Top 9 Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator for 2022

With the increasing usages of the internet, smartphones, and PC, the number of hackers and digital trespassers is also increasing. This security issue becomes a big concern when you use your devices for transactions and confidential communications. One of the best and effective ways to stop unauthorized access is using the Two-factor authentication system.

When we talk about two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator is surely the first name that comes to our mind. Using Google Authenticator you can add an extra layer of security to your accounts. But of course, in this competitive and forever evolving market, there are lots of other alternatives which have a lot more features to offer. Even after becoming the pioneer of two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator lacks some key features like lock, fingerprint, and backup.

If you are looking for alternatives to Google Authenticator, then just go through this article, I am sure you will find something which suits your needs. All the alternatives listed below are from trusted sources and have a big user community, so you can try any of the options below without any worry.

Top alternatives to replace Google Authenticator

Twilio Authy

Twilio Authy (formerly known as Authy) holds the top spot when it comes to the Google Authenticator alternative. Without any doubt, Authy is the number one choice for me, whenever I need an Authenticator program. Authy features a backup option to help you with saving your precious data, even if your device is wiped clean or lost. Authy runs on both Windows, iOS, and Android seamlessly.

Authy offers robust password protection and ensures no unauthorized access to your account and devices. Authy also blurs any screenshot taken to avoid any harm. Authy works with the two-step verification principle, which stops the hackers from breaking in. Any unauthorized users have to go through multiple levels of security checks to access your data through Authy.

Twilio Authy 2 Factor Authentication

Authy also features multiple device synchronization, which let you avoid QR codes again and again while doing seamless transaction. If you are a Crypto wallet user, you can use Authy’s offline tokens for two-factor authentication and safeguarding your Crypto data. Seems interesting, right?

Download Twilio Authy for Android || Download Twilio Authy for iOS



If you are looking for a simple authenticator program, which delivers an OTP to your mobile every time you try to log into your account, FreeOTP is a great choice. By sending an OTP on your phone every time, it keeps the risk of unauthorized access at the bay. FreeOTP is compatible with services like GitHub, Facebook, Google, etc. Even if you are planning to use an authenticator on a TOTP protocol, FreeOTP is a great choice.

FreeOTP Authenticator Google alternative

FreeOTP is one of the closest solutions of Google Authenticator. But just like Google Authenticator, FreeOTP has no app lock, or password protection to protect against criminal activity. But the program is light-wight and easy to use, and also features the option of adding a generator manually or even using a QR scanner.

Download FreeOTP for Android || Download FreeOTP for iOS


Microsoft Authenticator

When discussing the finest Google Authenticator competitors, you can not just overlook the Microsoft Authenticator. MS Authenticator also works on the principle of two-factor authentication, offering an additional layer of protection to your mobile device. After logging in, the users would have accessibility to all Microsoft products and services. Using the MS Authenticator you may manage many accounts at the same time, such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator also works with It works with TOTP protocol to make your online accounts safe by requiring repetitive authentications. MS Authenticator features a lock feature for further protection and may run in the background for improved usability and performance. The UI is easy to use, just like any other MS program, and runs on very few system resources.

Download Microsoft Authenticator for Android || Download Microsoft Authenticator for iOS


andOTP – Android OTP Authenticator

andOTP is another reliable and open-source alternative to consider because it has the dynamic capabilities of providing several degrees of authentication to code generators. It allows the users to alter the theme, lock, and use a flexible OTP beyond a mere PIN, which will make it even more difficult for the hackers.

andOTP Android OTP Authenticator

One of the coolest features of andOTP is the “Panic Button”. This option can be activated if your phone is stolen, hacked, or adversely affected. The panic Button trigger allows the users to reset the app settings and wipe data. But, andOTP is only configurable for Android smartphones.

Download andOTP for Android


LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is the tool you require if you want an easy-to-use yet powerful solution to keep your devices secure. To fulfill all of your core competencies, the app prevents unauthorized access while also offering cloud backup and one-tap validation alternatives. This simple and easy-to-use program requires an additional security check before allowing you to log in.

LastPass Authenticator Google alternative

Its two-factor authentication improves the digital security of your device, and if your passcode is hacked, it prevents access to your accounts. It works with several accounts at once and includes features such as SMS support, push notifications, multiple codes, secured backup, and so on.

Download LastPass Authenticator for Android || Download LastPass Authenticator for iOS


2FA Authenticator

One more Google Authenticator option for Android and iOS is 2FA Authenticator. It operates in the background and saves all codes permanently on your system. However, backup may be enabled, allowing users to save the credentials on Google Drive. It, like the other applications on our list, allows you to safeguard the app with a password or a thumbprint. On the other hand, because it has dark and bright modes, you may select the theme based on your needs. It does not scan codes from a specialized barcode scanner, as in Authy.

2FA Authenticator 2FAS

2FA Authenticator also comes with the app lock feature to protect the app itself, any other app the user wants. As it stores the tokens locally, so no remote access to the credentials can be done by any hacker. Automatic backup tokens saving on preferred Google Drive and the Dark mode are some of the unique features of 2FA Authenticator.

Download 2FA Authenticator for Android || Download 2FA Authenticator for iOS


Duo Mobile

You may wish to switch from Google Authenticator to a comparable application for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, Duo Mobile is useful since it provides the very same settings as Google Authenticator. In other words, there is no built-in app lock for consumers to employ. Tokens, on the other hand, may be backed up on Google Drive.

Duo Mobile

The Due Restore option in the respective settings panel assists you in getting everything set up. Another feature is to allow screenshots temporarily. As the name implies, it allows you to easily record app screenshots. In simple words, Duo Mobile is a very straightforward authenticator app. But it lacks some key features like PIN lock and biometric lock.

Download Duo Mobile for Android || Download Duo Mobile for iOS


Aegis Authenticator

Regrettably, Aegis Authenticator is only available for Android. It is a perfect Google and Microsoft Authenticator replacement since the majority of the provided functions are comparable to what this program provides. As a result, you may enable/disable biometric unlock, screen capture, code showcase on the home screen, and other features.

Aegis Authenticator

Aegis Authenticator also features a dark mode, supports digit grouping, account name search, etc. You can set up PIN security, create backups using Aegis Authenticator safely. With Aegis, it is possible to import data from any file/folder and export it to the vault while switching apps.

Download Aegis Authenticator for Android


HENNGE OTP Generator

HENNGE OTP Generator is exclusively available for iOS, so it is just the opposite of the last one on this list. Hennge Otp Generator serves as a simple substitute for Google Authenticator in iOS devices. You may use HENNGE OTP Generator on your iPhone, albeit it is not equivalent to most of the applications on our list. The main distinction between Google Authenticator and HENNGE OTP is that it includes multilayered passcode and FaceID or TouchID protection.

HENNGE OTP Generator

Hennge OTP features a fluid interface, and the screen is locked fairly instantaneously. But Hennge OTP Generator does not feature the Dark mode option, neither it features the essential backup option. So, keep those drawbacks in mind before switching to Hennge OTP.

Download HENNGE OTP Generator for iOS



It must be an imperative practice of every user to keep their data safe. While we all know many third-party apps track data from google apps and repositories, and even Google itself uses your data adversely to provide you customized ads and services. But switching from Google Authenticator to any other authentication app is not a thing to be done blatantly. You need to understand your needs as well as the need of the present time. You should choose an app that offers you the most functionalities, better enhancements, with the best performance and most advanced security features. So, switching to an Authenticator app that does not feature a backup option, or does not support biometrics, would not be a wise choice. At the dawn of 2022, you should choose apps for your devices carefully, so that you can keep your data secure and can enjoy the sweetness of the best technologies available in the market.


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