Fortnite Guide for Absolute Beginners on how to play it: Tips & Info

If you are a new newbie in the gaming line, or you are new to the online games, as Online Multiplayers games are the new phenomenon in the industry, you may be wondering about the Battle Royal games. As already there are many Battle Royal games are out there, it may be a confusing decision about which one to start with. Also, you may be one of those players who have already played PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile for a long time already, and already acclimatized with the Battle Royal type, but you are now a board of PUBG (like me), and thinking about the other battle royal games, to give them try.

For all the kinds of people I talked about above, Fortnite is the most viable and one of the most obvious choices as a perfect Battle Royal game by all means. Fortnite is Fun (not a try-hard and serious type), Fortnite is damn competitive (has its own World cup), the graphics are cartoonish but very intriguing, it runs very well even on low-end pc with an entry-level graphics card.

Especially if you are one of those players, who never played any Battle Royal Games before, for them, Fortnite is the stop, where they should start. But, while trying Fortnite within the very first couple matches, you started to understand that the game control is nothing like what you have played before. Plus, this game has various other controlling aspects, due to the building-fighting combination, with the looting-surviving aspect. Which makes learning the game very hard, mastering the game even harder, though at first look it will seem very easy to you.

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Why should you play Fortnite?

As this article is the first chapter of this Fortnite Guide series, so I will be talking about the game itself a little, but in brief. You can see other Series Fortnite beginner Tips series 2 and Series 3.

Fortnite is one of the very first game in this battle royal phenomenon, where it was released just a couple months after the release of PUBG Pc in the same year.

You may not believe it, but Fortnite has the highest no. of active players around the world, among all other battle royal games. Yes, with the release of other battle royal games there have been many ups and downs in the number, but still, Fortnite has the second-highest no. of active players among all the battle royal games.

Fortnite has the highest no. of live viewers over the live stream in, till date.

Fortnite made it to the International E-sports, wherewith double no. of players PUBG is still not there (PUBG is played as regional e-sports at many regions). It has its own eWorld Cup like FIFA, Tekken, DOTA 2 etc. So, from the professional e-sports aspect, Fortnite is the best choice among all other Battle Royal games, in 2020.

Due to the hard work of Epic Games, Fortnite is the most hacker (cheater) free game till date among all other Battle Royal.

Fortnite does not need much juice out of your pc, with an entry-level pc with an entry-level CPU-GPU combo with 8GB ram would do fine, to play the game in medium settings with 60+ fps.

It is fun & stress-free game, the colours are eye-soothing, the gameplay is engaging, a huge community of serious players and fans are there.

How to play Fortnite?

Now let’s jump to our main topic which is about how to play Fortnite. In this article, I will be covering the tips and tricks for the beginners, if you are a habituated player of this game already, then you can also go through this article to hone the basics again.

If you have watched many videos on this topic already, you may have noticed the map is not the same in all those videos. The fact is though Fortnite has only one map, they keep changing the appearances from season to season and chapter to chapter, as per a secondary story which is going with the game from the beginning. Do check the storyline of the game, on YouTube, as the storyline is fun and you would feel more connected with the game itself.

Though the Map keeps changing, and many weapons keep coming and going with the passing seasons, the main core mechanics of the game is the same. Using the changing map and its environment for good, is a trait of pro players, but as this article is about the beginners so I will talk about that topic in the next article.

1. Use the Spawn Island for Warm-Up

While you are getting into a match, first you will be deployed to the “Spawn Island”, many people do call it the “Waiting Lobby” as well, as there you have to wait for a limited time so that 100 players can join the match in total. In the spawn island, you will fill find many guns, ammo, and building materials scattered everywhere around you. There you can collect them but remember none of those gonna come with you in the match. But that does not mean that the Spawn Island is good for nothing.

Here in this Spawn Island you can gather some building material and some weapons and start creating forts and builds very quickly so that you can warm up a little bit and make your fingers stretched so that you do not floss in the game. Also, you can jump around and try shooting other players to warm up with your shooting skills.

Doing this before every match is actually very beneficial to stay warmed up for the intense fight. Also, improved speed and accuracy can be seen in the match if you do enough warm-up in the spawn island before the match starts.

2. Do a Proper and Safe Landing

Wait and listen for the “Honk” sound in the Battle Bus, that is the indication that now you can jump from the battle bus. But it is not necessary that you have to jump instantly after the Honking sound. Instead, you should wait for the right moment when you should drop and where you should go.

The point is, there is a huge no of players who do drop into the very after a moment of the Honking sound, most of them are actually newbies and noob players. But some of them are pro-level players who do chase those noob players and hunt them down, this way your match will be over soon. If you keep doing this continuously, you will never be able to learn the game.

Try to land on the end of Battle Bus’s route as you will find very less no. of players or maybe no players dropping with you, which will let you survive easily at the early stages of the game.

Also going for the places where many players are likely to landing should be avoided at all cost, especially if you are a new player in this game. Playing safe is a good idea to learning the looting tactics well, it is good for equipping various kind of guns and learning their traits, also picking up occasional fights will keep your confidence boosted up, so it is a good idea to play safe, at the early stages of the game.

Places like Pleasant Park, Craggy Cliffs, Dirty Docks, Retail Row, Sweaty Sands etc. are considered as hot drops, as most of the players like to drop in these places because of the good loot spawns. Though there is no thumb rule for this thing as the map in the Fortnite keeps changing and the places also keep changing, so keep that in mind that do not go for the big locations and drop as far as possible from the line of the Battle Bus route.

One more important thing is to land on a building-top always. No matter where you are landing, try to land on a building top and using your pickaxe breaks the roof as quick as possible, and go inside the building, this way you will be safer and you will have a little amount of building material on hand as well, apart from those also there is a high possibility that you will find a Loot Chest inside, to arm yourself. If you are landing on an open place where there are no buildings around, try to locate a Loot chest and try to drop on that loot chest itself, to arm yourself as early as possible.

3. Glider Mechanics

Understanding the glider mechanics is also very important for the new players, as the glider can take you almost anywhere in the map if you learn the mechanics of the glider properly. Unlike PUBG, you can travel even larger distance with the glider in Fortnite.

If the desired landing spot of yours is quite far from the Battle Bus route, do not worry, jump from the bus when the distance is closest, and deploy the glider as soon as the prompt comes in, and keep gliding towards your marked location.

On other hands, if you want to drop very quickly so that you can grab a gun before anyone else can, then keep free falling while facing straight beneath, this way you falling speed would be maximum, and wait for until the glider opens up by itself.

Yes, if you do not deploy the glider manually, it would deploy automatically at a certain height, so you won’t fall to death.

Also, remember once deployed, the glider cannot be disengaged so that you can do free fall again. So, deploying the glider at excessive height can slow down your landing, very much. Therefore, if accidentally you end up deploying the glider at an unwanted height, for the sake of surviving, go to a far location, and start building up your gameplay.

4. Proper use of Shield Potions

Throughout the map, you will find various kinds of loots, one of the most important among them is the Shield Potions. There are two types of Shield potions you will find in the game; one is called mini shield and another one called large shield potion. The small one would grant you 25% of the shield and the big one would grant you a 50% shield.

You should try to keep your shield at 100% always, once you lost a total of your shield, then upon getting shot you will be losing your health as well. So to protect the health bar from getting damaged, you should keep your shield at maximum.

If you find two or more big shield potions then, consume them one after another, while hiding at a safe place. Upon consuming two big shield potions, your shield bar would reach 100%.

If you manage to find a couple of mini shields only (mini comes in a set of 3), then you will only be able to push your shield up to 50%, as minis are not consumable after you reach the 50% of your shield bar.

If you managed to find both mini and large shield potions, there you should consume two minis at first, and then you should go for a big shield potion in order to reach 100% shield.

Apart from the above shield potions, there are also you may also find and use the Slurp Juice and the Chuck Jug to boost your shield.

The Slurp juice boosts your Health bar and your shield bar up to 75% in total over time.

While Chuck Jug boosts both the health and shield bar up to 100% instantly. But Chuck Jug are quite rare, so you won’t be finding those at every match.

Also remember that you can carry only 1 Chuck Jug in one slot, while two Slurp Juice in one slot. And also you can carry only 2 Large shields in one slot but 6 mini shields in one slot. So, choose wisely and tactically. Have the most epic item at your bag is not the best thing always.

Also, there is an important factor in timing. As consuming one Big shield takes 5 sec while consuming a mini would take only 2 sec. So, you can reach 50% shield within 4 sec using the mini, and this 1 sec less time can be a lifesaver in an intense fight.

Consuming a chuck jug is a pain as it takes 10 sec while consuming a slurp juice takes 4 sec, but the effect is not immediate, as it increases the health and the shield over time. And slowly.

In order to reach 100% shield, you can consume one mini and then a slurp juice as well, if you have time, and you are not in between a fight.

According to pro players, mini shields are an essential type of loot, which you should always carry.

5. Assault Rifles vs SMG vs Sniper Rifles vs Shotgun

Weapon selection is a very important part for any game, especially if it is a multiplayer battle royal games, there every edge counts. So, choose your weapons carefully. Practice with different weapons, but try to identify the weapons which you can master. It takes time to master anything, so practice a lot, also there is no weapon which can be considered as the best, as it depends on the situation and also on the player who is using it.

Weapon recoil is very strong in Fortnite and unlike PUBG, it is unpredictable, so by pulling your mouse downwards, you won’t be able to control the recoil pr weapon bloom.

Due to the strong recoil fighting your enemy, at a medium distance (100-200 meters) with an assault rifle spray fire is very difficult. That is why in most cases, in Fortnite most of the fights are being fought on a very close distance using the shotguns.

Assault rifles have a very good rate of fire and decent quality damage, but a very low accuracy over distance, while SMGs have an even higher rate of fire with low damage and a little better accuracy.

Sniper rifles are deadly even at great distances if you managed to hit the target. With a well-placed head-shot, you can kill a full shielded enemy as well. But, the Sniper rifles are mostly bolt action so you can fire only one shot, then you have to reload it again, so two consecutive shot on same target using sniper rifle is very difficult to perform.

Shotguns are also deadly, especially the pump shotguns, and due to slug spread of the shotgun shells, it is easier to hit even any moving or jumping target. But, the shotguns are only effective in very close range only.

In order to learn Fortnite decently, you have to master the Shotguns as early as possible.

Throwable weapons are also quite effective at various places, but you have to use them with precision and tactics.

6. The Color Codes of the Guns

The guns are also highlighted with various colours, and all the colours are also a code which represents the rarity of those guns. The rarest guns are the strongest and the most common guns are the weakest. Even at the same model of guns, there are various colours can be found. Having stronger guns in your hand is always a plus point. But that does not mean that you can not be killed by an enemy with a common gun, as high-quality weapons give little edges, but at the end depends on the quality of the player.

Grey guns are the most common gun, followed by the Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold.

Some guns are only found at Purple and Gold, like the RPG, SCAR, Mini-gun etc. Always keep an eye for the colours of guns lying around, and upgrade your equipment as soon as you get the chance.

7. Use Headphones Always

If you are new to multiplayer games, then know this wearing headphone is mandatory while playing any multiplayer game.

Having headphones on or off can be a difference between winning or losing the game. Without headphones or even without speakers, there is no point of playing the game at all. If you are using even the best quality surround sound speakers then also the sound effects and the awareness will not be as good enough as it would be even with a simple quality headphone.

Headphones will increase your awareness related to from which direction the enemy footsteps are coming, from which distance the shots are coming from, from which direction someone is approaching you etc.

The headphones would help you to understand if the enemy is beneath you or above you, even, headphones would help you to understand if the enemy is crouching or standing or running or building or healing.

Also using a headphone with a mic would let you communicate with your teammates, which is very important while playing duos or squads, as there you have put up some teamwork in order to conquer.

8. Learn basic Building

This is the hardest aspect of the game, as building precisely and accurately when need at where needed with very high speed with the help of your reflex is quite hard. Especially when one or multiple enemies is pushing towards you or firing at you, keeping the nerves is a very hard thing to do. Even the experienced players do fumble in these situations with the building aspect a lot. But remember, the better you become in building the better you become in Fortnite. The best builders even with average shooting skills are the most formidable players in this game.

To build accurately you must have a good quality internet connection with minimal latency and minimal Ping. Also, you should use a good quality gaming mouse with a very good quality sensor while playing Fortnite.

Keep playing and try to understand the button layout related to building, and try to memorize it so that it becomes your muscle memory, to make that easier, you can even change the default control layout and set to a custom layout as per your need and flexibility.

For starters, do not even think about complex building, there are a couple of tricks for the learners, let me discuss those.

First practice putting a wall in front, and do this every time and all the time when an enemy starts shooting at you. Just turn to the enemy and put the wall in between, do this even if you want to run away from that fight.

Then start putting a stair in front, as it will not only provide you cover, but also will provide you with a little bit height. While pushing towards an enemy, keep building stairs and keep running through it, to get in the top of him as well as to stay behind cover.

Now start putting the Wall and Stair one after another. First, put the wall and then the stair, this way your build will be stronger and also would provide you with more coverage.

If you are in a panic situation, there just keep pressing (spamming) all the buttons related to builds, like wall, stair, roof and floor. It will make an unplanned and disorganized build, but it will provide you with a lot of covers to run or retaliate. This button spamming build technique is used even by the best players at tight spots.

Go and play the Playground mode, to practice your building and building-editing skills. But in a fight, the wall-stair combo and the spamming are going to be used in most cases.

There are three types of building materials, which are wood, metal and stone. Wooden structures are quickest in build but weakest in endurance, while the metallic structures are slowest in build but strongest in endurance, while stone structures reside in the middle in both build time and endurance. But Wood is the most common and most used material, so do not panic at all if you do not have any stone or metal with you.

9. Other Important Tactical Tips

There is fall damage in the game if you drop from a substantial height. If you fall from 3 story height or greater then you would receive damage, on the health bar, not on the shield bar. A drop from a very high spot can even kill you easily.

Getting the upper ground is a plus point for a gunfight in every game and even in real life. Especially winning a fight in Fortnite becomes comparatively easier if you are at a higher position than your enemy. To gain the height advantage, you should build with stairs and wall combo, but also remember if your build fight is occurring in a very high build, a fall from there can kill you.

Height also grants the advantage of launching a head-shot on the enemy, so in order to fire a killing shot, a height advantage is always important.

Always keep extra shield potions (preferably minis), bandages (work up to 75% of health), and grenades along with a Shotgun and either an assault rifle or SMG or a Sniper according to your choice.

While farming wood, try to hit on the popping circles, as they would grant you double material, and would minimize the time needed for farming.

Destroying the trees or any structure completely while farming is a very bad choice, as destroying everything makes it easier for your opponents to understand and follow your path, and also reduced amount of structures in your surrounding reduces the covers where you can hide.

Everything in Fortnite can be broken, so do not try to hide behind any cover for very long. No matter it is a car or a building or tree or rock, everything can be broken via bullets and also via using pickaxes.

Breaking or farming any builds by any player won’t grant any building material loot.

In Fortnite there used to be various types of bombs, like a sticky grenade, frag grenade, shadow bombs, stink bombs, boogie bombs smoke bombs etc. while learning and using all of them tactically was quite difficult for any new players, but now there is only one type of bombs present, from the launch of Chapter 2 Season 1, which is normal grenades, so a couple of things become easier.

Crouching minimizes the noise of your movements, increases the hip-fire accuracy and mid-range spray fire, but decreases the movement speed.

Use the playground mode to learn the building more accurately, precisely and to increase the speed of building. Also, use the playground mode explore and familiarize the map thoroughly.

Make a habit of farming while you run, by contentiously tapping you pickaxe on anything you come across, this way you will always have the farmed building loot with you without wasting any extra time for that.

Also, keep switching the weapons continuously, to improve your reflex on the weapon switches, you can do the same with the building switches as well.

Always build a cover for yourself, before you try to heal, or shield up or even snipe anybody, so that you do not get caught and shot unguarded.

While at open, keep pressing the movement buttons unpredictable on the random manner, to avoid any incoming sniper shots.

You can change the skins of your player, weapons, glider, pickaxe from the locker. You can unlock many of them from the Royal Pass upgrade, and also can buy many of them directly.

Keep in mind that all the skins are for customizing the looks, and all of them are cosmetic, none of them grants any extra edge or tactical benefits within the gameplay. So, do not be afraid of those players with cool skins, as they may be an even worse player than you. Remember the saying, “Skin does not buy you the skills”.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for this article, I will be adding up more advanced tips for intermediate and advanced players in the next article of this series on, so stay tuned with us.