How to do hanging indents on Google Slides presentation on the web

There are several text formatting options, which not just look beautiful, but help the reader read it more effectively to easily extract the meaning out of it.

What is a hanging indent?

One such text formatting available on most text editing programs is hanging indent, where the first line begins from far left, and the subsequent lines leave some space on the left. 

This helps the reader understand where a paragraph is ending, and more importantly, it delivers an ornamental look and feel to the reader. That said, today, I will talk about how to do hanging indents on Google Slides presentations. If you use Google Slides to create presentations, hanging indents within slides in Google Slides is quite easy to do, once you know how to do that. 

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how to do hanging indents in Google Slides.

Getting to do hanging indents on Google Slides web edition

  1. To get started, open an existing slide with some text written in it in a text box, or place a new text box, using ‘Text box’ under the Insertmenu from the menu bar.
Open Google Presentation Text Box

  1. Now, simply place the text box, and reposition it based on your requirements. The size will automatically be adjusted based on the text inserted.
Hanging indent in Google Slide

  1. Write some sentences in multiple paragraphs, and once you are done writing everything, right-click on the text-box, and hence click on ‘Format options’.
Hanging indent in Slides 30

  1. The ‘Format options’ panel will open up on the right. Expand ‘Text fitting’ in the options, by simply clicking on it.
  1. Here, you can find multiple options. Click on the drop-down menu, corresponding to ‘Special’, and hence select ‘Hanging’.
  1. In the next box, you have to choose the level of hanging indent, in inches. The higher the number, the more space will be left vacant on the left side in all the paragraphs after every first line. Just set the number based on your requirements so that the text looks attractive and easily readable.
Select the level of indent

Besides doing hanging indents on Google Slides, there are a handful of options available in the text formatting area in Google Slides. You can use them whenever you find them useful in your presentation.

As of now, I didn’t find the options to do hanging indent on the Google Slides app. Hope we can find it in the coming updates.

So, that’s all about how to do hanging indents on Google Slides web. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.