Top 15 best Raksha Bandhan smart gift ideas for your brother or sister

There isn’t any doubt, the Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious occasions celebrated by the brothers and sisters in India. On this auspicious occasion, the sisters tie a rakhi, on the wrist of their brothers, praying for long life and success of for them. Yes, really an emotional moment for this purest relationship on earth. But none of the occasions is complete with gifts. It is not always the materialistic gifts that matter, but, giving some gifts is yet another way of showing the love for the brothers and sisters. Chocolates and flowers are the best gifts for the Raksha Bandhan, but if you are looking for some extraordinary, I have covered it for you…

If your brother or sister is a geek, or love electronics a lot, it will be worth giving him or her some gifts, which can make his or her life easier or can make him or her more interested in working with electronics. 

Raksha Bandhan smart gift ideas for your brother or sister

Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for your brother or sister

Power Banks (For him and her)

Well, now almost everyone sticks to their phones for a plethora of tasks. And if you are having a brother or sister, who is kind of that, a power bank can be the best gift, which he or she will definitely appreciate. Power Banks are available at various prices with various capacities, and you can go for any value between 5,000 mAh to 10,000 mAh for your lovable sibling. Just ask the smartphone he or she is using to find the power bank with the most appropriate capacity.

Smartwatches (For him and her)

Well, the age of general wrist watches are long gone and most people nowadays prefer smartwatches over regular wrist watches. Well, there are reasons! Smartwatches don’t need an introduction and you can receive calls, send and receive messages, and do a number of tasks with smartwatches. Smartwatches are available at various prices from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 or more, which can give a lot of room to decide the best one within your budget for your beloved sibling or cousin.

Fitness trackers (For him and her)

If your brother or sister is a fitness freak, fitness trackers can be the best gift for them. Fitness trackers are pretty affordable and can be gifted to both your brothers and sisters. Fitness trackers can also be used to track the health, pulse and blood pressure of the one wearing it, which can also be equally helpful to maintain a good health. Fitness trackers are available in numerous designs, and you can choose the most appropriate one depending upon whether you are purchasing it for your brother and sister.

Bluetooth earphones (For him and her)

Do you feel bad seeing your sibling frustrated with untangling those earphones! Using Bluetooth or wireless earphones can make the life a lot easier for him or her if he or she loves listening to music or watch some shows. Bluetooth earphones are available at different budgets starting from as low as Rs. 500 to some premium ones at Rs. 10,000 or so. Just choose the appropriate design, viz. collar, behind the neck or others, depending upon which will best suit your brother or sister.

Bluetooth speakers (For him and her)

Not everybody is fond of listening to music on earphones. If you are having a brother or sister who wants to listen to songs on the go, a Bluetooth speaker can be the most appropriate gift for him or her. Just like Bluetooth earphones and headsets, Bluetooth speakers are also available at different budgets, and some of them even come with extra add-ons like wireless charging dock, clock and many more. Bluetooth speakers can be the best gift for the geeky entertainment loving brothers and sisters out there.

Gift cards (For him and her)

I remember the time when the relatives used to give us money for different occasions to purchase the things we might like. But things are changed nowadays, and a gift card is a new form of giving money with a personalized touch. Gift cards are available for various services ranging from e-commerce website like Flipkart, Amazon, to Google Play Gift cards for purchasing premium apps, games and movies from the Google Play Store or even travel gift cards like MakeMyTrip and others. Gift cards for different services are available both online as well as offline from different mobile stores.

Selfie gadgets (For her)

Well, if you are having a sister, who is always crazy to capture the best selfies, why not give her a selfie gadget. No, I am not limiting it only to selfie sticks, as you can even give her a selfie flash. Just in case selfie sticks seems to be too mainstream. Selfie gadgets from local markets are available at as low as Rs. 50 to almost Rs. 1,000. Thus, if you are fond of adding some affordable products to the gift card for your sister, a selfie gadget is worth purchasing.

Smart jewelry (For her)

There isn’t any doubt your sister will look beautiful with gold or diamond jewelry. But you can’t deny, they are too mainstream. Living in the 21st century, why not give her a smart jewelry instead. Smart jewelry can not only give your sister a smart and unique look but can also help her to get your help with an emergency button, lest something that bad happens god forbid. Smart jewelry is available in various designs and prices, giving you a lot of space to choose the most appropriate one depending upon your sister’s choice.

E-readers (For him and her)

Are you having a sibling who is fond of reading? Well, if so, I don’t think anything can be better than giving him or her an E-reader, to read those favorite titles. Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best E-readers, but you can always go for a different one, just to give your sibling the most unique product among the different available of the same class.

Personalized Phone covers and cases (For him and her)

Did your brother or sister get a new phone? Why not give him or her a personalized phone case or cover. I am sure he or she will definitely like it. You can give your sibling a personalized phone case or cover with one of the best memories of your childhood or anything similar to that. Today, there are numerous varieties of phone cases and covers available, like anti-gravity covers or so which you can gift as well.

Smart assistants (For him and her)

Ok, Google or Hey Siri! Do you always hear your brother or sister uttering these phrases quite often! He or she is actually calling the personal assistant on their phones. Well, personal digital assistants are not limited only to smartphones these days. You can even give your brother or sister a smart digital assistant, which he or she will obviously like. You can either give him or her a Google Home Mini, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homepod, whichever suits him or her fancy. This can even help your brother or sister to listen to the favorite music just in case he or she is bored. Smart digital assistants are available at affordable prices, and you can even get them at prices less than Rs. 10,000.

JioFi or portable Wi-Fi hotspot (For him and her)

Does your brother or sister stick to the internet all day long? If so, you can give him a JioFi or a portable WiFi router to carry on his or her surfing even on the go. Going for JioFi is the most judicious idea in 2018 for the affordable data plans the company offer, but you are at liberty to choose a different one depending upon which network gives the best speeds and connectivity in the area where you are living.

VR Headsets (For him and her)

The world is moving towards VR and AR. Yes, virtual reality and augmented reality. Why your sibling should lag behind! Get an affordable VR headset for your brother or sister to let him or her enjoy the best VR games and movies which are available. VR headsets are pretty cheap and affordable these days, and you can get some quality VR headsets at as low as Rs. 1,000 or even less than that, if you are lucky enough.

External Hard Drives (For him and her)

Well, external hard drives are something, which can both be a gift as well as well as a utility at the same time. External hard drives are quite affordable these days, and you can get one with a handful of storage, like 1TB or so at a price of Rs. 4,000 or even less than that. There are other storage capacities available as well at different prices. Just go for the best one depending upon which one your sibling needs and also your budget. As the world is moving towards cloud storage, you can even give him or her a cloud storage subscription, but that will be a recurring expense in the long run.

Well, those were the list of Raksha Bandhan presents for him and her. No material can be the best to symbolize the purest love between a brother and a sister. Still, everybody loves gifts, and if you are having a pampered brother or sister, a gift among those mentioned above will surely bring the most deserved curve on their face on the auspicious Raksha Bandhan.

Hope the list of gifts will help you to find the best gift for your brother or sister. Did I miss out any great product you can give to your brother or sister as a gift? Feel free to comment it down below.