8 Best Horoscope apps for Android in 2020

All of us know that Horoscopes are quite popular and many people believe in them, especially in India. But, the fact that the astrologers or many of the fortune-tellers charge a large amount of money is not at all justified, as many people cannot afford it. As a result, technology has come up with a solution for you all. There are a lot of apps that can help you out in this very case, and I have included some of the best such apps. But before I begin this article, let me clear it out that in no way am I endorsing or supporting horoscopes, this article is only for those people who believe in it and are not able to shell off a huge amount of money to all the fortune tellers, astrologers, and much more. So, let me start this article now without any further delay.

Daily Horoscope

This 10 MB size app to get your Horoscope on Android has a lot to offer to you. First of all, you will get the daily horoscope to form it, and then you can go on to read about the day which you are going to spend ahead. Apart from this, it has also got weekly and monthly horoscopes in advance as well. You can also go back in history and read your past horoscope. Furthermore, it also comes packed with a zodiac sign compatibility feature, horoscope widget, Chinese horoscope, zodiac feature, and much more. Overall, it has got a lot of essentials in it for you all. The in-app purchases are of the range 80 to 890 rupees.

Daily Horoscope

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Astro Guru: Palmistry and Tarot Reading

It is another beautiful app out there, let us figure it out. It has got a feature with which you can scan your palm and then after your palm is scanned by this digital Astro guru, the results will be displayed in front of you. Everything that an astrologer or a fortune-teller would predict by reading your palm, almost similar to that or in most cases, somewhat more than that would be displayed by this app. You are all set to get the daily horoscope and also the weekly horoscope suggestions and predictions. You can also prepare your Kundli by filling in the necessary required fields and then have a glance at your future. Moreover, it also comes loaded with many more exciting features, such as – Love compatibility, daily quotes, and so on. If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, this 17 MB size app has got 100 rupees of the same.

Astro Guru Horoscope Palmistry Tarot Reading min

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Kundli – Free Horoscope

This 24 MB size app is next, and let us check it out. It comes loaded with beautiful technologies that enable you to view all the ‘Doshas’ (Faults) associated with your horoscope and also the remedies for the same. Some of the famous doshas that are included in it are – ‘Kalsarpa Dosha’, ‘Manglik Dosha’, Pitra Dosha’, Sadhe Sati Dosha’, and much more. For remedies, it has got a lot of suggestions related to Gemstones, Rudraksha, etc. It also provides you with essential timings for particular rituals or important work, and much more. Furthermore, you can view your daily horoscope, get some suggestions, get your personality reviewed, and a lot more. One of the most astonishing things about this 24 MB size app is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Kundli Free Horoscope min

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AstroSage Kundli: Astrology

It empowers you with the daily horoscope, and it will help you to shape your day waiting to be explored by you ahead. Not only this, but it has also got weekly and monthly horoscope predictions for you. You can also prepare your Kundli with the help of this app and then get ready for all the ups and downs lying ahead in your future. Furthermore, it has also got some of the most common Doshas and the remedies for the same. Moreover, it comes loaded with much more advanced stuff, all thanks to the technology, and it is going to help you out in a number of ways. When it comes to the in-app purchases, this 9 MB size app has got 50 to 10000 rupees of them.

AstroSage Kundli Astrology min

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Horoscopes and Tarot

This 13 MB size app is another feather in our bucket. It comes packed with daily, weekly, monthly, and even crazy yearly horoscope predictions for you. Not only this, but it has also got Zodiac sign compatibility, Tarot card readings among some of the other popular and important features. You can also check how much luck you have when it comes to money, love, energy, and much more. Overall, this app has got a lot of things and can be regarded as one of the useful apps. The in-app purchases are nil here and it is completely free.

Horoscopes Tarot min

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Astrology and Horoscope

One of the nicest features of this app is that you can even run it offline, and it is indeed praiseworthy. It provides a lot of essential information and displays your nearly accurate horoscope. You can read your daily horoscope, predictions of various things regarding your life and future. It has got a lot of useful features loaded in it, so you are going to get a detailed analysis of your horoscopes. You might be having tensions regarding in-app purchases, but you need not have it, as this 17 MB size is absolutely free and has got no in-app purchases.

Astrology Horoscope min

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Horoscope – Daily horoscope and Palm Reader

This 7 MB size-tiny app is here to blow your mind away. As the name suggests, this app predicts your future simply by reading your palm. It carefully analyses all the lines of your palm and then comes with accurate and detailed result analysis in front of you. You will get the results in a few minutes and then go through it and prepare in advance for all beds of roses or crown of thrones that are waiting to maul you in the future. Moreover, it also has the Zodiac reading feature in it and you can get a lot of help from it. You will have to shell off 6100 rupees for the in-app purchases here.

Palm Reader min

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Daily Zodiac Horoscope and Astrology

If you are eager to know about your future, then this app can help you out in a number of ways. It will give you nearly accurate horoscope information and prediction related to the work, love, money, etc. Moreover, you can get all the daily, weekly, and much more when it comes to horoscopes. It also analyses and displays to you your zodiac compatibility and all the stuff related to it. You can also let this app predict about your job/business, relationship, and so on. One of the most awesome things about this app is that this 11 MB size app has got no in-app purchases and is completely free.

Daily Zodiac Horoscope Astrology min

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Thus, these are the eight best and popular horoscope apps available in the Google Play store and you can try them out. I repeat again, neither am I promoting such apps, nor urging you to download them. This article is just for those people who believe in horoscopes and want to continue their practices and rituals but are not in the condition to shell off a hefty amount. Therefore, I hope that this article was useful for you all, and as of now, you might have found the best app for you.

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