Top 7 gadget gift ideas for your brother this Raksha Bandhan

The term Raksha Bandhan stands for ‘Raksha’ meaning ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan’ meaning ‘ties or bond’. It literally stands for the bond of protection. It has historical importance in Indian tradition and the Hindu religion. It marks the bond of love between a sister and brother and a sister’s prayer to protect her brother. Mythologically, it has been stated that Draupadi had tied rakhi on the wrist of Lord Krishna for her love to him as a sister. Historically it has been stated that Rani Karnavati, the widow of Chittor, had sent a rakhi to Humayun when in need of help.

With time, it has become a tradition to accompany the ceremony of tying rakhi with the exchange of gifts. It is an auspicious occasion and is celebrated within each family with joy every year. With the tradition of exchanging gifts comes the responsibility of choosing the best gifts for each other. It can be especially daunting for a sister to gift something to their brother as men have a very limited range of gifting options.

gadget gift ideas for your brother this Raksha Bandhan min

But, with technological advances, there are numerous tech gadget gifts for Raksha Bandhan which cannot go amiss. Here is the list of top 7 gadget gifts for your brother this Raksha Bandhan.

Fitness Watch

For brothers out there who love working out and likes being fit, it is very important to track calories in and out. The fitness watch is the best gift for those fitness lovers. A good fitness watch can range in price somewhere between two to three thousand but also comes with a lot of features like waterproof, magnetic charging, long battery life, etc.

A multi-purpose bed table

For brothers out there who have working non-stop from home for the last year and have been commanding sisters to massage their shoulders every day can gift this amazing table. It is a multi-purpose table that can be used as a bed top table, laptop table, study table, small workshop, etc. No more massaging orders from brothers.

A PS5 gaming controller

The end of 2020 marked the beginning of PlayStation 5, and gamers have been wanting to get their hands on it ever since. Many who already have got the PS5 haven’t been able to get hold of the controller. If your brother loves gaming, then this is the best option as they will be thrilled with such a rare gift. Make sure to pre-order this with at least 3 weeks in hand to make sure it reaches your brother on Raksha Bandhan.

Gaming accessories

Gaming has taken the world by storm, especially the pandemic restricting people to their homes; many have found comfort in the escape of games. Any gamer already has a basic setup, but new trendy gaming accessories can always be alleviated. It can be a multi-button mouse for better aim or a customized keyboard with inbuilt lighting for the cyber aesthetic, or just a bundle of the best games liked by your brother. He will be delighted to do your chores for the next 6 months.

Music accessories

If your brother is not into gaming, he surely likes music because, as mentioned before, men’s periphery is very limited to gifting. A wireless music box or a branded headphones can do the trick for these brothers. Wireless headphones are also in trend now, and that can be considered as an option.

For example, LG TONEFREE is equipped with an UVnano charging cradle with ultraviolet light that sanitizes the earbuds and as per the company’s claim, it can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria while charging. It also features  Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and ergonomic design. Thus, can be an apt music accessory option to give as a gift to your siblings.


A laptop or a digital camera

So many brothers may just be in school and growing up. With school classes going online over the last year, brothers always nag their sisters to borrow their laptops. Use the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and gift him a laptop to never be annoyed again for it. If he keeps asking for your phone to take pictures, gift him a DSLR camera. He knows he may find a liking for photography. It is also good for sisters to get the best pictures for Instagram. (wink*)

A watch

In all the times when he has arrived late to pick you up or to send you your edited model pictures, brothers can not need a watch. A watch is always a great gifting option as it not only allows them to be on time (duh!) but also look stylish and put together. Bonus points for sisters when going out with their brothers.



With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, sisters may have already been growing over what to gift their brothers just like every year. The list is surely not exhaustive but gives a general idea of how to choose a gift for your brother. Order as soon as possible to keep it ready on the day or in case there is a need to replace it. Hope you get good gifts in return too.