How to install and use WhatsApp Messenger on PC, with an Android emulator

There isn’t any doubt WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging app, available for Android, iOS, Windows and other popular platforms for smartphones and tablets. But unfortunately, WhatsApp is not available for PC as WhatsApp is supposed to be used on a portable device. Nevertheless, you can use WhatsApp to send and receive text and multimedia messages or do other activities, which can be done on WhatsApp installed on a smartphone or tablet.

But, if you are having WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, you can even use WhatsApp Web login to access your WhatsApp messages and contacts from your PC. You can do that by visiting, or with the WhatsApp web download option. But this article is about how to install and use WhatsApp for PC, where you can get similar user interface on your computer, as it is on your WhatsApp for Android or iOS. But before you install WhatsApp, you will need an Android emulator.

There are multiple Android emulators to run Android on PC, and MEmu Player Android emulator is the best Android emulator for the features it offers. You can read this article to know how to download and install MEmu on your Windows computer. You can even use any other Android emulators if you are comfortable with them. The process and steps are same for Window 10, 8 & 7 or any other operating system.


Downloading and installing WhatsApp Messenger

Step 1: Once you open MEmu, just open it, and click on the option saying ‘Google Play Store’. Just open it, and sign in with your Google account to get started.

WhatsApp Messenger on Android emulator

Step 2: After you get the Google Play Store homepage, just search for WhatsApp in the search bar. Once you find that, click on the ‘Install’ option.

Install WhatsApp Messenger on Android emulator

Step 3: Click on the ‘Accept’ option, and the process of download and installation will start instantly.

WhatsApp Messenger windows 10 Android emulator

Step 4: After the installation is complete go back to the home screen and click on the ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ icon.

 home screen whatsapp


Setting up WhatsApp on Android Emulator

Step 1: On opening, you will get the following screen. Just click on ‘OK’ to remove the alert and get the setup screen for WhatsApp. As you are not using WhatsApp on a mobile and instead using it on an emulator, the alert is quite common.

Setting up WhatsApp on Android Emulator

Step 2: Click on ‘Agree and Continue’, and enter the phone number, for which you want to activate your WhatsApp. The country code will be set to ‘+91’ for India, by default, but you can change it. Click on ‘Next’.

Verify your number

Step 3: In the popup, which appears, click on ‘OK’. In the screen, which comes next, enter the OTP, which will come in the mobile number, entered by you.

Whatsapp windos 10 android OTP

Step 4: Now, in the screen, just enter the name, which will be visible to the WhatsApp users, in the group or other places. After entering the name, click on ‘Next

WhatsApp users profile windows 10 android emulator

Step 4: You will get the following screen, which is similar to the WhatsApp Messenger home screen, on both smartphone and tablet.

WhatsApp Messenger home screen

Now, you can start using WhatsApp, just like the way you use WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet. Post WhatsApp Status and send messages easily, with the WhatsApp on PC.

You can even do WhatsApp update, directly from the Play Store. You can even download WhatsApp apk from other sources for this tutorial, but that is not recommended, as it will make your emulator, and eventually your computer vulnerable to different threats and can even compromise your private data.

Hope this small tutorial on WhatsApp download for PC, installation and using it, was helpful for you. If you faced any issues, feel free to comment it down, as the comment box is all yours.