Top 10 List of Facebook alternative apps or social networks

Facebook is the first name that comes to our mind while talking about social networks. Facebook today is more a verb than a proper noun. Yes, we often come across the question, ‘Do you do Facebook?’, obviously in our local language among our friends or family. What we actually mean is ‘ Are you active on Facebook?’ The question that way would be ‘Do you do social networking?’ Well, I am not here to rectify people about their wrongdoings, because I am not a social worker or so. But I am here to talk about the top 10 alternatives of Facebook, which are worth using.

There are several social networks available here and there today, but not all can be considered as the competitors or alternatives to Facebook. You might already know or be using some of the alternatives already, but there must be some, which you are still not aware of.

So if you have a business or a blog, you can expand your presence beyond Facebook, which can surely have a positive impact on your business and get the most out of your hard work. Some of the alternatives I will talk about might not be completely similar to Facebook or offer exactly the same set of features, but will be good enough to keep in touch with your friends, and will surely offer all the basic features, Facebook has to offer.

So without further delay, let’s get started with the top list of social networks like Facebook to combat fake people.

Best Facebook Alternative Apps or Social media networks


Talking about the alternatives to Facebook, Instagram is the first social networking platform that comes to mind. Though owned by Facebook as well, Instagram offers a cool set of features even after offering the most basic features that Facebook already has to offer. Though mainly meant for sharing photos and videos, it is also possible to send direct messages to people you follow or vice versa.

Instagram facebook alternative app or webstie

Apart from the basic functions, which most social networking platforms have to offer, Instagram has a number of apps like Boomerang to make the platform even more fun and exciting. With IGTV on Instagram, you can even watch videos from thousands of creators across the globe.

Instagram is available for both Android and iOS, and you can even access it from the web with limited functionalities, however. Instagram has a decent user base, which makes it the perfect alternative if you are bored with Facebook, even without leaving Facebook’s ecosystem.


Hello Network

hello socila media netwrok app facebook alternative

Made by the creators of Orkut, which most kids of 90s already know, Hello Network has the potential to be the best alternative to Facebook app, if it gets a decent user base. Hello Network offers almost all the functionalities that Facebook has to offer, and you can search for your known people to get connected with them.

Hello Network facebook alternative app has the provision to show you contents or get connected to people, who have similar interests as you. To accomplish that, Hello Network will know your preferences and likes on signing up for Hello Network for the first time to customize the platform the way you will like.

Hello Network is available for all the major platforms, and you can open Hello Network, the best alternative to Facebook even on the web apart from the apps available from Android and iOS. You can also be a member of different communities you are interested in, and post your views there, or react to posts the same way you do on Facebook or other social networks.



Vero promotes itself as a free and ad-free social network, that doesn’t mine your data to target advertisements, which is an implication of the platform not collecting your personal data.

With almost 1 million-plus download on the Google Play Store, you can expect a good user base of Vero, though it isn’t comparable to the ballooning number of users on Facebook. But the fact that it doesn’t collect your personal data, is a motivating factor for most users to create a presence in the new social networking platform. Back in 2015, Vero was named one of the best apps by Apple, which even sounds pretty cool.

Vero – True Social facebook alternative app 2019

Even after all that, Vero is completely free to use, and you can feel like home as you will get almost all the features and functionalities, which Facebook has to offer. From controlling post visibility for individual posts to messaging people you are already connected to, you can get everything on Vero.

With Vero, you can even track the amount of time you spend on the app so that you can limit using it and prevent distraction. On Vero, you can even find some original content from the creators on the platform, which might be useful for users, who are fond of watching online videos or something of that sort.



Most teenagers are already aware of the Snapchat app, which is a blend of a messaging and social networking app, most users find entertaining. Though popular mainly among teenagers, it is also popular among middle-aged tech-savvy people.

Snapchat was the first app to introduce the status aka. story feature, which is now a most-used feature on most social networks of today including WhatsApp. Just take a photo or selfie, and post it as a snap either to your friends, or post it as a story right away that will be visible for the next 24 hours.

snapchat app for facebook app substitute

The fun part is, you can edit the photos that you take in a plethora of ways, by adding the current time, emojis, stickers, and a number of other different ways with some cool and exotic filters. It is also possible to discover different contents on Snapchat, which is something most users will like.

Snapchat is fun to use with the filters, and though you can only send the snaps to people only in your contact list, you will really like it, if you feel lost among the millions of users on Facebook.



If you are very concerned about the data you are sharing on the social networks, or the way, the companies treat your data, Diaspora is the social network that you should try out, at least once.

Unlike most other social networks, Diaspora is a decentralized social network, where your private data is not stored on a server, but stored on your own system in the form of pods, which implicates, nobody owns your personal data. Just because it is based on a different architecture, don’t worry about the features of Diaspora.

Diaspora facebook alternative website

Just like other social networking platforms, including Facebook, which is most people’s favourite, you can post your photos, videos, and whatever is there on your mind seamlessly hassle-freely. The cherry on the top is that you can even modify your own data from time to time by modifying the pods, which though require some expert know-how, but it is possible.

Diaspora has around 1 million users, so you won’t feel lonely after you take a short break from the everyday social networking websites to try out the platform.



If you are looking for a private social network to communicate with only those people in your locality or neighbourhood, NextDoor is the platform, which is perfect for you.

Unlike Facebook and most other social networks, NextDoor will only connect you to the people in your locality, whom you already know, or those you have acquaintances with. The limitation of connecting with only those people in your locality opens a lot of possibilities, which you will surely find in handy in your everyday situations.

NextDoor private social media network

Searching for products at your locality to selling your own stuff to people you know, you can do everything on NextDoor. On NextDoor, you can even warn your neighbours about any criminal activity that is taking place frequently in your place or so.

NextDoor is one of those alternatives of Facebook, which you can actually use for your own wellbeing, and help others in your locality, as well. Though NextDoor might not be popular among every single people in your locality, NextDoor is worth mentioning in the list of top alternatives of Facebook.



LinkedIn isn’t the social network to meet new friends or connect with every single people you know in your life. But it is the platform to connect with your colleagues and other people having the same skill set as you to move upward in your career ladder.

By following different communities on LinkedIn, you can even discover a number of contents relevant to you through a feed like model, and brush up professional skills to grab the next promotion or the job in your dream company. On the feed, you can find numerous posts from creative and professional videos to advertisements for new job openings, and whatnot.


LinkedIn also provides an informal one-to-one communication platform to communicate with the HR of numerous companies you are interested in and know the requirements for a post you are interested in.

It is the perfect platform to communicate with colleagues at your work through a grapevine communication medium and get the most out of your professional domain. LinkedIn is not exactly like Facebook but is undoubtedly a social networking platform optimized for workaholic professionals.



If you are in love with the open-source architecture and worry about your privacy, Minds is the social network for you, which offers all the major functionalities that Facebook has to offer. From messaging your friends to posting your everyday moments, you can do everything on this open-source social networking platform. But wait, it isn’t over.

The functionalities of Minds is not just limited to getting in touch with your friends and known people, as you can even enjoy way more functionalities, which you can’t find on Facebook. All your messages and other posts are encrypted, and there is zero-censorship on the platform, which sounds interesting.

minds social media

Among the bonus features, Minds has similar functionality like that of Reddit, or similar other platforms, which is cool and make Minds a worth using the platform, if you can’t find a viable reason to ditch Facebook. Minds also bring unique contents for you from different creators, and needless to say, you can also be a creator on Minds, and earn money through the proprietary cryptocurrency tools available on the platform.



Pinterest, or basically pin the things you are interested in. That’s what Pinterest basically means. Find millions of tutorials and ideas to make your life simpler from creators across the globe. Pinterest is not a one-to-one alternative for Facebook, but it is a social network, at the end of the day, and you can even message the persons you follow for additional specific requirements.

Depending on the likes and preferences of different users, Pinterest offers you the option to follow different topics or subjects of interests like animals, communication, decoration, education, DIY, stress management, happiness, photography and all that you can think of.

pinterest list of social networks like facebook

Pinterest is not anything new, and you will not feel lonely or from a different planet if you are signing up for the platform for the first time.

Pinterest is the best platform for those guys who want to constantly learn new things from different communities across the globe. Just pin the things you are interested in or share the same with your connections just the same way you do on Facebook or other social networks.



Most social networks discussed here are good for having decent privacy policies, but MeWe is completely different from all those mentioned above. On signing up for MeWe, it will scan for the elements, which might be spying on you by hiding at one corner of your browser.

MeWe is pretty similar to Facebook when it comes to the features, and you can post photos and videos for everybody or a particular person to see. But the silver lining is that MeWe will never collect any of your data to show you targeted advertisements or manipulate the feed for you, however, there will be random ads which are not based on your browsing history or preferences.

alternative to facebook for keeping in touch

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a big name associated with the platform, and if you aren’t aware of who he is, he is the inventor of the world-wide web, which undoubtedly is a big deal, needless to say.

Though MeWe is free to use and is better than most alternatives of Facebook I have mentioned here but sending end-to-end encrypted messages is chargeable. Well, don’t worry! As your data will not be sold to any third-parties, following some basic privacy rules will save you from any possible data breaches that might result from not sending end-to-end encrypted messages.


So these were it. Some of your favourite ones like Twitter, Tinder wasn’t on the list, but hold on for a second. You already know about them, but I only tried to keep those in the list, which offer similar functionalities like that of Facebook. Twitter, Tinder, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit are all social networks, which give you a platform to communicate with other people, but doesn’t offer all the handpicked functionalities, which Facebook has to offer.

If you are really concerned about your privacy, it is worth trying out at least some of the alternatives in the list. You might not get all those friends, whom you have connected with on Facebook, but can surely make some new ones, which isn’t bad either.

Hope the information on top 10 alternatives of Facebook was helpful for you. Do you have any favourite social networking platform? Feel free to comment the same down below.

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