6 Best Off-road Games for Android to download from Google Play Store

We all love to play android games, some of us play it to pass our time, while some are passionate about gaming, it is very obvious that we fall in either category. The gaming industry is advancing further and further, it is due to the huge increase in the number of crazy wild gamers all around the globe. The Google play store, as we all know, is filled with a very wide variety of games and each category has a plethora of games present in it.

Below are the best Android off-road games

So, in this article, I am going to discuss with you the best off-road games available for Android in our favourite Google Play store. Therefore, without wasting your precious time, let me quickly start the discussion.

Off-Road Legends 2 Game

DogByte games have made this beautiful 74 MB size game for you. Are you crazy about monster trucks? Then this game is just waiting to be downloaded by you. You can choose from over 64 awesome monster trucks and rule this virtual world. The graphics are also stunning, and you get to witness every in-depth detail of your gameplay.

The tracks and surroundings are also superb. Once you start the game and throttle your engine to the off-road, you will be mesmerized by the amazing real like sound of the engine of your monster.

The weather effects, explosion sounds, and many more things like them are all set to grab your attention. It has four gaming modes, namely- Racing, Transporter, Destruction, and Lava Jump. Though it is completely free to download and play, you can make the in-app purchases ranging from 65 to 200 rupees if you wish to.


Off the Road- OTR open Wolrd driving 

DogByte enters this list again with this 205 MB size game. Just download this game and then let the crazy fun begin. You can travel and climb the deadly peaks of the lofty mountain peaks which in the real world would otherwise seem impossible. You can also sail through the sea with fast boats and even fly inside a helicopter to get to your destination. The graphics are also fantastic and it seems that you are doing all these crazy activities in the real world. The sound of the engine of different vehicles and the mesmerizing location and surrounding environments are very majestic.

Though this game is very fun and crazy to play, do remember that the level of difficulty and the challenges only go on to increase more and more as you advance further into this game. You can build houses, bridges, roads, vehicles, etc. by supplying the needed raw materials to the site. The beautiful locations, over 20 off-road vehicles to choose from, stunning boats, helicopters, a wide set of challenges, and endless fun to be explored are all set to thrill you. The in-app purchases range from 65 to 3800 rupees and you can make this purchase if you want to. 


Project: Off-Road Game

By code, games have made this 184 MB size game. You will experience some of the best off-road experience in this very game. You get to play multi-game modes with superb controls. This game is easy to learn but difficult to master, and it all depends on your skills and hard work. The graphics are also of good quality and you will definitely be pleased by them. It has over 70 levels, you can conquer them all, but do remember that the level of difficulty goes onto increasing with every level.

You are well guided by awesome maps during the mission so that you can make all your moves safely. You can modify your vehicles so that you can cope up with the difficulty with every passing level. Furthermore, the in-app purchases range from 80 to 440 rupees and you can shell off these bucks if you want to.



This 105 MB size game is made by Electronic hand. This is a fully-fledged off-road game with which you can rule the roads emerge triumphantly. You can select from a variety of supercars like- Range Rover, Mercedes, etc. and then showcase your driving skills to conquer the throne.

The great graphics are a treat and will surely impress you more and more, the beautiful locations, the audio quality, etc will give you the feeling of racing in the real world. The controls are also easy, but you need to put in a lot of hard work to master them properly.

Furthermore, all these striking features ensure that you remain completely absorbed in this game for hours. The in-app purchases range from 150 to 190 rupees and it is only up to you to make these payments.


Off-Road LX Simulator game

Oppana games have made this 133 MB size game for you. It has many different game modes and you can enjoy them all. You can play the City mode, in which you race through the dense city traffic, and you can also challenge your friends and foes to a battle in this very mode. The Desert mode involves a multiplayer race in the desert and you can feel the fresh smell of the Sahara desert while playing it. In the Port mode, you can race against any random real player across the globe to reach the top spot.

Off-Road LX Simulator
Off-Road LX Simulator

Last but not least, the Airport mode, here you can race through the airport. The graphics are very pleasing, and you will definitely not complain about them. Furthermore, the awesome location, the feel of the acceleration, the beautifully designed tracks are all set to give you goosebumps. The in-app purchases range from 70 to 8900 rupees and you can make these payments if you really need them.


Off-Raod G Class

It is a 136 MB size game from Oppana games, which again enters this list with it. This iff road Android game is sure to keep you glued to your smartphone for hours and your love for off-road games is only going to increase more and more by playing it. The damage to the car is almost realistic, all thanks to the cool graphics of this wonderful game. The parts inside the car are also very attractive and sure to grab your attention.

Many camera settings, real-life like throttle feel, and much more are just knocking on your door. It also has different types of game modes just like the OFF-ROAD LX SIMULATOR to add fuel to fire. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 13100 rupees and you can decrease your bank balance only if you need to.


Thus, these are the best six Off-road games available currently in the Google Play store which you all can download right now. Even if you are not an Off-road gaming fan, you can try out these amazing games, and I am sure that you will be pleased by them. And as far as the Off-road gaming geeks are concerned, playing these games would be a real treat for you.

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