Top 4 multi-in-one games for Android device that are worth trying out

Google Play Store is the sweet home for millions and billions of free and paid gaming titles across multiple genres, and it is currently one of the best places to find some exciting new games for your new handset. Even though you can find every single game or something similar to the game that you have played in your childhood, like Mario or something else, you will quickly run out of storage, if you keep installing every small game on your handset even if it comes with gigantic 128 GB or 256 GB of storage. What if you could get a number of small cool games within one app! 

That will save a lot of room on your handset for a number of other useful apps and some other heavy games which you might love to play at the end of your day. Talking about such small gaming apps, where you can play different types of games in one single app, you can find a handful of such game packages on the Google Play Store. But in spite of the availability of several multi-in-one games on the Google Play Store, not all the games deserve your attention. There are only a few games, which you should download and you should call it a day if you love playing small or retro games on your handset by installing every single game on the list.

Multiple games in one app for Android smartphone

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the top multi-in-one game apps that you can download on your Android phone and get started with your gaming session.


I just came across this game today and the Google Play Store AI really deserves a big thanks for recommending this cool multi-in-one game. The game is still in the stage of development at the time of writing this story and there are some cool facts about this game of Fancade.

Fancade (Early Access)

The Fancade game is designed by the developers of Mekorama and after you open the game, you can tap on one of the available categories to find a list of games that are available. Just click on ‘Popular’ to find the list of the most popular games and it comes with all sorts of games, which include a few retro games racing games, fighting games, arcade games and everything else that you can think of. It also comes with some brain games like Hangman, Chess, a clone of Monument Valley, and other board games, which can be the best time killers for a large group of people. 

You can also find the functionality to make your own game, but I didn’t figure out how you can do that. But the option is there and if you play around with it you can definitely find a way to make your own game on Fancade. As it comes with an unending number of games, you will require internet connection, even to open the app which can be a little frustrating but there’s a reason. As the app comes with several games, and you might not be interested in every single game, it is literally impossible to download every single game when each game has its own versatility, which isn’t the case for the most multi-in-one games. The app comes with ads, however, you can get rid of them by paying only INR 70 per month. Even though I don’t like paying for games, Fancade is a game that is worth INR 70 every month.

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2 Player games: the Challenge

Are you fond of playing two-player games like chess, ping pong, pool, tic-tac-toe, and other similar games right on your handset? That is when the 2 Player games package is the best one for you. Even though you can download every single game within the package from the Google Play Store, but if you are running low on storage, the following app comes with 21 games that can help you kill time. All the games that you can find within the app are pretty fun to play and you can play the game either with one of your friends on your handset or with your smartphone. It also comes with some popular games like Glow Hockey, which is one of my personal favorites and the best part is, you can play the game without a data connection.

2 Player games the Challenge

When most multiplayer games and even single-player games require an internet connection for online gaming and also for DRM management, the 2 Player games are a game, which offers 21 fun to play games, without an internet connection. So if you get a short break at work, get stuck at traffic, or are frustrated for any reason, the 2 Player games can make your day. If you try downloading every single game that is offered within the package, it should easily take one to two Gigabyte of storage, however, this small multi-in-one game comes in a very small package of just 15 MB. So just download the game and give it a try.

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Are you looking for a lightweight multiplayer game? If that is the case, download HAGO that comes with more than 80 fun multiplayer games which you can play at any time of the day without spending a lot of time. Most multiplayer games require a lot of time for matchmaking, server issues and a number of other problems. However, HAGO is something completely different. It comes with a wide array of games, where few might take one or two minutes to complete, while others can be board games like Ludo, which can take 10 to 15 minutes for completion. There are also some other cool games like Ship Fight, my personal favourite;  board games like Ludo, Carrom, other games like Fruit Master, Soccer, Virus Breaker, Hexagon Fight, and a number of other cool games and you can definitely have fun playing each of them. 

HAGO – Play With New Friends

HAGO is indeed a very addictive game, and you will always feel like playing one more game after you complete the current one. The game comes in a very small package of just 80 MB and you can play all the games free of cost.

As HAGO features a number of small and cool multiplayer games, you can also make friends and chat with them while you play and enjoy a particular game in HAGO. While playing the games, you can also compete with the champions, earn in-game rewards and put yourself at the top of the leaderboard by crushing all your opponents. Considering everything HAGO is the game that you should definitely download and try.

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Retro Brick Game Simulator

I spent a big part of my childhood playing games on my brick LCD video game, and I really miss those games now. If you, as well want to rejuvenate your old memories, if you were a kid of the nineties, the Retro Brick Game Simulator is the one that you should download. It comes with almost all the games that you can get in the brick LCD video game which include Tank Fighting, Car Racing, Tetris, Ping Pong and all the other games that you enjoyed in your childhood on the brick LCD video game. I really don’t know the name of all the games, but you know, which games I am talking about. 

Retro Brick Game Simulator

With this small app, you can enjoy all the video games in one single app and you can also get the old school controls to control your character or when playing the games altogether. This is yet another great game as you can have fun with all the games available within the app, even when you are offline. The game doesn’t come with any additional options like multiplayer capability or anything of that sort, however, the nostalgia that it delivers and the fun that you will get by playing the game is unbeatable. If you do not want to play intense games, or you do not have a powerful handset to power those heavy games, the Retro Brick Game Simulator can give a new life to your handset if you want to spend quality time by playing games on your mobile.

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So, if you are into casual gaming and are looking for some small games, which can add more value to your gaming, you should download all the four gaming apps that I have mentioned here. You can also find a handful of other multi-in-one games but you will be disappointed for the most part, by downloading them.

All the apps which I have mentioned here do not make big promises and each of the apps offers you whatever is advertised about the games in the Google Play Store.

That was all about the top 4 multi-in-one games that you should download on your Android handset? Which one is your favourite? Let me know about it in the comments section down below.