How to Fix Automatic Airplane Mode on and off in Windows 10 Pc or Laptop

We have a plethora of features in our Windows 10 Desktop and Laptops that cater to all our small to big needs every day. All thanks to the amazing set of tools and characteristics that help us to perform our tasks with ease, no matter whatever the profession we belong to. But as a famous and old saying goes, nothing is perfect in this world, and also a saying that a flip of the coin gives you both head and tails. So, somewhat the same follows here also. All of us are very well aware of the Airplane mode feature present in our system, and yes, it is no doubt a very useful feature and it helps us out whenever we need it. But, most of you might have experienced an annoying thing in your device, the automatic turning on and off of the airplane mode feature. This happens quite often or sometimes on a rare basis or never happens at all. But, in most of the cases, this uninvited feature occurs and disturbs us in the middle of our crucial work. Even if you somehow try to ignore it, still, most of us work on the Internet and mostly use WiFi for the same. And as we all know, that airplane mode fluctuations would just pause your WiFi, and this simply means that you can no longer carry on with your work and just wait for the unknown interval of time toll it ends on its own. Sometimes, it may end but again most of the time, it continues for hours.

As of now, you might have understood about this issue, and probably, a lot of you guys might be facing it on a frequent basis. Now, the million-dollar question is that How to stop it? Is it possible? Well, the answer is yes, let me explain the same to you now.

First of all, let me tell you that even once you get rid of this issue, still it might reappear if you have your automatic Windows update mode on. So, first of all, turn off this feature. Let me guide you with the necessary steps for this.

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Once it opens, click on the System icon/option.
  3. Click on Advanced system settings given on the right-side panel.
  4. In the newly opened box, Select the Hardware Tab.
  5. There Select the Device installation settings. 54gMySM2dv
  6. Now, simply click ‘No (your device might not work as expected)’, and then save changes.



Therefore, your automatic Windows update is turned off, now, we can carry on with our process to eliminate this annoying feature, let us get our job done now.

  • Press Win key + R to open the run box.
  • Type- services.msc
  • The Services windows will get opened.
  • A new box will appear, browse down the box, and locate Windows Update over there.
  • Select and right-click on it, and click on Properties.
  • In the new box that opens, change the Startup type from Manual to Disabled, apply, and then click on
  • In the new box that opens, change the Startup type from Manual to Disabled, apply, and then click on OK.





Once you are done with these steps, head back again to the control panel, and now follow these steps:

  • Click on Program and features.
  • In the new Window that opens, you will be able to find a driver of airplane mode that is causing all these problems, you need to simply uninstall it by right-clicking on it.
  • Now, restart your computer immediately.

Once your computer or Laptop starts comes to life once again, the annoying feature of automatic airplane mode on-off would be gone, and yes, in most of the cases, you might feel that your gadget is a bit laggy and slow, but that is not at all an issue, as the system is trying to adjust itself with the changes made, and it will be normal within a few minutes.


Now, there is one more method to help you out in this very case. Though it will not eliminate this annoying feature, it will let you help you to carry on with your activities somewhat normally. The automatic airplane on-off problem mainly affects us because we lose our internet connectivity of WiFi, and everything comes to a standstill. So, rather using WiFi, you can share the internet via USB from some other gadget like a smartphone or a tablet. In this way, you will have the access to the internet and can carry on with your work normally, but yes, the irritating blinking of Airplane mode On/Off would continue to prevail over the top right end of your screen, so if you are okay with that, then you can try out this method, else you can always follow the steps mentioned above in the article to eradicate this serious problem.

Thus, this was all for this article, I hope that it will turn out to be beneficial for most of your guys. This problem is quite common and also very irritating and disturbing which directly affects your productivity and also the current mood. Therefore, I hope all of you might have found it useful.