5 Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy in India

Do you need a gaming mouse? Whether you are a Desktop or laptop gamer, the best gaming mouse is an essential piece to add to the list. A well-built, premium gaming mouse with all the vital features not only going to last longer but can also give you the best gaming experience. One should keep in mind that the best gaming mouse should have better sensors, faster polling rates, and a larger DPI range. Gaming mice come with customizable features, one can customize them to fit own specific gaming needs, plus you can use game-specific features to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Today, many gaming mice are available in the market in all sorts of shapes and sizes at different price points. But which is the right one for you?

In this article, we will help you find the best gaming mouse that you can consider buying to enhance your best gaming experience.

Reddragon M610


The brand, Redragon is known for its distinctive, high-quality products for gamers. Ergonomic designed Redragon Gainer M610 comes with adjustable DPI in 4 modes allowing you to use the mouse in different scenarios. It is backed with 6 programmable buttons including 2 customizable thumb buttons that allow adjusting the mouse for its user’s needs. the mouse is made with aluminum and ABS buttons that make it sturdy and fit well in the palm. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and look for your first gaming mouse at the same time the Redragon Gainer M610 is a good option to buy.


Logitech G502 Hero


The Logitech G502 HERO is an ironic designed and is engineered to improve the overall gaming experience. The mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons, Logitech G HUB to program the favorite commands, and macros to each of the buttons. With the fastest frame rate processing yet, HERO is capable of 400+ IPS across the 100 – 25,600 DPI range with zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. Additionally, it comes with Logitech’s HERO 25K sensor, offering a high sensitivity of 25,00DPI. The left and right buttons of the mouse come with mechanical switches that promise 50 million clicks.


Razer DeathAdder V2



Razer is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, manufactures peripherals like keyboards, mice, headsets, and microphones along with high-end laptops and chairs. The DeathAdder V2 has 8 programable buttons that can be customized via the accompanying Razer Synapse 3 software. Moreover, It also comes with Razer’s 2nd-Gen Optical Mouse Switches and Focus+ 20K DPI optical sensor having a polling rate of 1000Hz. The mouse is also backed with RGB lighting that can be controlled with Razer’s Chroma software.


Corsair Katar Pro XT


Corsair Katar Pro XT is a well-specced, comfortable gaming mouse in the market that you can look for. weighing only 2.68 ounces is ideal for long gaming sessions and is easily adjustable. The mouse is outfitted with the high-performance features that gamers demand, including an 18,000 DPI optical sensor for high-accuracy tracking and durable OMRON switches guaranteed for 50 million clicks.


Cooler Master MM711

Cooler Master

The Cooler Master MM711 has a total of 6 buttons out of which 2 are placed on the left side of the mouse. It offers Omron switches for the left and right clicks and it has a polling rate of 1000Hz; it also offers a tracking speed of 400 IPS which allows it to quickly respond during the gameplay. It also offers a max DPI of 32,000 and it supports MasterPlus+ software which offers customization options and allows you to set multiple DPI presets, RGB customizations, set macros, and more.