How to Avoid Hackers and Cheaters in PUBG Mobile

Most of you love playing PUBG Mobile. Many of you opt this game as your favourite pass time, while many of you consider PUBG Mobile as a passion and become a try-hard player in order to become a pro. Pushing your rank through the game by playing many matches let you unlock many exciting rewards, skins etc., which are also become a showcase of your skill in the game in front of your friends. But nowadays you are facing a huge problem related to the hackers in the lobby, while you are a genuine player, no matter how skilled you are getting killed in every other match by a hacker or a group of hackers.

The hackers use Super Speed, Super Jump, Aimbot, ESP hacks and many more in order to outgun every other player, where you become a no match for those hackers. So, in this article, I will be summing up some of the methods which you can use to avoid hackers and cheaters in PUBG Mobile, which will ensure you have a hacker free, healthy gaming experience with fair competitors.

How to Avoid Hackers and Cheaters in PUBG Mobile

Why there are so many Hackers?

Come on, let’s admit it first that there is no game in the world which does not have any cheat. Especially the online competitive games do possess many hacks and cheats which are engineered by pro hacker and coders and marketed due to the huge demand for real money. While it is a hacker’s job to find the loophole in the security, many of the black hat hackers do create tools to exploit those loopholes, and they sell those tools and apps to the interested people in a very discrete way in exchange of real money. This is how hacks got created and circulated. But the main reason for the circulation of hacks is due to the demand of those hacks among many of the players like us.

Yes, you can call them noob who uses these hacks, but many of them do use these hacks to prove them like a pro on videos and live streams as well. Many players do use hacks to be featured on the regional rank lists as well, and this is a kind of a mindset, you cannot stop it until it present among people. So, yes, this problem related to hacks are never going to end, so you have to face and deal with it.

What is PUBG corporation doing about it?

It would be very wrong if we say PUBG corporation is doing nothing to stop the hackers. As with every update PUBG keeps strengthening its security by working on their loopholes in the security and using the new methods of hack detection. On detection, they banned many players actually almost one million players till date. Many bans do occur for a limited time, while many of them got banned for 10 years or permanently.

  • But, the hackers and mod-makers keep doing their job as well, by finding new loopholes in the security exploiting it. So, the PUBG corporation is advancing with their anti-cheat systems as well as the pro hackers are also advancing with their hacking skills and software engineering skills. Thus, it is a never-ending race between right and wrong where general players are getting thrashed, just like Politics.
  • In order to minimalize the hacking, PUBG corporation region-locked China as most of the hackers reported were from China, and that is a consistent stat while we consider the other games as well. But even China has a huge no. good players who are facing the same problem as we while playing PUBG Mobile. But the hackers are still getting into other servers by using VPN so there is no full-stop for them.
  • PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system also banned many players even before those players got reported by some other players, so it would be very offensive if we say that PUBG Corporation is doing nothing.
  • The fun part is PUBG Mobile is a free game, so while a player got banned due to excessive successful reporting by other players, they just do not bother and open a new account with a new name and start playing again from the scratch, it is fun for them as well. While in PUBG PC you have to buy the game with real money, and if you got banned that means the game would be banned from your Steam account as well, so in order to play again you have to buy the game again from a different Steam account, which is hectic and costly, so that is why hackers’ presence in PUBG PC is so little then it mobile counterpart.
  • Now you may think that PUBG could have done the same with PUBG Mobile as well, but now you think would PUBG Mobile be this popular among all the people if it was a Paid game.

How to Detect Hackers in PUBG Mobile?

Now lets summaries all the methods using which you can save yourself from getting matched against any hackers in PUBG Mobile, but before that, we should summaries the types of hackers as well.

PUBG Mobile Hackers – Type 1

Players who have little time to play (consists of 60% of all hackers in the game)

  • The number of this kind of player in the hacker community is the most.
  • So, you won’t be matched up against these players unless you are playing the game at the weekends or on the holidays.
  • These kinds of players are actually quite a noob in the game, so they are quite unskilled and tend to die if you put up a good fight, as they lack tactical thinking and reflex, so they are not that good even with the hacks as well.
  • As this player is frustrate of dying easily in the game, they use the hack as their only method to play, they do not win that much, so they are not dangerous at all. They do not opt for the Hot drops very often.
  • As they are busy and kind of noobs so they normally have only one account, thus they would be using the hacks also quite minimally. They are scared of losing their account and their rewards and achievements in the same account.
  • So, in most cases this kind of hackers would be using the ESP hacks only, where the hackers get to know about your position even if you are unexposed to him. But, with good reflex and good awareness, you can beat this kind of hackers most of the time.

PUBG Mobile Hackers – Type 2

Players who like to Troll other players (consists of 30% of all hackers in the game)

  • This kind of players is made of a third class and cruel mentality. They find it funny to disturb others, which they cannot do socially, so they do it in the game.
  • You can detect this kind players by their offensive and provocative languages in the chats, especially in the all chat mode. Also, you can spot these players by their playing style approach, as they tend to play very aggressively, very openly and do use approaches to reach enemies which are not the ideal approach of the moment, but they do not care as they possess the superpower of hacks.
  • As these players like to kill a lot as, so they always land on a hot spot like Pochinki, Georgepool, Novorepnoye, Military Base, Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, Pecado etc.
  • This kind of players are quite dangerous as they play the game a lot, and they also possess multiple account details, so ban one account they will start with another one, as they do not care about the achievements or rewards in any of the accounts.
  • This kind of hackers does use almost all kinds of hacks including, ESP, Wall Hack, Aimbot, Magic Bullet, SuperSpeed etc.
  • This kind of players won’t be stopping until they killed all the players they spot, so if you matched against one of these players, your match is screwed.

PUBG Mobile Hackers – Type 3

Players who want to be famous but lack skills (consists of 10% of all hackers in the game)

  • One more kind of noobs but they want to become famous, as they are not afraid of dying or getting any account banned, they just want to be featured in the top 100 list with their name and photos.
  • Some of them are pushing for Conqueror or even further to gain more points, so they will be trying to win every game with as many kills as possible. Some of them are live streamers and content creators who want the focus of the audiences to be shifted upon them.
  • As this kind of players does care about their fame, so they may not be afraid of bans but afraid a lot of their image. So, they would be using the hacks very carefully and tactically in order to pretend like a normal player.
  • These types of players also do play the game a lot, so defeating them would be not possible if you are a normal player like me. There are many players who do use such hackers as a teammate in the squad, do clean gameplay from their own side. There are many live streamers over YouTube who resides in this class of cheaters, but it is very hard to detect.
  • Detecting this kind of player is only possible for most cases if you managed to spectate them after you become a victim.
  • This kind of hackers also do use the ESP hacks mainly, but unlike group 1 they are very very dangerous. Actually, they are good player, but not pro players, but with the hacks, they are God level players.

Also, Remember,

While getting sprayed by an enemy or getting tap fired by an enemy from a long-distance hitting 7-8 bullets out of 10 is a very impressive stat, which can be done by the most pro players only due to the recoil, distance, movement speed, bullet drop, obstacles, etc. In those cases, you would be hearing the sounds of the missed bullets getting passed around your ears. But in case of a hacker using Aimbot, the hit ratio is around 100% so all the bullets would hit you, and in most cases, all of them may be headshots. therefore, if you got hit by all the bullets from someone’s shot, or you did not spot any sound of passing bullets or got hit by multiple headshots in a long-distance via a spray fire, then you can be sure of the call, “Hacker Spotted”.

So, keeping in mind that it is impossible to avoid the hackers completely and also there a day would never come when there will be no hackers in PUBG Mobile, follow the under said methods to reduce the chance of getting matched against hackers.

  1. Play Unpopular Maps

  • Hackers and cheaters do prefer popular maps over others, so avoid playing in Erangel and Sanhok as these two are the most popular Maps.
  • Go for the Miramar and Vikendi, as these two maps are quite unpopular, especially Vikendi.
  • Especially the Group 1 hackers do play the Erangel map only, so by not playing Erangel, you would be avoiding them. But in order to avoid group 2 and group 3 hackers, you should go for the Vikendi only. According to various stats, Vikendi has the lowest no of reported hacker issues.

  1. Avoid Hot drops

  • Unless you are over-sure of yours and your teammates’ skills and an internet connection and hardware performance, you should avoid Hot drops by all means. In Hot drops, you will find the most players from Group 2 and Group 3 where Group 2 hackers will play ruthlessly and Group 3 hackers would play safe though they have hacks as they are pretending to be a normal but pro player. So, in the Hot drops, there will a scenario where hackers killing hackers. So, avoid that catfight by all means.
  • Also waiting outside the Hot drops to ambush the players coming out of their alive is a bad idea, as most probably the players coming out of the Hot drops alive are veteran Hackers.
  1. Play PUBG Mobile on Mobile

  • Most of the PUBG Mobile hackers are Emulator players, so if you are playing PUBG Mobile on mobile the chance of facing hackers reduces by 50% no matter which map you are playing.
  1. Play the FPS Mode

  • Actually, this is the most effective way to avoid hackers. By playing FPP mode (not the TPP in FPP mode, I am talking about the separate FPP the only mode) you would be reducing the chance of facing hackers by 90%, especially in PUBG Mobile.
  • As PUBG Mobile TPP mode is the most liked and loved mode around the world, so the Group 2 and Group 3 hackers would be choosing the TPP mode only, and the Group 1 hackers are actually noob so they will not be coming to the hardcore FPP mode. Yes, mastering the FPP mode may take some time, but it is worth it. Moreover, PUBG is actually an FPP game, as in PUBG PC 80% players are involved with FPP mode only. All the major esports are played on FPP mode only.
  • You may find occasional hackers in FPP mode as well, and they belong to the hacker group 3 as they want to be featured on the top 100 rank list. But apart from them, you will not find much of hackers in FPP.
  • If you are playing Miramar or Vikendi in FPP mode on 1-2% matches you may find a hacker but not more than that.
  1. Avoid playing on rush hours

  • Playing on weekends or on holidays increase the chances of getting matched against the hackers, as the hackers are likely to be playing more on those days.
  • Playing at the evening time and early night also increases the chance of getting matched against hackers, as those are rush hours and golden time for the hackers to destroy other players.
  • So, try to play on weekdays, and on non-holidays. Also prefer the playing time to be on an early morning, where you will find very fewer hackers and real players and the very late night for the same reasons. The best timing would be from 2.00 AM at night to 10 AM in the morning on the weekdays. At these times you may find several bots in the matches too.

Wrapping Up

So, if you really want to avoid all the hackers, try playing FPP in the Miramar or Vikendi and play using a Mobile. Though you can try emulator as well, and the no of hackers in FPP mode and in Vikendi or Miramar map would be very-very less in emulator s well. But yes, I say again playing FPP and playing the unpopular maps (Vikendi, Miramar) and avoid playing in weekends & holidays are the keys to avoid hackers in PUBG Mobile.

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  1. In tpp i was killed by hackers only 3-4times in 120 matches, and i reached Ace with KD 3,5. But in FPP even in Platinum tier most off the matches what the hackers. In Crown every game is fulfilled with hackers. Less points needed to reach conqueror in fpp.


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