How to set Gemini by Google as the default Android assistant

Digital Assistants can be great to carry out some small tasks on our smartphones, and other appliances, these are parts of. Android users are well aware of Google Assistant, which is a pretty competent assistant in terms of carrying out simple tasks like searching the web, setting alarms and reminders, opening apps, identifying songs playing around, reading the news, etc. However, AI is still far from having the ability to analyze web content or generate answers to questions, just like ChatGPT or other generative AI applications. 

However, with Gemini AI, it is possible to reinforce the power of Gemini AI right in your Google Assistant. But this isn’t automatic, as Gemini AI is still in development and you will have to set Gemini AI as your digital assistant on Android. That said, today I will talk about how to set Gemini AI as the default digital assistant on Android. That way you can experience the power of Gemini AI, the same way you trigger Google Assistant.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how to set Gemini AI as the default digital assistant for Android.

Setting Google’s Gemini as the default Android assistant

Step 1: Get started by opening Google Settings. To get there, open ‘Settings’, and hence tap on ‘Google’

Step 2: You can alternatively get to Google Settings from the Google home screen widget, as well. 

Open Google Settings on Android
Settings for Google Apps

Step 3: In this Settings page, tap on ‘Search, Assistant and voice’.

Open Search, Assistant and Voice Settings

Step 4: Here, tap on ‘Google Assistant’ to open Google Assistant settings.

Open Google Assistant Settings

Step 5: In this settings page, scroll down a bit and tap on ‘Digital assistants from Google’.

Digital Assistants from Google

Step 6: Here you should find both Google Assistant and Gemini. Google Assistant will be selected by default. Simply select ‘Gemini’

Choose Gemini as Default Digital Assitant from Google

Step 7: You must confirm the switch by tapping on ‘Switch’ in a confirmation box that appears.

Switch to Gemini AI as default digital assistant 65

Step 8: Now call your digital assistant the usual way. You can also say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’, and you can start interacting with Gemini. You just need to go through a rudimentary setup process, where the steps are self-explanatory. Hence you can start experiencing the power of Gemini.

Gemini AI as default digital assistant 70

By using Gemini, you can do almost everything that you can do using Google Assistant, and sometimes, Gemini manages things better than Google Assistant does. Gemini performs better when it comes to searching the screen when you need creative abilities, etc. But there are things where Gemini still needs to improve or be as competent as Google Assistant. It is not possible to search for the song playing around. As Gemini is still in development, we can see further improvements in the future. It is just the beginning of a new era for digital assistants.

So, that’s how to set Gemini AI as the default digital assistant for Google. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.