Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Update may feature Open Stadium and a Running Train

In the present era of PvP multiplayer games, Battle Royal games are the biggest sensations. Especially after the success of PUBG and Fortnite, all other big publishers started pushing for a Battle Royal game of their own. Following the trend, Electronics Arts released Apex Legends, and Activision launched Call of Duty Warzone, in the coming months Ubisoft is about launching a new BR game called Hyper Scape. All the BR games tried to feature unique gameplay that is different from the others. While Call of Duty is the biggest franchises from the Activision, and COD titles always had a huge fan base, the Call of Duty Warzone was kind of a declared success even before the launch. When the beta version of the Warzone launched, a huge amount of live streamers and normal players switched to the Warzone, due to the Call of Duty style conventional FPS gameplay. With time the graph of a number of players has witnessed ups and downs, and now the launch of Season 5 of COD Warzone is coming shortly.

Along with season 5 launch, Activision wants to achieve a new height with its dream BR project. In order to that, they need to gain a greater number of players which they have right now. In order to seek the attention of the players from other BR games, Call of Duty is about to feature some big changes in the Map. In this article, we are going to talk about all the speculated & rumored updates along with the confirmed news according to our sources. So let’s roll out with the news updates on COD Warzone Season 5.

Confirmed News on Warzone Season 5

  • Warzone is about to feature a two new mode, one of which is going to be a 200 Player Plunder mode and another one is a 200 Player BR mode.
  • Warzone is about to feature multiple changes in the map. As we know the Warzone map is a pretty huge one already, so new updates are going to make the map even more comprehensive.
  • The Stadium which each of us seen in the Warzone map is about to become an open stadium, so the doors and hallways are going to be open. The Stadium is already a big structure around which many intense gunfights occur regularly. Now if the devs make it an Open stadium then the indoor space of the stadium is going to provide even a more complex topography of that area, which is going to provide a big place for intense gunfights and hunt-downs.
  • Also according to confirmed sources, COD Warzone is going to feature a Train Track throughout the map with a Running Train upon it, just like the train in Vikendi at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This train can create new methods of movement and can evolve new scenarios of fighting.
  • Though the sources are saying the Train and the physics related to it would be more like the Train in Apex Legends, where a huge amount of loot would spawn and fighting while riding in the train would take place throughout the map.
  • A tweet came in front of “The Gaming Vanguard” which indicates the launch event is about to take place for Season 5 and it is going to take place at the stadium. Here is that Tweet,

This tweet had created a lot of speculations itself, so stay ready to be amazed.

the game vangaurd min

Warzone Season 5 Rumors

  • According to some sources including VGC, Warzone is going to feature in-game events, where there will be small story advancement parts to make the game more interactive and interesting. Just like we have small story advancement events at Fortnite. Also according to VGC reports, Warzone is going to feature a cross-universe event with another popular Battle Royal game, and Fortnite is the main choice due to its popular story events. Now how a cartoonish fiction game copes up with a realistic fiction game to feature a common event, I am really eager to know that. It could be a great fusion in the gaming industry, as cross-universe events are fairly uncommon and unique things in the gaming industry, even to date.
  • According to reports, the event would be related to Nuclear Bomb detonation and alternative reality sounds cool right.
  • According to VGC reports, the Warzone Season 5 can start a tie-up COD Black Ops: Cold War. In relation to this rumor, it is being speculated that Warzone would feature a hidden bunker, where the Black Ops: Cold War teaser would be introduced like an Easter egg.


Wrapping Up

In short, the Warzone map is expanding in many ways for sure. As the map is already a huge one, making more changes are going to make this map even more vibrant. Such a map is not only for seeking a greater number of players but also we can expect that Activision has big plans with the Warzone project. Whether it is for marketing or e-sports success, but Activision is making big moves for the Warzone Season 5. Also with the decreasing audience of PUBG PC, there are a big number of players who are looking for another good BR game to settle with. Valorant has been the biggest sensation on Twitch and YouTube Gaming recently, but Valorant is not a BR game, so the BR lovers have big expectations from the Warzone and the upcoming Hyper Scape from Ubisoft. That’s it, bye for now folks.