How To Pause Updates in Windows 10 in 3 steps

It is very much necessary to keep our system updated, so we must update our computer or laptop after the necessary updates arrive. But, what if we wish to postpone our updates? Suppose you are doing some important stuff and it needs a week or two to complete and in the mid-time, an important update comes, you want to install that update but not now, so is it possible? Well, yes, it is and you just need to follow this very simple tutorial for that.

Step 1: In the ‘Type here to search box near the ‘Windows’ start menu, type ‘Windows Update Settings’ and launch the app.

Windows Update Settings

Step 2: Click on the ‘Windows Update’ option given on the left side panel. 

Windows Update

Step 3: Now, select “Pause updates for 7 days”  this will prevent your system from getting any new updates for seven days. Instead, you can also select the active hours for the update 

Pause Windows 10 updates



What is Windows?

Windows is an Operating system owned by Microsoft. It lets you run your machine in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

What is meant by ‘Updates’ in ‘Windows’?

‘Updates’ in ‘Windows’ refer to the necessary changes or modifications to the existing tools or apps that enable users to have a smarter and friendlier experience while using the system.

Is it necessary to update our system?

Yes, it improves the overall performance and also makes your system more secure.

Is this process paid?

No, it is absolutely free.