What if the Internet Disappeared now or in near future?

Well, a few decades ago, if the internet would have collapsed, then it would not have made any big difference in the lives of people, the somewhat normal life would continue to prevail, for most of the people it would have been like nothing has even happened. But, if this happens right now, then it would be probably a doomsday for almost all of us.

So, let us imagine a world without the internet, what kind of changes will that bring in our lives, would we even try to find a suitable alternative for the same, or what else could happen, and what impact will it have on all of us? Let us try to explore all this.

What if the Internet Disappeared

Hey fellas, how would you all feel waking up in the morning on a normal day, but wait, it is slightly different, as you no longer have social media, you no longer have Google Maps, you can no longer pay using your credit cards, and a hell lot of things.

Maybe, some of you might think that it is somewhat cool, as you can finally use your phones for normal voice calling, you can bring back all those lost fax machines,  and also you can start making notes by your hands. And to surprise you, roughly four billion people across the globe have no access to the internet (though COVID 19 has forced some of them to use the internet), it will hardly make any difference to them, and they would carry on with their normal lives. But, wait what about you, me and the other 3.5 to 4 billion people living on our Earth, the things are going to get really bad for them.

So, now just imagine, as the internet has collapsed, first of all, all the mighty social media users who consider making normal phone calls against their high status would be forced to make normal voice calls to all their near and dear ones and this would put extreme stress and load on the telecommunication systems, and it may lead to their frequent collapse also. And yes, with no WiFi or any other connectivity option, all of us will have no option but to employ a physical cable to connect two computers or laptops. 

Also, we should forget about making all those precious online orders with a single click, the entire e-commerce will come to a standstill, Jeff Bezos might have to think of an alternative business option like lakhs of other people though.

Our banking industry is also directly or indirectly dependent on the internet, as all the financial data is stored on the servers, so they are going to get a heavy blow on their face, and on our part, we will have to forget that there existed something called e-transfers. And also, you no longer need to worry about the theft or loss of your debit or credit cards as they are now useless pieces of plastics.

According to some research, in America alone, more than 85% of the population just use the internet for almost every little to a big need. So, you can imagine the impact that it would have on the great USA.

In America alone, losses worth billions of dollars would become common every day, and when the whole world is concerned, then it would somewhat equal the ongoing losses of COVID 19.

Furthermore, there are many countries in the world which completely depend on the internet and have some direct or indirect effect on other less tech-savvy countries, so the entire chain would collapse and it would degrade the entire economy of many nations. And just to add fuel to the fire, all the big players, the apex predators of the global economy, just like – Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many more would completely shut down, losing trillions of dollars and lakhs of people losing their jobs.

Things in our country would degrade drastically and would result in mass unemployment and so on. Not only this, even companies which depend on the internet only for the purpose of advertising, they will also be affected very badly, as advertising is the heart and mind of any company. All these, in turn, would lead to a recession in all those countries due to the failure of all the companies and mass unemployment.

Not only this, but it would also drastically affect aeroplanes, trains, ships, and many other means of transportation. Nothing of the above-mentioned modes of transportation could be tracked and also communication on various crucial matters will become very difficult.

For our part, there will be no more stories or pictures to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Though the end of the internet will not end our world for sure, it will leave a never fading impact on almost each and everything on our planet. Most of the companies will shut down, global recession, mass unemployment, even many of the tech-savvy and internet geeks might go into depression, these are some of the many r=things that all of us will witness, once the internet dies. 

Finally, the good news is that nothing like that is going to happen, as our internet is a gigantic global network of many networks of computers. It never depends on a single machine or system, so even if one or many parts malfunction, the others would go on to serve billions.