ADLINK launched MCM-204 Edge DAQ Systems for Machine Monitoring

ADLINK Technology recently has launched MCM-204 edge Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) for machine condition monitoring (MCM). This new addition will help the company to expand its MCM lineup.

The launch MCM-204 is a standalone DAQ that run on ARM cortex-A9 CPU with dual Ethernet ports to transmit data back to the backend server and enable daisy-chain connection of multiple devices.

It offers built web-console that allows users easily update the firmware and can manage, analyse and control it remotely.

Commonly used vibration-related indices, such as voltage, FFT, and RMS, can be calculated by the MCM-204.

ADLINK MCM-204 Edge DAQ Systems

ADLINK’s ultra-compact MCM-204 features

  • 24-bit high-resolution ADC and captures high-frequency signals at 128kS/s.
  • All channels have a built-in IEPE 4mA excitation current source, eliminating the need for additional signal conditioning to trigger sensors to capture signals.
  • MCM-204 can also support digital tachometer, digital temperature sensor, and voltage output loads current sensor functions for acquiring rotating speed, temperature, and load current of the machine, thus providing a wide range of options for equipment monitoring tasks.
  • Has rich built-in data type support, including as voltage, FFT data, and RMS_OA. Users can easily build a complete and powerful real-time monitoring system without having to expend effort on programming development.
  • To enable a decentralized structure, the ADLINK MCM-204 offers an exclusive Custom Filtering Algorithm import mechanism that allows users to modify the filter or pre-processing algorithms in C/C++ and compile under Linux.
  • The MCM-204 provides the ability to migrate domain-knowhow filtering algorithms to the edge in a secure manner.