8 Substitute to the Clean Master and Du Cleaner Apps for Android

Most of the people love to have a cleaner app for their smartphones and tablets for cleaning up all the unwanted stuff that is unnecessarily eating up the memory of their device and making it slow. A lot of people used to rely on Clean Master and DU Cleaner apps for the same, but for some reason, if you don’t want to use them then here are some best alternatives to use. And yes, I will help you out in that case, without any further talk, let me highlight to you some of the best and powerful alternatives.

Top Apps to replace Clean Master and Du Cleaner

Phone Master

One of the most trusted and used apps to make your Clean Master and Du Cleaner alternative is Phone Master. It has a lot to offer to you. It comes back with many powerful features and characteristics to blow your mind. It cleans up all the cache present in your device and also eats up all the unwanted junk that is only eating up the speed and memory of your beauty. In simple words, it can effectively clean all the uninvited and irritating things present in your phone or tablet. When your gadget is free from all such things, then naturally the speed of your device will boost up and you will have an amazing experience with it.

Furthermore, it also saves the battery of your phone and prevents it from draining, as it detects all those apps that are unnecessarily eating up the battery of your device, and then it stops them. Moreover, it also comes back with a technology that enables it to act as a CPU cooler and keep the powerhouse of your device always cool and free from heating. One of the most astonishing features about this app is that it also has an in-built app-locker that helps you to prevent your privacy from unknown hands. This 16 MB size app has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Phone Master –Junk cleaner master Battery Cooler min 1

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Safe Security

This 27 MB size app is here for you, let us figure it out. Safe Security as Clean Master replacement cleans up all the junk present in your phone or tablet and it does the same without taking much time. It is one of the best ways of clearing the memory of your device and boosting its speed. All the unwanted cache, files, junk, the ea is scanned by it and then cleaned right in front of you, and then the results are displayed. The process of cleaning all these stuff naturally increases the speed and performance of your gadget, and you will appreciate that.

One of the most amazing things about this tool is that it comes with antivirus for you to ensure that your device is fully secure from any type of cyber or digital threat. It automatically detects all the malware trojans, cookies, viruses and warns you against them, and then you can take the necessary action. The in-app purchases will make you poor by 55 to 3200 rupees.

Safe Security Antivirus Booster Phone Cleaner min 1

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Nox Cleaner – booster, Optimizer, Master

With just one simple touch, you can clean up all the cache that exists on your smartphone or tablet using this Du Cleaner substitute. And believe me, it is quite simple and fast also. All the cache generated through all your heavy and favorite apps will be cleaned up with a simple click of yours and it also cleans up all the junk files present in your device. This app also cools down your CPU and it is much needed whenever you are unleashing the gamer inside you, and it is quite uneasy to play games on a heated up phone or tablet. It protects your battery from draining by force stopping all those apps which are eating up your phone battery without any work. It also comes packed with an in-built antivirus and it works wonders for you.

The antivirus scans all the threats and warns you against them all, and also highlights all the cookies, viruses, and much more if they dare to attack you, after that, you can perform the right action. All you need to do is just give your commands to this app and it will follow them. The in-app purchases will decrease your bank balance by 80 to 2000 rupees.

Nox Cleaner Booster Optimizer Master min 1

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Avast cleanup

It scans your device and then deep cleans all the junk in it and eats up all the cache, overall offering you smooth and fast performance without any lags and issues. It boosts RAM, cleans unwanted junk and cache, lay the report card in front of you after every small or big operation, and much more.

All the unwanted and files like – videos, pictures, and any such related stuff, which is no longer needed by you but it is only eating up the precious storage of your device and making it slow and an underperformer is analyzed by it and then they will be deleted on a single click of yours. This 154 MB size app has got a lot more to offer to you if you wish to make the in-app purchases that range from 33 to 4100 rupees.

Avast Cleanup – Booster Storage Memory Cleaner min

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CCleaner: Cache cleaner

This 16 MB size best Cache cleaner app for Android and Windows is another feather in our list, let us check it out. It has got a simple interface that is quite friendly and not at all hard to use, rather, you will get familiar after using it for a while. It cleans up all the junk files, and also the cache memory on receiving commands from you. It helps boost RAM and all these processes, in turn, increase the pace with which your precious phone or tablet works and delivers you an awesome performance.

Furthermore, it also gives you an analyzed chart that showcases which apps are consuming maximum internet data. Not only this, but it also gives you a detailed report regarding all those apps that are draining up your battery at a rapid rate. And yes, you can then take the right steps as per your choice. The paid version has many more interesting things to offer to you, and you can explore them by yourself after you make the in-app purchases ranging from 50 to 550 rupees.

CCleaner Cache cleaner RAM cleaner Booster min

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Super Phone Cleaner

As the anime suggests, it is indeed super when it comes to cleaning all the unwanted and uninvited stuff of your electronic smart device. Hey, does your smartphone or tablet lag most of the time and this very fact annoys you and makes it terrible for you to enjoy or do something productive? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you can download this app. You can remove all those annoying things with a single click and this process is not at all time taking rather it completes within a few minutes.

These few minutes of wait will make your phone stronger, sharper, and smarter. We all know that WhatsApp contributes a lot to the junk stuff, so this app comes with a dedicated feature which empowers it to clean all the unwanted virtual garbage of WhatsApp separately. Furthermore, features like – App Lock, and RAM booster are all set to thrill you. The in-app purchases in this 9 MB small size app are nill, and yes, you can smile for this reason.

Super Phone Cleaner Space Cleaner

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iClean Master

Ever ran short on storage, ever wanted to install something new, but insufficient space did not allow you for the same. And yes, many times you might have suffered from a common problem where you want to install something new but cannot uninstall anything else for it. So, the solution to all such problems is this app. With one click, you can free a lot of memory in your device by removing all the cache and junk files, and believe me they are huge if you have not cleaned them up for a long time.

Not only this, but it also pumps up your RAM and your gadget runs faster and more smoothly than before, and it will just add more sparks and fun to your productivity and entertainment. Furthermore, it also promotes battery life by limiting all the silent killer apps, which happen to be using the battery without any need. If you happen to be thinking about the in-app purchases of this 16 MB size app, they range from 170 to 900 rupees.

iClean Booster Super Virus Cleaner Master alternative

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Norton Clean, Junk Removal

This 9 MB size app from Norton to replace Du Cleaner and Clean Master is a famous and known name is here to blow your mind. Let us dive into the things that it has to offer to us. IT identifies and eliminates all the cache and junk files present on your device within minutes. It boosts your RAM and also gives you the details of all the apps that are eating up the RAM of your gadget. It also showcases to you the report of all the apps that are draining the battery life of your device and then you can perform the necessary action via this app. It keeps on running and analyzing everything that tries to slow your smartphone or tablet and displays the report in front of you. If you are worried about the in-app purchases, then let me tell you that they are nill, and you get it fully free.

Norton Clean Junk Removal min

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Thus, these are the eight best and perfect alternative apps which you can try out. All these apps have got a unique and fantastic set of features and characteristics to offer and as of now, you must have already found that. Each And Every app has something special packed in it. Now, you must head to the virtual store and get your perfect alternative app and start the fun.

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