What is Humble Bundle and is this digital-storefront legit?

Humble Bundle is a digital store that offers a bundle of games, ebooks, software, audiobooks, comics, and other digital content, at very affordable prices.

Gaming is one of the most refreshing hobbies, and nobody can deny this. But the way we play and acquire games is changing every day, and nowadays, we don’t need to get tired inserting multiple discs to complete the installation of one single game. However, it was not also easier in the olden days to share games with friends and well-wishers. However, now, games are available at online stores and one can easily purchase them or download for free. In this paradigm of acquiring online games, we can get the same stuff on many websites that have been associated with the sole publisher of the game, we want to purchase.

Steam is one of the most popular stores where you can get a number of games, software; some of them are free as well, while others come with a price tag. When it comes to purchasing a game, you can either buy the game permanently or play it with a subscription. There are even some users, who want to get a bang for their buck, and that’s when game bundles like Humble Bundle come into play. You must have heard about it if you spend time on the internet. However, if you do not have any idea of what the heck it is, I am here to talk about the Humble Bundle in this story.


What is the Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is a digital storefront that offers various bundles of games, ebooks, software, audiobooks, comics, and other digital content, at a very affordable price, and you can keep them forever with you. However, the most attractive thing that we can get is the games, and after having, we can redeem most of them on Steam, and start playing them forever right away.

With the Humble Choice subscription, we can get access to DRM-free content and avail numerous cool discounts on the Humble Store. The collection is really excellent, and Humble Bundle can be the best place if you are looking for games and other digital assets at the cheapest possible rates.

Depending upon the subscription, what you get every month is a subject to vary, and everything in a single bundle is always a triumph as we always get their offers at less than the price they are actually sold at.

How the contents are delivered? What is Humble Choice?

Humble Choice is a typical subscription service offered by Humble Bundle. It provides a curated selection of games for PC on the first Friday of every month. There are 3 subscription tiers, and the more you play, the more the benefits you get every month.

The fun of the Humble Choice is that you will never know the games that you will get in the next bundle before it is finally available to the subscribers. So if you subscribe to the Humble Choice, say even on the first Saturday of a month, you can get the first bundle on the first Friday of the next month. So there is always suspense about what you are going to get. Once a bundle is available to its subscribers it is not going to be available to the new subscribers who are subscribing after the first Friday of a month.

There are three subscription options, Lite, Basic, and Premium, and each subscription has different levels of benefits and if you’re looking for the Humble Choice monthly bonus game, you will have to choose any subscription plan apart from the Lite subscription that doesn’t offer the benefit. Well, go for the yearly subscription plan where you would be able to save around 25%.

How is Humblebundle.com so cheap? Is it legit?

As you already know about this digital storefront for video games, now, there might be a question in your mind about how can Humble Bundle be so cheap, and the follow-up question, is Humble Bundle legit anyway?

The game developers make their games available to this digital storefront even though, they might make a loss in the short term, but they are actually going to make a lot of profit in the long run. Let me explain to you how.

Say, for example, 10 games available on steam for $100. So each game, on average, amounts to $10. Now when those 10 games are available on Humble Bundle, say for $20, the cost of each game amounts to $2. So in this situation, you might think that the game developers are making a loss of $8, right?

But the truth is, when the gamers are getting a particular game in a bundle, chances are they will never play several games, or maybe they are getting the bundle to get only one game they are interested in. However, a gamer is actually paying, maybe even $2, to the developer of the game, which otherwise he would never have purchased. If the player was really interested in the game, he could have got it in some other way beforehand. At the same time, small game developers can also promote their products, and make money, maybe even very negligible.

Furthermore, even if a game is offered at $2, following the above example, there is always a chance that the player will do some in-app purchases, and if it is a pay-to-win game, there will be in-app purchases in bulk, and that is yet another way, the game developers can earn. On the other hand, if a game is available at $100 in a store, he is getting it at just $20, and as a bonus, he is getting a lot of other games, even though he will only play the game he is interested in.

So, it is a Win-Win situation for both game developers and gamers. To the gamers, they are getting a bundle of games, that includes even one or two of the most interesting games at an extremely affordable price, and the advantage for the game developer is that he can even make the littlest revenue for selling a game that a player would never have purchased otherwise.

Now, to the next follow-up question and that is, is Humble Bundle legit? The answer to this question is also yes. It is not only 100% legit, but it is also cent percent safe, I would say. Moreover, the Humble Bundle is there for a long period of time, Since November 2010, to be more precise, and if it was illegal, it would have gone by now.

Where can the games be played?

After you get the games from the Humble Bundle, you can play the games with the help of Steam on Windows. Depending upon the individual game that you are playing, it can also be compatible with other platforms. However that is a hit or miss, and thus, I would say, the only reliable platform to play the games is the beloved Windows platform.

Does it do charity work?

Yes, if you get your games from Humble Bundle, you are also doing a novel job of charity as a small part of the amount you pay goes to several charity organizations like American Red Cross, Wikimedia Foundation, etc. To be more precise about how much amount Humble Bundle pays for charitable work, it is 5% of the monthly profits. That is really a huge amount.

Is Humble Bundle subscription worth it?

Now, to the most important question! If you compare it with other similar services, I must say, a Humble Bundle is a little more costly compared to other similar services offered by Sony and Microsoft. Additionally, the players also get access to the online gaming services offered by the companies. But that doesn’t mean a Humble Bundle, at a little extra cost is not good at all.

The advantage of this digital storefront is that, if you unsubscribe to the service at any time, you can still access all the games that have been acquired by you from Humble Bundle. However, that is not the case with most other gaming services by other leading enterprises. So, even though you end up paying some extra for it, you are definitely getting some lucrative benefits.

Still, if you ponder on whether Humble Bundle is worth it, just have a look at the actual price of the games and other content that you get through it and you will get the idea of why Humble Bundle is worth it. Additionally, unlike getting games from other places you are also doing a novel job of participating in charity work that adds more internal value to all the purchases that you make on the platform.

The content that you get through Humble Bundle is unmatchable and getting so much for so little is something that most users look for. So if you are one of them who is looking for the most affordable way to get digital content, I must say it is the place for you. Here is the official website link.

Closing thoughts:

Humble Bundle does its business and at the same time, it offers you some great games at great prices. It is a profitable one-of-a-kind platform that not only benefits Gamers, and at the same time it is also a profitable situation for the game developers, and above all, the company is involved in charity. Considering everything, you should definitely give Humble Bundle a try and find out whether you get the games that you are interested in.

So, that was all about the Humble Bundle service that you should definitely know about. Do you still have some questions about the Humble Bundle? Feel free to comment on the same below.