Interview with Mr. Rakesh Raghuvanshi, CEO and Founder, Sekel Tech

A hyperlocal Dynamic Engagement Commerce platform solutions, Sekel Technologies is a Digital Transformation product company that offers complete digital and dynamic engagement SaaS solutions and analytics across the Retail and other key industry sectors. The company’s clear objective is to underpin an organization’s holistic Digital Transformation initiatives, providing a unique and leading Dynamic Engagement Commerce platform to radically enhance Customer Centricity and improve B2C Operational Efficiency. Sekel Technologies is helping global brands win organically across search socially and locally, by distributing and engaging through relevant and deeply insightful contextual content that helps consumers make informed and efficient buying decisions.

With a clear vision to deliver a transparent attributional model for online impact on offline sales, Sekel Technologies are on a mission to make every penny spent on digital marketing count through real-time actionable insights and actions through rule-based, AI-driven interventions.

Mr. Rakesh Raghuvanshi is the man behind Sekel Tech, he is the Founder and CEO of the company that is working towards helping brick-and-mortar businesses drive in-store sales across search, social media, and mobile channels, Rakesh looks at this as a challenge to bring attribution models to everything digital. With Sekel’s product tech, Rakesh and his team have ensured that businesses have the opportunity to have a single view of all the digital transformations that are having a positive business Impact.

Have a sneak peek of the questions we asked in a quick interview with Mr. Rakesh Raghuvanshi…

Interview with Mr. Rakesh Raghuvanshi, CEO and Founder, Sekel Tech
Mr. Rakesh Raghuvanshi, CEO and Founder, Sekel Tech

Can you provide information about Sekel Tech, including its area of expertise and the services it offers?

Sekel Tech, established in 2016, is a company specializing in assisting businesses in developing and implementing effective Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing strategies. It is a pioneer in hyperlocal Dynamic Engagement Commerce platform solutions, aiming to improve Omni-channel Commerce for Retail brands. Sekel Tech’s services involve helping businesses establish direct connections with consumers, eliminating intermediaries, and reducing costs.

The company’s expertise empowers multi-location retail brands to seamlessly create integrated online-to-offline and offline-to-online consumer journeys across various platforms. By leveraging D2C marketing, Sekel Tech aims to enhance brand visibility and facilitate long-lasting customer relationships.

What is Sekel Tech’s strategy for developing intelligent solutions?

Sekel Tech’s strategy for developing intelligent solutions revolves around understanding and targeting ideal consumer demographics, generating appealing brand messages, and optimizing marketing efforts for optimal return on investment (ROI).

It prioritizes employing technology and analytics tools to provide actionable insights and data-driven recommendations. Sekel Tech offers a collection of First Party Data infrastructure for low-cost customer acquisition and leads in 360 Hyperlocal solutions, aiming to ensure that every penny spent on digital marketing matters.

Its intelligent solutions are customer-centric, effective, and results-oriented, and enhance user experience.

What are some of the main challenges businesses face today, and how does Sekel Tech address them through its expertise?

In the current business landscape, Sekel Tech addresses the main challenges businesses face through their expertise in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing. It offers effective D2C marketing strategies using First Party Data, enabling companies to establish direct connections with their target audience.

By eliminating intermediaries, Sekel Tech empowers businesses to reduce costs and gain greater control over the customer experience. it optimizes marketing efforts across various touchpoints, ensuring businesses make a lasting impact in the competitive market. Leveraging data and analytics, Sekel Tech provides personalized recommendations and tailored messaging, enhancing the overall user experience and helping companies adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

What techniques does Sekel Tech use to engage customers?

Sekel Tech utilizes a range of customer engagement techniques to ensure its clients’ success in direct-to-consumer marketing. It employs individualized communication, active social media presence, influencer alliances, gathering consumer feedback, and post-purchase follow-up efforts.

By going beyond conventional tactics, Sekel Tech develops strong customer relationships in the dynamic D2C marketing landscape. It uses targeted messaging, establishes a solid social media presence, collaborates with key influencers, actively listens to customer input, and extends relationships beyond the point of purchase, resulting in an improved user experience and increased direct-to-consumer success.

How does Sekel Tech stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in the industry?

Sekel Tech remains at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies through various approaches. It conducts extensive industry research, follows relevant journals and news sites, attends conferences, and collaborates with technology and marketing specialists. Sekel Tech actively participates in the industry, sharing expertise, networking, and gaining exposure to cutting-edge concepts.

Additionally, it fosters an innovative culture through internal research and development activities, allowing the team to experiment with and explore new tools and tactics. This comprehensive strategy enables Sekel Tech to forecast future trends, drive the industry forward, and shape the future of technology and marketing.