Avision Launches self-service copier X2030 in India, just like an ATM machine

This first time in India, when copying of ID cards and other documents will be possible on the road, anywhere at any time because of Avision initiative of self-service copiers…

Avision, a Taiwan based imaging company that deals worldwide in scanners and multifunctional printers recently introduced a new kind of service in India called self-service copier. Even in the digital world, still, especially India, a lot of things depend on paper documents and finding some copier shop when you stuck somewhere in an unknown place is really a headache. To cater to such predicament of consumers, lately, the Avision has launched printer Avision X2030 that allows users to scan and copy documents by themselves by paying via different mobile online wallet methods.

What is Avsision’ SSC (Self Service Copying- printer service)?

Avision X2030 is a multi-function printer product integrating with mobile pay and copy/mobile print features into a single unit which will be available on different locations that allow users to print their documents without the need of any helping hand, third party device or middle man. It provides mobile printing, cloud printing, USB printing and ID card copying.

AVISION Printer _X2030

The multiple functional printers that Avision has released comes with a 4.3-inch touch screen that allows users to operate printer just like any ATM machine. As per the company’s claim, it can print around 30 copies per minute with good quality while the paper tray of the same can hold 250 sheets of paper at a time. The life of one time filled toner cartridge is to produce 400 pages.

To provide internet connectivity, the company has given a USB slot that can be used to connect 4G Dongle plus an Ethernet port at the backside. Also, this is not a consumer printer rather a commercial one.

During the launch event we asked couple of question to Avision offcial repesentative and here what we got to know…

First of all, how would a user do the payment after copying?

The printer has a 4.3-inch greyscale LCD touch screen which has options such as copying, scanning and more. For example, we want to print something on the printer, we go to the nearest outlet or kiosk, put the document on the scanner, touch the copying button and number of pages to print. And before printing anything, the printer will give a bar code that a user can scan with his mobile payment apps such as BHIM, Paytm, GooglePay and other UPI supported wallet apps. After that, the charges for printing will automatically be deducted from his/her wallet and the print will come out.

What will happens, if after payment, some issues rose up such as power outage or cut, or some fault in printer etc? What will happen to our money?

Well, where ever we install our self-copying service, we will make sure that there would not be high power cuts or alternative source of power should be there. However, in case something happens like such, the moment power comes back, the user will get a notification on the screen to take the print out. And if such doesn’t happen, he or she will get his full money back to the wallet. As far about printer’s fault, we have channel partners and we also monitor each location too, if any printer shows some unusual pattern or working we immediately replace that with working one in a few hours.

What would be the cost of per print?

Right now, the cost of per print would be around 2.50 rupee which is far low juxtaposed to some local shops those copying documents using the printer at the price of around 5 rupees to 20 rupees.

What are the areas are you targeting right now to implement Avision SSC serivce?

We are on the trial and aggressively reconnoitre different places across India to establish our copier services. We are contemplating to provide our services within the range of every person so that he or she wouldn’t have to travel a long to just have a single print. However, currently, we are hopping to Aadhar centres, different coffee shops, Airports, Universities campus, banks and more such kind of places where the requirements of printing are high and it also help us a lot to get the user feedback which we can use to expand further. We are determining to open around 3000 self-service copy outlets throughout India.

Your this self copying service is also providing mobile printing, how does that work?

So, it is very simple. The users have to download our Avision SSC app which available on Google Play and App store. There is an option of uploading files to Avision Cloud service system after that it will generate a Payment QR code for users to confirm the payment amount, pay that using any UPI enabled mobile wallets and after that with the help of a code, users can take out the print on any Avision Self copying centre.

How secure the user data on Avision Cloud?

Indeed, it is obvious, the user who is uploading sensitive documents on a cloud will be a little bit suspicious, however, not with us. It is because first the cloud of Avision is in-house and maintained by us only and there is no interference of any third party. And second, we are not saving any data of the user, we only hold it until it not get printed by the user. The moment it will print, it also going to be deleted from our servers. How do you think we are providing free cloud service? It is because we are not saving anything that ultimately put no storage burden on our servers.

How USB Printing works in Avision self copying printer?

Go to the printer, plug in USB disk and select the file from the LCD interface fo Avision SSC. After that scan the Payment QR code generated on the same screen using your mobile wallet app. The moment payment happens, the printer will give you print out.

What are the Benfits of Avision’s SSC (self service copy)?

There are lots of advantages when things are in our own control. For example, the user won’t need to wait for some shop to open in order to get the print. He can print or copy anything at any time of the day, just like you take out money from the ATM machine at any time.

Secondly, it will reduce the administrative cost to handle payment problems.

It will also reduce the need for cash in hand especially the problem of change when you want to have only two or three prints.

It is not limited to direct printing instead one can use a device like a smartphone or tablets via our app.  Another thing, especially in banks or heavily crowded service centres where most of the time official printers are running out of service, and they get a pretext of not doing work or providing services, you know what I want to say. In such scenarios, Avision SSC will be a great ad hoc.