9 best alternative to Google Chrome browser for Android

The Internet has helped people in different ways as it helps them to connect with the world on a global platform. But on mobile phones, a person needs to use a browser to connect to the internet and use it. One of the most popular browsers available on every Android phone is Google Chrome, however, due to privacy issues and other performance-related experiences users are looking for something better. And here we are with the few best alternative to Chrome browsers that can enhance the users’ experience.

Best Browser Apps for Android to replace Google Chrome


  1. Vivaldi Browser No Ads & Incognito

Vivaldi Browser No Ads Incognito chrome ap replacement

Among all the different browsers that people use, the Vivaldi browser is one of the most popular browsers other than Google Chrome. Vivaldi browser is a household name for most of the users of Android devices as many people use it. The best part about this browser is that it has great usability and the navigation through the application is also very easy. Considering the different functions that Google Chrome offers, the alternative should reach Google Chrome’s mark.

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  1. Brave private browser

Brave like Gogole chrome browser Android

Having a web browser is very important but having a safe web browser is one of the most important things people should look out for while searching for an alternative to Google Chrome. Data security is very crucial in today’s world where cybercrime is rapidly growing, Hence, a person can select “Brave private browser” as part of his phone.  The functionality and usability of the application are also very simple and creative, for which all of its users love it.

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  1. Firefox

Firefox for Android

People who have been using computers already know about Mozilla Firefox. It is considered one of the most prominent alternatives to Google Chrome for computers and laptops, and that is the same case for mobile phones in today’s date. Mozilla Firefox is a very old browser that is used by numerous people all around the world. Users use this application for multiple reasons and one of the primary reasons is faster navigation.  The usability of this application is what makes it the perfect alternative to Google Chrome.

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  1. Opera browser with free VPN

Opera best to replace Chrome on Android

Opera is a unique browser as it comes with a pre-installed VPN which makes browsing completely safe and secure. It has two different versions with the Opera browser and the Opera mini. The best part about this browser is that the navigation is completely safe, and the functionality is very smooth. Many Android users prefer having this as an alternative to Google Chrome because it has great features to save bookmarks and different websites. The navigation is also very easy to use.

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  1. Microsoft edge

Microsoft edge

Microsoft is another browser to replace Google Chrome on Android phones. It is also a popular browser that is available on all Windows 10 & 11 computers and laptops. Any person looking forward to having an alternative to Google Chrome on Android should check out Microsoft edge to get a great browsing experience.

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  1. Via Browser – Fast & Light

Via Browser Fast Light

If your phone is running out of space and needs an alternative to Google Chrome, then Via a browser should be your choice. This is one of the most functional alternatives to Google Chrome, with the least required storage space. Via browser has around 1 MB of primary storage. Via browser is a very functional alternative to Google Chrome as the usability of this application is truly top-notch. The different features of this browser app are unique and have great functions to make sure that the person who is using the application gets the best of its usage.

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  1. Phoenix browser

Phoenix browser

Another very functional browser app to replace Google Chrome on Android is the phoenix browser. Phoenix browser is a very less known browser, but it has great functionality, making it a very functional alternative to Google Chrome. This application has all the essential features which a person would expect from a browser.

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  1. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser chroem alternative

DuckDuckGo is a Search Engine that is popular for its safety and privacy features. The developers of the same also offer a browser with Privacy as the main area to focus. The key features it offers include Tap Fire Button to clear all your tabs and browsed data in one-touch; blocks online tracking, search privately; enforce encryption — force sites to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection; decode privacy and  Signal Your Privacy Preference with GPC — built into the browser.


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  1. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser
Puffin Web Browser is another great browser to replace Chrome on Android smartphones, however, few ads will be there. It provides good speed, encryption, ability to view Flash content through the cloud; Data Savings, AdBlocker; Mobile & Desktop modes; Virtual Trackpad & Gamepad and more…

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Having an alternative to Google’s browser Chrome is very wise as Chrome has recently been found to have many bugs. To make sure that the entire experience of browsing and having a safe internet sustains, people can go for above given best browser apps.


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