecting any of these you should consider consulting with an expert in this domain personally. If you are looking for an ERP solution for your start-up business (which is the most lily scenario), then get ready to learn lots of new things, as this is not going to be very easy, and the learning curve for an ERP application can be pretty tough for many people.

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