How to become a Pro Fighter in Fortnite

Fortnite Guide Series #3 for Advanced Players

In the last two articles on this Fortnite series, we have discussed all the basic tips and tricks for the beginners and also, we have discussed all the tips, tricks and ideas about the building methods in Fortnite. But, at the end of the day, Fortnite is a Fighting game, where you have to gun down your enemy to be the last one standing. No matter what kind of a player you are in the game or how many fights you like to face, in the end, you have to win all the fights which you come across, in order to win. In this article, we will be discussing all the tricks and ideas which you should use tactically in order to turn the gunfights in your favor. Such kind of tips would not only make you a strong fighter in the game but also it will let you earn a good number of kills which you were only dreaming, till date.

If you have not read the first two articles on this series, I would recommend you to give a quick look at those articles, so that you do not miss any important tip also you understand this article in a better way. The links for those articles are here Fortnite Guide Series #1 and Fortnite Guide Series #2.

So, let’s begin with this article.

Tips to be a Pro Fighter in Fortnite

Weapons & Fighting Tips

Always try to use the RPG and Grenade Launchers Tactically and Creatively.

While most of the players use these explosive weapons to destroy the enemy’s base, and also many players find it funny by spamming multiple shots on a single enemy in order to harass that enemy, but none of these uses are actually correct. If you spam the shots on an enemy’s base or upon a group of enemy’s you destroy their base or a->ttacking synchronization, and even can accidentally knock one of them, but in long run or in a fight with experienced players, this kind of attack would lead to nothing. RPG and Grenade launchers are versatile weapons, which can be used upon mid-range enemies as well as can be used in close combat as well.

Pro Tip 1: Try to hit the inside edge of the enemy’s box base, when the enemy did not put up a roof over him. If you manage to hit correctly, there will be no chance to flee for the enemy.

Pro Tip 2: In close combat, while taking jump shots on an enemy, try to use RPG instead, it has increased damage radius upon the blast, hence more chance to kill your enemy. Also try in this kind of situation shoot the RPG towards the ground/base where the enemy is standing, not on the enemy himself.

Practice the quick weapon switching for Close combat.

In close combat, quick weapon switching would give you a huge advantage over the enemy. Try to launch a shotgun shot at first, then switch your weapon and shoot him with a spray fire using your SMG or Assault Rifle. As switching weapons is actually faster than reloading a shot on the shotgun. Also in a close-range Spray battle, the quick switch lets you shoot more bullets in a shorter time than reloading your weapon.

Pro Tip 1: You can also shoot a shotgun shot and switch to another shotgun to shoot once more, which is quicker than shooting twice using a single shotgun; this method is often called double pump in Fortnite; mastering this method will make you a far better player instantly.

Pro Tip 2: You can also do the same with a Sniper shot then switching to assault in order to kill a long range enemy very quickly.

Use SMGs over the Assault Rifle

SMGs have a low amount of damage and that use why it is often a neglected gun for many players. But, the truth is if you manage to learn using the SMGs tactically, these are better choices than most of the Assault Rifles in the game. As not in every match you are going to get a SCAR, which is the best Assault Rifle, so you have to learn using the other weapons as well. While SCAR has a very good recoil control and a high rate of firing speed, every SMG is Fortnite does possess these plus points. The suppressed SMG has the best recoil control and the lowest amount of weapon bloom, while the drum gun has the highest rate of firing speed with a 50 rounds magazine capacity. Also, the SMG bullets which are the small bullets are easier to find throughout the map.

Pro Tip: Whether in close combat or in medium range, SMGs are actually better than all the Assault Rifles in the game except SCAR.

Get some free kills to boost your confidence

Ride in the battle bus until the end of the line, until the bus itself pushes you out of the bus. Fall down to the bottom straight, and there you will find all the AFK or DC players, whom you can kill easily even with your pick axe. But this method does not make you a better player anyway, it is just for fun.

Camp Supply Drops

This is another way to secure some easy kills. Camping supply drops would let you caught some of your enemies off guard, which will help you to secure the kill. In such a situation intervening a fight as a third-party also will let you some easy kills, as the enemies would be off gourd from your side, also they would be low in health as well.

Pro Tip 1: Camping supply drops is a good idea, than directly looting it, to ensure that anyone else is not waiting for you there, also securing some kills in the supply drops would minimize the competitions for the late game.

Pro Tip 2: Be ware of getting third partied or getting sandwiched by someone else while fighting at the supply drops.

Try to use your favorite Guns in all the games

Though a veteran player should know how to use any of the guns in the game tactically but using your favorite guns gives you a psychological boost, and in intense fights that extra confidence does count. But, also try to use tactically superior guns, again and again, so with time, those guns become your favorites, like pump-action shotgun, bolt action sniper rifle, SMGs, RPG, etc.

Manage your inventory in a specific manner

This technique is important for any kind of competitive game, where a fraction of the second does matter. Keep the inventory layout the same in every match. Organize the equipment in a disciplined way, so that it synchronizes with your muscle memory. Keep the shotgun in the same tab, and also the SMG in the same tab at every game. Likewise, carry the shield potion and the medkit in the same tab at every game. This way you won’t have to see in which tab which item has been kept, you would just press the button and the item will do its job. In some games like Call of Duty, APEX the inventory management is automatic, but games like Fortnite or PUBG, you have to manage the inventory manually.

Pro Tip: Keep organizing your inventory again and again in the early stages of the match, so that you do not face problems related to your inventory in the late game intense fights.

Learn using the Spike Traps

The most Pro players are actually very good at this. You can see players like Ninja, TSMmyth, Sipher PK, NickMercs, who are really good at this technique. Putting the Spike Traps in potential places where enemies would fall to the trap is up to your IQ and experience actually. But, keep playing the game and you will understand eventually.

Pro Tip 1: Put the traps in the roof of next to any door, or put it on wall behind a door, so that it stays in a blind-spot and it will be lethal upon the unaware and rushing enemies.

Pro Tip 2: Use the traps inside your box build while fighting your enemies in a close build fight, putting the trap at the right place at the right time would kill the deadliest enemies with ease. But to do the build and trap combo in a tactical way, you have to practice a lot, so that you can identify a potential place and put the trap there instantly with blazing speed.

Environmental awareness is very important

Just like you do while crossing a busy road, you have to be careful and focused each moment in the game. So, that you see the enemy before he spots you and you can see the attack coming, even before it is launched. It helps you to ensure your safety even before your enemy made his move. Stay focused throughout the game, do not chat much with your teammates while in the match, use a good quality 7.1 surround sound headphone, to pinpoint the direction of the sound. Recognizing the slightest pixel movement and sound distortions can be lifesaving in the game.

Pro Tip: No matter how much you are aware about the surroundings, there are always room for error, so always keep moving in a zigzag manner, even when you are camping, or trading with your teammates, to avoid any incoming shots/head-shots.

Do not Panic, Stay calm and do not become Hypertensive about the game

In the end, it is a game, it is meant for entertainment and fun. So, keep it that way. Even the most professional e-sports players do play the game for fun. If you die, within the next 30 sec you would be in another match, and you have countless try left for you. So, do not be hypertensive about your performance in the game. Do not panic in the fights, as most times most of the fights lost because of panic and the wrong decision taken while panicking. Thus, keep calm and enjoy the fights and the adrenaline rush of those fights, but do not lose your cool.

Movement Tips

  • Increase your shooting accuracy. You can increase your target hitting accuracy by crouching. Though some of the guns have extremely high recoil, which is quite harder to control in even in mid-range even while crouching down. Simply do not use those weapons. This will improve your accuracy counts even more than the damage of a single shot, especially in mid-range fights. So go for more stable weapons and weapons with a higher rate of fire, like SMGs, SCAR, etc. Though crouching and shooting are very basic tips, most players very often do the mistake within quick fights, so keep that in mind and practice such a way that it becomes muscle memory for you.
  • Land faster in hot spots. While you are hitting for a hot spot for landing, touching the ground faster and getting a weapon in hand even one second quicker can save you and can grant you a one or two early kills. So, jumping from the bus at the correct distance and at the correct angle, at launching the glider at the correct distance is very important if you are about to land in a crowded location.
  • Use the jump pad for emergency escape. If you getting pinned down in a fight, and you are looking for a quick exit, then using the jump pad is a very good idea, which can save you if also can help you to get to a safe zone quickly.
  • Learn to slide the hills downwards for quick movement. Learning the downwards slide is very important for quick movements if performed correctly you will face zero fall damage. If you feel the hill is too steep or you are going to face fall damage anyway, just build a floor and land on that, and then slide again, and build one floor again, this way you can climb downhills quicker, and this method can be used in case of emergency exit from a fight as well.
  • Use a port-a-fort tactically. Most players do use the port-a-fort as an offensive tool to fight against enemies, but it is actually a defensive tool and should be used in situations where you are getting shot from various multiple sides at once. Here fighting or even detecting the enemies can be lethal for you, so getting inside a strong cover is required there, and pot-a-fort is the best tool to do that.
  • Pro Tip 1: You can also use this port-a-fort in times when you are jumping down from a very high base, to the ground, just throw the port-a-fort in the ground and jump on that, and you will be totally safe as you will be hitting the tires at the base of that port-a-fort.
  • Pro Tip 2: Also you can launch the port-a-fort on the top of your base and jump of the base using the tires, as the game will neglect the fall damage if you jump off using tires, no matter from what height you are falling.
  • Try to shoot down the lowest floor of your enemy’s base. As in a high enough build, it is not possible for your enemy to repair the lowest floor, and the fall also from that height can be lethal for him, you should try to break the base floor of his build. So, that his complete base falls of, and your enemy also falls to the ground to death. While third-parting two fighting enemies on a high base, using this technique is can prove to be very fruitful.

Wrapping Up

Stay calm, stay focused and do not become hypertensive about the gameplay, and this way you can put up a cool performance. To become a pro player in Fortnite, it will take you almost 6 months of practice while daily you would be needing at least 4-5 hours of gameplay. Unlike most other Battle Royal games, Fortnite’s learning curve is quite harder, so do not worry, everybody takes a longer time in mastering Fortnite. Enjoy the game, how it is supposed to be, do not grief or troll or abuse other players. Play Solo matches often as it boosts the game sense and survival instinct in the game. Keep practicing and keep the fun on.