5 Best Cartoon based Games for Android phone & tablet

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One of the best ways to spend a long time caged in the four walls of our houses is playing super cool android games, and yes almost everyone will agree with me on this. For gamers, it is just like the gateway to complete bliss, but even for occasional gamers or normal guys, it is also a very exciting and fun-filled journey. 

Best cartoon-based games for android Google Play Store

So, today in this article, I am going to discuss with you the best available cartoon-based Android games available on our favourite Google play store, which we can access with our fingertips. Therefore, without any further discussion, let me quickly start this article.

Motu Patlu Game

Nazara games have made this entertaining 32 MB size game based on popular Indian cartoon show Motu Patlu for us to play. No doubt that many of you were and are admirers of these cartoon characters, and so you will also admire this game and love to play it as well. You will get the opportunity to race as the iconic Motu and Patlu gang and chase the don, named John.

Motu Patlu Game for Android
Motu Patlu Game for Android

It involves six levels and a huge set of thrilling missions for all of you. There are a lot of power-ups and other secrets to help you on your journey. The graphics are also stunning and you will notice them as you travel along with the majestic locations of the country. And every time you win a mission, you will be awarded coins with which you can unlock many more players as well as many other exciting things. Furthermore, the in-app purchases range from 10 to 360 rupees and you can become that much poorer if you wish to.

Google Play Store

Ben 10 Alien Run

Do you want to have Ben 10 cartoon-based running game then try this 58 MB size game brought to you by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt Ltd. Yes, this is one of the best cartoon-based games available and Ben 10 is also one of the favourite cartoon characters of many people, so if you love this cartoon character then you are sure to love this game too.

You will be running as Ben and his various other alien forms, and after completing missions successfully, you will be getting various rewards like crystals and silvers, and with these crystals and rewards, you can further purchase more and more coins. And yes, some mystery boxes are also waiting to be unleashed by you in frequent time intervals.

Ben 10 Alien Run Android
Ben 10 Alien Run Android

With the help of magnets, you can grab many coins along your way and with the aid of shields you can also defend many attacks from the enemy. There are also many hidden special token tokens waiting for you and with their help, you can unlock various super aliens. Moreover, the in-app purchase ranges from 10 to 100 rupees.

Google Play Store

Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze Free

GlobalFun Games has made this beautiful 60 MB size game based on legend Tom and Jerry Cartoon for all of us to play while remembering our old days. This is perhaps the favourite cartoon game of billions and most of us have grown up watching it, and still many of us enjoy watching it.

So, this game is indeed for everyone who loved this never-ending cat and mouse chase. It is also available in two modes, the classic mode and the runner mode. It is loaded with over 120 challenging and thrilling levels for you to conquer. The graphics are also superb and you will feel like watching them on a high definition TV.

Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze FREE
Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze FREE

You need to avoid all the obstacles in your way while you run through various environments like a- garden, room, and so on. The in-app purchase ranges from 10 to 100 rupees and if you love [playing it then I guess you would not mind spending on it too.

Google Play Store

Scooby-Doo: Saving Shaggy for Android

It is also one of the most favourites and loved cartoon characters worldwide and has a fanbase of millions. In this game, you play as your hero Scooby and have the responsibility of saving Shaggy who happens to be imprisoned in a strange and fearing tomb.

Scooby-Doo Saving Shaggy for Android
Scooby-Doo Saving Shaggy for Android

You will have to avoid various obstacles like ghosts, mummies, and demons on your way to rescue your good old friend. You need to be both very quick as well as very alert to survive in this deadly game. It has many levels filled with fun and they all are set to give you goosebumps. Furthermore, the in-app purchase is of 10 rupees and it is not at all a big deal if you love this game.

Google Play Store

Doraemon Gadget Rush

Animoca is the maker of this 43 MB size game for Android. Doraemon was and is one of the most favourite cartoon characters of all kinds out there, and yes there will be many readers right now who happen to be the 90s kids and you all will agree that our childhood was somewhat incomplete without this little flying robot cat.

In this very game, you will be playing a very crucial role in rescuing your favourite robotic cat’s gadgets. Isn’t that crazy? Well, yes it is. You have the duty of unlocking over 30 gadgets of Doraemon and in this quest, after you pass a few levels successfully, you will be assisted by Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, Suneo, etc. to help you in your journey.

Not only this, as you level up, but You will also be provided with powerful weapons and many other power-ups to help you further in your journey and act as powerful catalysts. In the end, if you happen to defeat all the aliens, then you have conquered this game and succeeded in your mission, but wait this is not going to be a cup of tea, you will have to put in all your efforts to be the one. Moreover, the in-app purchase ranges from 10 to 350 rupees and you can make this sacrifice if you want to.

Google Play Store

Thus, these are the five best available cartoon-based games of the android world which you can download right now and enjoy. Playing games is one of the best pass time as well as one of the best ways to keep you busy and occupied and also do remember that real gamers are also very imaginative and out of the world type guys and end up doing super cool things. Therefore, this was all for this article, I hope you guys would have found it useful.

Kawaljeet Singh
Btech in Electronics and Communications Eng. & apart from that a person who enjoys the very present moment and learns from every small and big thing, plus a technical geek...


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