Benefits of using masks in tackling coronavirus outbreak

The world is in the middle of a never-seen-before battle against the global pandemic of Covid-19 aka Coronavirus, and India, on its part, has upped the ante by announcing a complete three-week countrywide lockdown. The announcement of the lockdown left millions of Indian scrambling for the essentials such as grocery, milk, etc. Apart from these, the outbreak of the disease has also resulted in an increased demand for masks and sanitizers – believed to be the saviours from Coronavirus.

Over the past few weeks or months, anyone venturing out of homes even for a brief time can be seen sporting a mask. But are masks really as useful against the pandemic as we believe them to be? Or is it just one of the myths that have been doing the rounds since the Covid-19 outbreak? The answer is – yes, masks can help in dealing with the deadly virus to a great extent. The basic benefit of using a mask is that it prevents droplets, which is the primary mode of transmission of Coronavirus. Additionally, it also prevents one from repeatedly touching nose, mouth and face directly with fingers.

The other cause of concern here is which mask one should use – a surgical mask or N series mask. Medicals experts have confirmed that even surgical masks help prevent the spread of droplets, but have categorically mentioned that high-end masks, such as N-95 or N-99 are certainly better alternatives, as they are more effective infiltration of suspended particles.

There are lots of Mask products available ion the market to buy online and offline such ard are AirOk Breathe Safe Face Mask N-99 with five-layered fabric, including a charcoal layer that prevents gaseous and other toxic pollutants. The fabric of the mask involves two components – spun-bond polypropylene and melt-blown polypropylene, thereby jointly turning the mask into one non-woven web.
So, if you are going outside get the one mask to safe your self…