Best Games like PUBG for Android, PC, Xbox & PS4

This piece of the alternative article contains PUBG alternatives at 2019 & Upcoming PUBG alternatives and Other PUBG like Battle Royale games for Free. Thus, let’s check out games like pubg for Android, PC, Xbox & PS4

If you are an avid gamer or just an amateur one who does play games to pass time, you must be familiar with the name of PUBG (Player Unknowns BattleGrounds). Truly PUBG is an era-defining game of this age. It led to an evolution in gaming perspective of most of the gamers. PUBG boosted up the market of Battle Royale games, in turn, the gaming industry and the gamers got many platforms for competitive gaming, and also the love for playing the campaign mode of the story-based Role-playing games been diminished a lot. As playing and competing against real players to prove your skill is much more fun than playing a game on your own alone. Though there were couple games earlier PUBG has been released in this same format of battle royal, none of them except Fortnite was successful.

The biggest step ahead done by the PUBG developers was launching the game on mobile devices for free as well as developing an Official Emulator for playing them for free on PC as well. Though the game has a separate PC version which is a commercial game that can be bought from Steam client, huge players waiting to play the game for free those finally got their chance with the launch of PUBG Mobile.

However, whatever the reasons are, PUBG has won the hearts of billions of people. But many of them are now bored with playing the same game again and again. You may also be one of them, that is why you are reading this article. Even if you are looking for a newer or upcoming battle royal game for live streaming for a different kind of audience then also you are at the right place.

Here I am listing a couple of PUBG alternatives that are best according to me and also have a fan base and got some serious potential to even become the next big thing. Here we have tried to cover all the platforms like PC, Mobile, Xbox, PS4, so check out the details to know clearly which one is for you.

PUBG alternatives for Mobile (Android & iOS)

Here are few games like PUBG for Android operating system running devices:

Fortnite Mobile

This one is one of the biggest multiplayer games and the battle royal game of all time. Fortnite Pc launched a couple of months later than PUBG pc back in 2017. Since then Fortnite received a huge fan base and a million players playing the game. If you check live streams then you must be aware of this game’s popularity in North & South America as well as in the European region. Even in Asia, this game has a huge fan base. But they came with the mobile version of the game very late, in the second half of 2018. This game is not available for all the Android Mobile devices. You will not find this game on Google play store. But if you are an iOS (Apple) user then you can download this game easily from the iOS app store.

The Android users need to send a request at the Epic games’ Official Fortnite Mobile page for an invitation, and if they accept it, they will be sent you back a link along with which you can download and play the game. Though there are other procedures available to install this game on almost all the android devices, to know about that please go through our article on How to install Fortnite Battle Royale game on Android Phone.

Pros & Cons

  • This game has already proven its stability and smoothness in PC, Xbox, and PS4 so the mobile version is also none the less.
  • The graphics or the color scheme is not been compromised for better compatibility so you will get a very good visual but the device may underperform in a long gaming session.
  • All the updates and store products are available in the mobile version also.
  • The Mobile does not support cross-platform gameplay with PC, XBOX, PS4 players for fair gameplay. No Emulator still on the market reported being running this game.
  • It offers better graphics than PUBG Mobile for sure though the presentation is cartoonish, think about it if that bothers you.
  • The learning curve of this game is tougher than most of the battle royal game even at pc, so in mobile, the controls are going to be tough and it is going to take a long time to master.
  • If thinking about Live streaming your gameplay, then this can be proved to be a gold mine as there is very little competition in Fortnite Mobile Live streaming.
  • As this game is not available in the Google Play store directly, the fan base is not increasing anymore, but the game has some serious potentials, and also by the end of 2019 this game will be available to all the Android devices through the Play Store.
  • The ping is not good at the Asia server.

Knives Out

From the renowned game developer NetEase, this one is one of the most beloved battle royal game by the fans. NetEase has three more battle Royal games. Knives Out is a popular game but not as popular as PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival, but this game is for those people who want to try out some other Battle Royal games and do not want to be disappointed. This game has very good potential to grow more, and it is growing actually but quite slowly.

Pros & Cons

  • This game comes with a good graphics presentation, graphics is better than Rules of Survival, Garena Free Fire, Hopeless Land, Survivor Royale, etc. for sure.
  • It also offers many customizations, unlike other battle royal games.
  • Though the game is a very stable release, they do not offer weakly or monthly updates like other battle royal games, so you will not find many micro-transaction items in the shop or many updated game modes and all. Do not expect much from the game, but the game comes for free.
  • If comparing with PUBG Mobile I do not think it is even a worthy competitor for the huge PUBG fan base but can offer a new taste if you are bored of PUBG already.
  • You can play this game in PC using emulators like Blue Stacks or LD Player.
  • Decent ping can be expected.

There are also other good PUBG alternative Royal games options are Rules of Survival, Bullet Strike, Garena Free Fire, Hopeless Land, Survivor Royale, Last Battleground But I will not recommend any of these games if you have already played PUBG Mobile, as these games are simply not as good as PUBG Mobile. Most of these games have Graphics issues, as the graphics quality is freaking low, but if you are looking for a game to play on a low-end old mobile then you are good to go with games like Garena Free Fire, but else none of these games can be considered as true PUBG Mobile alternatives.

One more thing about theses above-named games in this paragraph is none of these games is much popular, so if you are about to play any of these remember you will be facing 90% of bots as enemies, which is really awful for any multiplayer or battle royal game.

PUBG alternative for PC, Xbox One & PS4


Do not think I am giving a biased opinion as I put Fortnite again on top, but the fact is I loved this game myself very much and there are also loads of player around the world who loves this game. Do not rely on someone else’s negative review and try this game for yourself. If you are an avid gamer and you have not tried Fortnite yourself you have been missing out something big.

The graphics may look cartoonish but the game is much harder than PUBG itself. Even if you are thinking about streaming a game over YouTube then you should consider Fortnite over PUBG for sure as there are very few Fortnite streamers than PUBG. If you are somewhere from southern Asia, you should go for Fortnite live streaming over PUBG as it has a very few numbers of regular streamers.

Pros & Cons

  • Awesome graphics in a different taste.
  • Very good ping if you are from North America or South America or Europe, In Asia server also they implemented new servers in South Asia, so not very good but Decent ping can be expected in Asia too.
  • The huge fan base, and a huge viewership of live streams on YouTube and Twitch Tv. You can also stream on DLive as well.
  • The learning curve is tougher so be patient and keep practicing to master the game.
  • Frequent updates, stable release, loads of products on microtransaction on the store can be experienced.
  • This is the only game in a battle royal format that comes with a background story that advances through the season to season.
  • Very good customer support from the developer end.
  • Very good cross-platform experience, though Xbox and PS4 players can not play in the same lobby.
  • The anti-cheat system works outstanding, so almost no problem encounter about hackers and cheaters is guaranteed.
  • Many new modes for fun play are added and removed regularly, though there is only one map that also changes its attribute at every season.
  • There are also some micro-level PVE elements that are being added slowly.
  • Available on PC (through Epic client), Xbox One, PS4.
  • On PC the game is free, but, on Xbox One and PS4, the game is a paid product. Keep checking the offers if you want it at a cheaper price.


Apex Legends

Here come the first Battle royal games from one of the biggest game developer company, Electronic Arts (EA Games). Apex Legends can be downloaded through their EA Origin server client for free. This game is relatively the youngest on the market but this game already has taken the hearts of the gamers by storm. There are a huge number of players who shifted towards Apex Legends from PUBG and Fortnite. This game offers a more intensive and fast-paced battle experience in a team of 3 people instead of 4.

The graphics of the game is really astonishing and runs on a lower end pc with a low-end GPU like Nvidia 1030 GT or AMD R7 250X at medium settings. Clean and easy to use UI, and learning the game is also very easy. The tutorial mode is designed very well for new players. In the settings, they featured the function of adaptive resolution which enables very high FPS at even at the very low-end system, automatically.

Pros & Cons

  • The graphics are very good, the performance is very stable, no crash issues ever encountered by me.
  • The game has the potential to become the next big thing in the coming years.
  • The graphics controls are also very customizable which ensures maximum framerate in a very low-end pc also.
  • The game is free on pc, but on Xbox One and PS4, it is a paid game.
  • Good quality customer support is provided by EA Games as always.
  • Large community and huge fan base make it a wise choice for competitive gamers.
  • The live streaming potential is huge in this game, in southern Asia, there are very very few people streaming this game. So, for upcoming streamers, this is a good stop to start with.
  • As this is a new game so you will not find many modes or many maps in the game, there is only one map and only solo, duos and squad mode nothing special.
  • No background story mode or PVE elements in the game.
  • There are many things to buy from the store for further customization.
  • According to the developers, this game also will be available for Android and iOS in the near future.


Call of Duty – Black Ops IV – Blackout

From the side of Activision Call of Duty has been the biggest name of all for over the last decade, now they also want to have a piece of the Battle Royale game’s popularity. As Activision is totally into the making of commercial games, they have gone for their BR genre game also in the same way. They named it Call of Duty – Black Ops IV – Blackout. In this game they the Blackout mode is a special mode designed as a Battle Royal match mode.


The best thing about this alternative of PUBG game is developers have managed to give it a different taste from others, as most of the game in post PUBG release tried to ideas copy it from them, while Blackout is quite different in taste, gameplay, and presentation. This game received a quite big of acceptance by the gamers but after 2-3 months the popularity decreases slowly and the graph is still decreasing. It is mainly because of the paid feature of the game, there are only a limited number of players who did join the game. That is why it reached its saturation point very early hence decreasing after that.

In the case of PC gaming, it had been seen the long-term running, titles meant to be free or cheap at a cost like DOTA, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, PUBG, etc. However, if you are looking for an alternative to PUBG and spending a little amount of money is not a barrier for you, then you should definitely try this game. The developers also claim that their game consists of no Hackers and zero no of bots.

Pros & Cons

  • The price is quite high than in other competing games.
  • It has a huge fan base but the number of players is decreasing. Though with some new updates the game may come back to life as it has a huge potential.
  • Interesting gameplay, very good graphics, and least number of bugs.
  • Decent ping and FPS can be achieved easily, but it is not a game for very low-end PCs. This is also a point where this game lost decent numbers of serious players.
  • No bots (as claimed), very good anti-cheat protection.
  • The streaming potential is not as good as the viewership is not good around most of the parts of the world.
  • It features only FPS mode (FPP in PUBG language).

Battlefield V – Firestorm

From Electronics Arts here comes the second Battle Royal game packed with a story-based single-player action game. This game also comes only in FPS mode. Quite an expensive game, received by the players at release at a huge rate but now the players are falling apart. Though till date this game has more popularity than Blackout, but not a promising feature until they update the game with some awesome surprises.

According to my experience, the gameplay of this PUBG alternative is good, graphics are awesome as always with Battlefield series, but the pace is a little low in the game. I liked the game but I am not a fan of it. Though you should try it as this game is liked by many pro gamers over other BR games.

Pros & Cons

  • Very expensive game.
  • Good ping, extraordinary graphics, not a game for low-end pc users.
  • The streaming potential is there but a little low, though you can try your luck as there are a couple of successful streamers available in this game.
  • I am not sure about the Bot using policy but Anti-cheat works flawlessly.
  • I will not recommend buying this game for the single-player story content as that part is not just enough for the price tag.
  • It features 16 teams of 4 players in each, not a 100-player match.
  • It features a huge map, arguably the largest map of the BR genre games, because of which the gameplay pace is a little slow.
  • There are featured secondary objectives, vehicle operation, and also destructible environmental elements available in the game which makes the gameplay fun.


The Darwin Project

Only the early access has been released on Steam Early Access and Xbox game preview last year the game is about to be launched this year. The concept is pretty common heard in movies like Hunger Games, where due to overpopulation humanity organizes reality show styled survival competition within an arena. The developing company is still working on this project as they are making different style gameplay in this game.

You will start in an arena which is an icy tundra, where the player has to gather resources, hunt for food, set traps for defense, build weapons, fortress, etc.

PUBG alternative game will be a team-based game, as the game is not released yet all the features cannot be said for sure. You can check the trailer and early access gameplays over YouTube to have a clear idea. There will also be an 11th player concept from the outside who can favor one player in each game which leads to the incentive.

Pros & Cons

  • If you are into upcoming games this is a game to keep your eyes on, and also you can start streaming the game as soon as it launches, it will give any upcoming streamer a chance to put his/her foothold in the market in a short time.
  • This game is going to be free to play, the graphics are also said to be very optimized so that most of the players can taste the game even with low-end pcs.


Ring of Elysium

This PUBG alternative comes from the developer of PUBG Mobile itself, the Tencent Gaming. This game is a new game, though it is its 2nd season going on, the game is still on early access mode. This game is available in Steam in some parts of Asia, while in some parts it is available on the Garena server.

The plot is that 60 people trapped in a snow mountain with a snowstorm coming, an upcoming flight can save only 4 of them, so you have to survive and have to finish within the first four by hook or cook. The gameplay features action but it is more survival-based. This game has been a big success even in early access, it has got some real potentials in it. This game is also very good for streaming also.

Pros & Cons

  • The graphics are very good, the performance is very stable. Though this game is not suitable for old or low-end pcs.
  • The gameplay is clean and easy to learn, but the taste is different from other BR games.
  • The gameplay is a little slow also, but that does not make the game boring.
  • In this game players do not drop off from the sky, instead, they choose where to spawn on the map.
  • Also, the basic loadout can be selected before starting the match.
  • Players fond of high paced action games may not like the game, but the game is free, so it is worth trying if you have time.


Want to play a BR game as a Viking? Then wait for Valhall, as in this game instead of guns, and all you are going to use swords, shields, and axes as this game features the medieval era as the battlefield. This game is about to launch late this year, and the project is going in, along with some available trailer and gameplay videos on YouTube.

This game is different from all existing BR games, as in most of the Br games you fight your enemy from the range while in Valhall all the fights are going to be close combat as the swords will be the main weapon. Because of this type of close battle, this game also features many acrobatic and interactive body movements to fight like a real Viking. This game has the potential to become a game-changer as it features a totally different level of gameplay.

It will be featuring only 50 players in a single lobby while the gameplay is brutal and bloody. There will be some physical attribute features and map-related features and surprises will be there. As reported that their map is going to be divided into four even parts with different seasons, weather, and lighting effects. The game is available in some parts as early access and the developers are also in for gathering more funds with the Kickstarter campaign.

I will be trying it out this game definitely and you also should do the same as it is going to be an entirely different experience.

Pros & Cons

  • From the trailer, the graphics looked pretty good. Not sure about the optimization or stability of the game. Until released cannot say anything about the performance, ping, or FPS of the game.
  • This game is at TPP mode but the camera angle is designed in a way where no one can sneak up on you from staying behind a wall as people do in PUBG TPP.
  • This game is going to free to play the game.


Others PUBG Alternatives available in the gaming market

If you are interested in BR games in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) mode then you can try out a game like Mavericks – Proving Grounds, Ark – Survival Evolved, GTA V Online, etc.

There are some BR games like PlanetSide Arena, Proxima Royale, Maelstrom, Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale, ARMA 3: Battle Royale, Counter-Strike – Danger Zone, The Culling, H1Z1, etc. But honestly, I would not recommend wasting your time on these games as I have exempted these games from the list for good reasons.


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