Apple Music is coming to Windows PCs

Apple Apple Music and Apple TV will be launched on the Windows PC platform in 2023, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft App Store. It is expected to start testing soon.

Well, Apple officially announced to global users that the number of songs on the Apple Music music platform has reached 100 million.  Previously, Apple Music has been listed on Microsoft’s Xbox console platform, supporting Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One consoles, and is now free to download. This means that while Microsoft console users are playing games, they can also open Apple Music to listen to 100 million songs around the world.

Apple Music is a pure premium music platform. Using which, after subscribing, you can listen to the songs in the entire music library. And the default sound quality is 256kbps AAC audio, which is equivalent to the lossless of the entire music library, and even some songs also provide high-resolution lossless (24-bit/192kHz) versions.

Apple Music and Apple TV on Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Apple Music is indeed a practical option for music enthusiasts, and although it was launched in 2015, Apple has been slow to provide it to Windows users.

In the past, users who wanted to listen to songs on Windows PCs had to go through iTunes, which integrated most of the functions of Apple Music but wasn’t a good experience for users at all.

iTunes has been accused of being stuck in startup and running on the Win platform, outdated development frameworks, bloated functions, etc., making poor interaction and poor user experience among many users. To solve this problem users have to choose a third-party Apple Music client.

However, spin not anymore, Apple’s Apple Music is going to provide PC platform services to help you solve a big problem, and you will no longer need to endure the torment of iTunes in the future. Apart from Apple TV is coming to the Microsoft Store soon.

Apple Music On Windows 11 Store min

In addition, Microsoft’s new Photos app for Windows 11 will support connecting to Apple’s iCloud Photo Library, allowing users to get a more Mac-like experience. The feature is already in beta for Insider users and is expected to roll out to all users in the coming months.

Microsofts new Photos app for Windows 11 with Apples iCloud Photo

In addition to all this, Microsoft Windows 11 will also introduce a new built-in screen recording function, which will be embedded in the current screenshot tool.

WIndows new Snipping Tool recording