9 Top Android based Games on Police and Thief

The games in our Android world are as tempting as your favorite dish, and it is also very true that most of us hardly find any time in our busy lives to explore it and entertain ourselves. But, the scenario is now very much different, as nowadays, we are hardly busy as we used to be always, instead nowadays, we are almost free, so it is the best time that we try out each and everything that we have always dreamt of, yes, we can go crazy and play each and every type of games in the vast ocean of Google Play store, and keep ourselves entertained and occupied. Therefore, let me start this beautiful topic.

Below are the best games that will make you feel like an awesome cop:

Police vs Theif 3

Joga Loca games have made this wonderful 42 MB size game for all of you to play. Ever dreamt of being a rough and tough policeman? Well, most of you would definitely answer yes, as they are one of the most respectable people in our society, as they are the ones responsible for our safety and security. So, in this very game, you can live up to your dream of being a noble and hot police officer of the town. And yes do remember, with more power comes more and more responsibilities and you must perform all those responsibilities and duties in a very precise manner. As the safety of all the citizens will be lying in your hands and all the people will be looking towards you. You will have to catch some of the most badass robbers, thieves and also go head to head with the most deadly criminals of the area. It is a crazy action-packed badass game that consists of over 60 levels, and also has over 16 amazing police cars, jaw-dropping slow-motion action, and scenes, easy to learn controls and very cool graphics for you to enjoy. One of the most mesmerizing things about it is that it has got no in-app purchases and is available absolutely free, isn’t that awesome? Yes, it is.

Police Theif

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Police Chase: Thief Pursuit

This 59 MB size game is developed by Javo Meier for you to enjoy. It is one of the most popular and loved games of this category and believe me you should definitely give it a try. You can choose from over 40 superb police cars having a siren, which is very fearful for all the wrongdoers out there. Your city is filled with criminals and thieves and they are just posing a very serious threat to all the innocent and peaceful citizens of the area as well as destroying the glory of your city, so you must take up this challenge put in front of you and kick their asses to protect the pride of your city and the citizens. And yes, if you also want to play the role of a bad thief, then this game allows you to do the same, you can start your journey from being a small pickpocket to a heinous crime of your city, but yes do remember, this is only for the game, in real life, you And everyone should be a very responsible citizen of our soil and serve humanity. Moreover, it also features a multiplayer mode, where you can challenge some of the real players across the globe, and either kick or get kicked out. The graphics are also stunning and one of the most astonishing features of this game is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

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Police Car Chase -Thief Pursuit game 2019

Fun Games Studio 3D has designed this beautiful 50 MB size game for us to play. You will be stepping into the shoes of a brave policeman and eliminate some of the worst criminals out there. And yes, you must also possess some of the best driving skills, as catching some of the merciless thieves would be not that easy, so it is the time that you must start your practice before starting your hunt. It will give you the feeling of being a policeman in real life due to the entire environment of this game. The sounds of the siren, signals, radio, and all other things are just amazing and will give you a glimpse of the real-life situation. It also has a proper arrest system, after you catch the badass thief after risking your own life, you will get the opportunity to arrest him just like the real world, so all of these features are just like adding fuel to the fire. You also get to race through the big broad city filled with traffic, and yes be ready to become a spectator to some of the best surroundings and locations, all due to the good quality of graphics of this game. Furthermore, the in-app purchases range from 70 to 240 rupees and you can shell out that money if you wish to.

Police Car Chase Thief Pursuit game 2019

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Jewel Thief Grand Crime City Bank Robbery Games

This amazing 96 MB size game is brought to us by Games Stop Studio. This game gives you the chance to become a bank robber of your city, hey, never ever think about that even in your wildest dreams, this is just for the sake of entertainment. You will get the chance to become the king of all the thieves out there in this beautifully designed game. Your aim in this game is to steal as much as you can and fill your kitty with more and more things. First of all, you will have to rob banks and then head straight away to rob all the banks out there. You need to be very careful in your pursuit as there will be tight security and one small mistake would cost you your life. You will have to make a very good strategy in order to make successful robberies. You must start your journey in the silence of death night and remain very careful even from your own shadow. So, you have the two options in this game, either become the best thief having enormous wealth or end up in a casket. The in-app purchases range from 300 to 2250 rupees and you can decide that after playing it.

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NY Police Battle Bank Robbery Game

Desert Safari Studios has made this 152 MB size game for all of us. Are you ready for some serious action in the greatest city of the world, yes you heard me right, the mighty New York City needs your help and it is the perfect time for you to live your dream? All the mafias out there and the most dangerous deadly and merciless criminals are out there to transform the biggest city into a playground of the bad-ass people. So, you must pull your socks, and make a pledge to yourself that you would never let that happen. You will be guided with maps that contain all the information regarding the hideouts of the thieves and other relevant details, once you reach the main spot make sure that you do not return without accomplishing your mission. It comes loaded with over 10 challenging missions relating to bank robbery, and believe me all those missions will push you to your extreme limits, and the intensity of the game will keep on rising with every passing mission. The graphics are fantastic and you will not have any complaints about it. The in-app purchases range from 330 to 1650 rupees, but as usual, they are not at all mandatory and you can think about it after playing it.

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Police Highway Chase

Next Hope has created this 37 MB game for you. Are you ready for an adrenaline-rushing high-intensity endless highway experience? If yes, then this beauty is just waiting to be downloaded by you. The primary objective of this game is that you will have to chase and then eliminate all the notorious criminals out there who are out in the open with mischievous plans like – bank robbery, etc. All the innocent citizens of your city are under great pain, and agony due to those robbers and thieves, so all of them have just one hope left and that very hope is none other than you, yes you are their last hope and you must act accordingly and make it sure that they do not have to remain in pain and agony anymore, as well kick the hell out of all those merciless criminals. You can choose from a huge set of fast racing police cars to start your journey, the sound of the engine, siren, etc all will give you goosebumps and also push you to perform your duties with utmost responsibility. The controls are easy to understand, but also very difficult to master as you will be racing through the endless highways filled with traffic, so be very careful. The graphics are also outstanding and the majestic locations are just proof of it. Moreover, the in-app purchases range from 85 to 250 rupees and you can make those purchases if you love playing it.

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Police Monster Truck Gangster Car Chase

This 79 MB game has been created and designed by Vroom – Apps and Games. The first thing that will bring a smile to your face is that you will be racing through the exotic Las Vegas, yes you heard me right you will become a cop in Vegas in this very game. All the sound effects are just perfectly designed and will make you feel like driving the real-time police truck. Furthermore, the graphics are also awesome and the stunning locations, animations, thieves, people, police, and everything else is just very big proof of the same. The big mafias and the terrifying criminals out there are just waiting to tear you apart and taste your blood in the fresh morning, so make sure that does not happen and you beat the hell out of them in the deadly bloody fight. The controls are smooth, but again, you must practice very hard in order to master them. This game is quite addictive and with the power of all these amazing features and characteristics, it is sure to keep you glued to it. Moreover, the in-app purchases range from 250 to 3650 rupees and it all depends on you whether you need to make it or not.


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US Police Bike Chase: Moto Rider Crime City Games

Vital Games Production has created this wonderful 48 MB size game for you to play. It has a lot of thrilling action-packed missions. You can choose from a wide range of superbikes and then set out to catch the heinous wrongdoers out in the open. You will have to chase all your enemies in fast cars with the help of your super police bike. Every time, you drift or perform some stunt, you will be rewarded with extra rewards and points. You will have to be very careful as the criminals are out in the open, along with all the citizens in the hectic and busy streets, so you must ensure that you, first of all, identify these criminals and then arrest them for good. It comes packed with a lot of challenging missions and the level of those missions keeps on rising with every passing mission. The police siren is amazing, the sound of the engine is also very royal, and the graphics are just superb, and the locations, surroundings, people, animations, thieves, etc all will make you believe that. One of the craziest facts about it is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

US Police Bike Chase Moto Rider Crime City Games

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Cop Duty Police Car Simulator

Game Pickle has made this 55 MB size game. One of the most respected and loved cop and thief games out there is back again to blow your minds. It comes loaded with a large number of action-packed missions. Let me discuss some of the missions which you will be performing in it. You will be the last hope and ray of light for all the people who are trapped in hostage situations. You will have to be very careful in order to rescue them and safeguard their lives. Next, you will also have to chase and arrest badass robbers and emerge as a hero in front of the public. There are many dark hideouts of the criminals, and you must find it out and then kill all the bacterias and viruses hiding there, but make sure that you kill them as soon as possible, else you would become their night’s meal. You need to monitor the city continuously to ensure that it is safe and all the people can roam out freely without any fear and if you happen to notice any kind of threat then eliminate it as soon as possible before the situation gets worse. The graphics are just mind-blowing and you will probably not complain about it. Furthermore, the in-app purchases range from 80 to 8500 rupees and you can become that much poorer if you wish to.


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Thus, these are the nine best Cop and thieves based games in the Android world for you to download. I know that this lock in the period might be testing your patience and also the present situation might be bringing some fears in you. So, I would request you to transform this boredom into a never-ending crazy party, and yes you can also thank technology for making it possible, that we are able to get everything sitting across the comforts of our home, technology is working and still making our lives easier in this kind of crisis that is prevailing in the entire world. And believe me, this is not a joke, rather it is a boon for all of us, so all of us should be very grateful for the same.

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