5 Best alternatives to TikTok in India that are not Chinese

Although currently, it is very difficult to find exact alternative apps to TikTok. It is because of the huge user base, popularity, and features TikTok is providing. However, lots of peoples in India are searching for alternative apps that are not Chinese. Therefore, just to help them here we have tried to find some, not perfect but still workable and it users start using them, soon they will improve too. However, Indian developers still need to work hard to offer something better than TikTok. So, let us straight away get into our point and discuss some of the best TikTok alternative apps for India that are not Chinese.

Mitron- India’s Short Video Platform

This app has certainly become the talk of the town as the Indian based TikTok alternative app, let us check it out. The interface of this app is also very friendly and simple, and you will surely like it. It offers you the platform to make those awesome thirty-second videos and then let the world see you. It is a platform for all of you to showcase your skills, talent, and abilities in front of all the people. You can make videos related to numerous things, like – Dance, acting, motivational or inspirational messages, sports, and so on. It is designed for young and energetic people and all of you should try it out. One of the most astonishing things about it is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Mitron India's best TikTok alternative

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Another strong TikTok competitor in the list is Dubmash and provides similar functions. You can do somewhat similar stuff that you used to be doing in TikTok, and entertain the globe. It gives you the opportunity to make those cool short videos and then share it with everyone. It comes packed with many short clips and audios of a lot of movies, and you are almost sure to find your favorite movie in it. After that, you only need to act with full focus, and then let the fun begin. So, this small 14 MB size app has something for everybody, and the interesting thing about it is that it is completely free from all those in-app purchases.

Dubsmash best tiktok alternative to Create Watch Video

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Bolo INDYA- Video app to share short videos

One more similar app like TikTok in the category is Bolo Indyay, let us figure it out. It supports multiple regional languages in it, so the good thing is that you can make your short videos in the language of your choice and then share it with everyone and become famous for your hard work. It is not only limited to acting, songs, and dance, rather it has a lot of other things in it, which range from travel, food, lifestyle, beauty, and much more, so you are sure to find the things of your interest in it. This app has many advantages, it offers you the platform to showcase your talent, which can be related to any of the many fields, and secondly the fact that you can do the same in the language of your comfort and choice. Moreover, this 23MB small size app will cost you zero rupees for the in-app purchases as it is free of any such cost.


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Funimation: Video editor and Music Clip Start effects

If you are using TikTok for editing video because of its available effects this app will give you the feeling of TikTok to some extent. And you are definitely going to like it. The user interface is friendly and you will find it wonderful. Do you love making short videos? If yes, then you are going to love it, as it comes loaded with many outstanding characteristics to keep you glued to it. Well, if you have the will and determination, then you can make the best use of this platform and stand away from the crowd and make a name for yourself. You can use this app for a profession or just for entertainment, it is all up to you. The size of this app is 93 MB. And you might be thinking about the in-app purchases, those purchases range from 210 to 4300 rupees.

Funimate alternative to TikTok Video Editor Music Clip Star Effects

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Tangi Quick Videos

This small 16 MB size app is here for you. It gives you the limit of one minute for your short videos, so you can make relatively longer videos in it, and then share it with everyone. With the aid of this app, you can learn many new and different things, like – cook, beauty tips, lifestyle goals, and much more. And at the same time, if you also have that can help people out there, then you can share your talent and skills with the masses, and in turn, make a name for yourself and become popular. Keep creating, keep coming up with new and creative ideas, and then keep sharing it with everyone, and at last, keep gaining the love and respect of people. It has got no in-app purchases and will not even cost you a single rupee.

Tangi Quick Videos

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Thus, these are the five best apps that can be considered as alternatives to TikTok. Most of these apps are free from in-app purchases and believes me, all of them offer some of the magnificent platforms for you to display your skills and talent, and if you have the skills and are ready to put in the best efforts without looking behind, then do remember, you can move mountains.

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