3DMark’s new benchmark – Speed ​​Way will arrive on October 12, 2022

3DMark Speed ​​Way is a new GPU benchmark tool to test the capabilities of Graphic units installed on PC or laptops.

Recently, on the official website benchmark website UL Solutions, the company has announced their 3DMark’s new GPU benchmark project “Speed ​​Way” sponsored by Lenovo Legion will officially arrive on October 12, 2022. As per the official post, the developers behind the project have been working very hard to make it available this year, which is finally done.

Starting October 12, 2022, users who want to benchmark their GPUs can purchase the 3DMark software from the Steam platform or the 3DMark online store, “Speed ​​Way” is already included in the price. With the addition of the new GPU benchmarking program, the price of 3DMark Advanced Editon will rise from $29.99 to $34.99.

3DMarks new benchmark Speed ​​Way

Also, the official blog of the company stated that “since UL Solutions released “Time Spy” in 2016, 3DMark users have enjoyed many free updates, including “Time Spy Extreme”, “CPU Profile”, “Wild Life” and several benchmarks showcasing new DirectX features. This time, if the old 3DMark users want to experience “Speed ​​Way”, they need to spend $4.99   to purchase the DLC upgrade.

Customers with legacy perpetual licenses will need to purchase a new annual license to unlock “Speed ​​Way”. For users of the original 3DMark Professional Edition, the “Speed ​​Way” update is available for free with a valid annual license.

UL Solutions also reminds Steam users, that 3DMark Advanced Editon licenses and “Speed ​​Way” upgrade licenses purchased separately after October 12, 2022, cannot be added to users’ Steam accounts due to policy changes on the Steam platform.

Previously, UL Solutions also launched the XeSS functional test, which can show users the performance impact of XeSS. With the newly introduced XeSS inspection tool, users can also compare the performance and rendering quality before and after XeSS is turned on.