Top Three Budget DSLR Cameras to Buy this Festive Season

Well, I know most of you might be thinking that in today’s world when our smartphones are so much more developed than what is the need to buy a DSLR camera. You are definitely right, but still, DSLR has its own class, which just makes it class apart from any other device when it comes to clicking pictures or recording videos. And as we are in the middle of the festive month and the biggest festival of India is just knocking the door, so you should convince yourself that this is the right time for you to buy a DSLR camera to cherish all those precious moments of yours. Just like you can watch any movie in your smartphone or laptop or TV etc. but still, you go to the cinema hall to watch your favourite movie, in the same way, DSLR camera is the cinema hall here while your smartphones, tablets, etc. happen to be the other gadgets. So, as we have understood the value a DSLR camera holds, now without any delay let me quickly discuss with you the best options available and which one should you buy:

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

It comes with a 24.2 MP sensor and that too of the DX-format, plus it works with the image processor named EXPEED 4, which results in images of great quality, having accurate colour details. The photos can be captured normally or at the rate of five FPS, and it supports full HD video recording. This beauty comes packed with a GPS, a toy camera, HDR painting modes, along with seven other special modes. The exposure for the subject is set by a D-Lighting system. It has a thirty-nine point one autofocus mode.

The focus while capturing videos is maintained by a 3D tracking mode. Now, coming to the display, it has a 3.2-inches LCD display which comes with a decent viewing angle of 170 degrees. The aspect ratio of 3:2 is quite wide and it also has a resolution of 1036.8 k-dot. The sensitivity range of ISO100 to ISO12800 can be expanded further to 25600 particularly for low light, yes you can do it even without an optical low-pass filter, and it gives you complete details in every your every click, and at the same time eliminating noise to a great extent.

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera budget series

The camera also has a built-in flash, plus an external flash, which provides ample light to confirm that the picture captured is just perfect. Coming to the connectivity options, it has the built-in WiFi connection which ensures that you can share all the precious moments of yours with your loved ones. And if you install a wireless mobile utility app, then you can transfer photos, or control this camera with a single click of a button from your smartphone.

Canon EOS 3000D DSLR

With an 18 MP sensor, you can click pictures which are absolutely as clear as crystals, and the amazing thing about the pictures clicked with this camera is that they don’t get blurred and remain clear even when enlarged. The DIGIC for plus image processor boosts the photo quality, even if you happen to click in low light situations, furthermore it reduces noise, which helps you in shooting videos in a very feasible manner.

Images sensitivity is quite wide and has a range of ISO 100 to 6400, and it can also be expanded up to ISO 12800. All these ensure that each and every picture captured by you has a good amount of details, even in the dim or less light without using the flash. Coming to the connectivity options, it comes with a built-in WiFi, which enables you to seamlessly share photos after installing the Canon Connect app. You can share photos, videos, or in other words, control your camera with just a click on your smartphone. The autofocus enables you to click clear and amazing photos with full details.

Canon EOS 3000 budget DSLR camera

The camera has a display of 2.7-inches and also has a viewing angle of one hundred and seventy degrees. The LCD screen also displays features like AF, ISO, metering, AF point selection, and so on. You can further boost the picture quality by editing the exposure enhancing the white light balance. The performance of this camera is not bad at all, rather it’s quite fast, you can capture three frames of rapidly moving objects in just one second. 

Nikon D5600 DSLR

This is another product from Nikon in the list. It comes packed with the 24.2 MP sensors. It also supports 1080p recording at 30p, plus it has a tripod socket. The image sensitivity is approximately ISO 100, but you can expand it further up to ISO 25600. The sensors are of CMOS. The maximum aperture is F/5.6, and the lens type is Auto focus-S 18-140 mm VR kit lens. It also comes with the feature of dust reduction.

It has a manual focus and the lens are of compatible type. Furthermore, it also has the viewfinder features and they are eye-level pentamirror single-lens reflex viewfinder type. The scene modes supported in this camera are auto and auto flash off modes. It has an automatic exposure mode and has an exposure compensation of -5 to +5 EV in steps of one by three or one by two EV in P, S, A, M, night vision, and scene modes. The shutter speed is of one by four thousand and thirty seconds.

Nikon D5600 DSLR best budget camera

This camera has the features of release modes and self-timer and supports five FPS shooting for continuous shots. Now coming to the connectivity options, it also comes packed with a built-in WiFi. and just like the previous two DSLRs, you can also control this one by installing the Nikon app and then use your smartphone as a remote control to control this DSLR.

Thus, these are three budget DSLR which are available at a comparatively mid-range price and you can definitely consider buying them. Though they are available at the budget that does not mean that you have to compromise with the quality, as it gives you amazing pictures and videos and you get a clear idea of that once you have gone through this article. These cameras will keep a record of all your precious memories in the form of images or videos in whichever form you wish to keep them and you can cherish all those memories for your lifetime. And if you wish to buy one of the DSLR but are confused about which one to choose then you can definitely find the right option for you after going through this article.

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