How to install Audacity on a Linux computer running Manjaro or CentOS

Audacity is one of the most popular and open-source audio editing tools available for multiple platforms including Linux. From recording audio to editing audio by cutting a certain part, or merging it with existing audio, and adding effects, you can do almost everything with Audacity. Besides that, Audacity is quick easy and to use, and by playing with it for quite some time, you can be a master in editing audio files. You can easily download the installer and install Audacity on your Windows computer, however, if you are using Linux, the process is going to be a little different, and you have to execute a few comments for the installation to be complete.

If you are using Ubuntu, you can easily download and install Audacity on your computer directly from the apt repository. However, if you are using a different distribution of Linux like Mandriva, the process is a little different from that on Ubuntu. So, today I will be discussing how you can install Audacity on your computer learning Manjaro Linux, and CentOS. On Manjaro Linux as well, you can download and install Audacity from its official Pacman repository, and from the Snap repository on CentOS. I am here at your rescue to help you with the steps.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how you can install Audacity on your computer running Manjaro Linux or CentOS.

Audacity installation on Mandriva Linux

  1. Open a Linux terminal, and type in the following command followed by hitting the enter key to update the list of software or programs available on the Pacman official repository.
    sudo pacman -Syy

    Audacity on Manjaro and CentOS 10

  2. After this type is executed successfully, type in the following command to initiate the process of Audacity download and installation, on the Linux terminal.
    sudo pacman -S Audacity

    Command to install audacity

  3. After you hit the following, a list of dependencies will be displayed to you, along with the size of the download, and the space it will consume after installation is complete. simply, type ‘y’, and hit the enter key.list of dependencies
  4. The complete download and installation process will take some time, and once it is complete, You can open Audacity from the apps section.Run Audacity on Manjaro
  5. Now you can find the familiar user interface of Audacity, and you can start recording audio, open audio files, mix them together, a simple play with them as per your requirements. During any of the steps at the time of installation, you might have to enter the administrator password to get the administrator privileges while installing the app.Audacity on CentOS 7 8
  6. The installation of Audacity will be same all almost all Manjaro Linux versions, however, I have tried this on the Manjaro 18.1.2 version.

Audacity installation on CentOS 8/7

  1. Installation of Audacity is also possible on CentOS, however, you need to have access to the Snapd repository for this purpose.
  2. If you do not know about how you can install and enable the Snapd repository on your CentOS, you can read the tutorial on Snap installation on CentOS 8/7.
  3. After you have configured the Snapd repository on your CentOS distribution, just type in the following command and hit the enter key to start the download and installation of Audacity on your computer.
    sudo snap install audacity

    snap install audacity

  4. After the installation is complete, which will take quite some time, as the download from the snap repository is comparatively slower compared to that of other repositories, you can open it right from the apps section on your CentOS distribution of Linux. Audacity is just the same, from the Snap repository, as well, and you can get started working with audio files right away.

So that was all about how you can install Audacity on your Manjaro Linux and CentOS. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.