All we Know about Hyper Scape from Ubisoft: What is so special in it?

A new Battle Royal gaming sensation is about to hit the market from the Ubisoft Montreal Studios titles as Hyper Scape. The development of the game completed actually within a very short period of time, that is why there were not many updates about this game lately. But, since the emergence of the Battle Royal gaming market, most of the major developers came with a BR game to cater to the players.

While PUBG from the PUBG Corp, Fortnite from the Epic Games stormed the market but there Daybreak Games’ Z1 Battle Royal, Valve’s Counter-Strike: Danger Zone, Ring of Elysium from Tencent (publishers of PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile) flopped utterly. But later, Apex Legends from Electronic Arts and COD Warzone from Activision achieved a decent height of success due to their uniqueness.

This is how it has become a proven theory that you can be inspired by the idea but to gain the success you need to create something unique in the same genre, where the money and success lie. With that mantra in mind, Ubisoft Montreal Studios developed a BR game featuring a unique style, graphics, and gameplay.

Now their so-called dream BR project named Hyper Scape is about to launch under Closed Beta. In this article, we are going to discuss all we know about Hyper Scape till date. So let’s roll out more information.

What to know about Hyper Scape

  • Hyper Scape is going to be free to play game at all the regions and the game going to be released at all the regions.
  • It would be a fast-paced shooter game with next-gen level graphical attributes.
  • The game is going to feature two modes initially, which are Crown Rush and Dark Haze. In the Closed Beta, the players would be awarded a free 10-tier battle pass.
  • All the progress made in the closed beta version would carry forward into the future phase when the game would be launched and live.
  • There is no official date of release but the game is available as a beta testing version, and probably the Open Beta would launch on 12th July 2020.
  • The world of the Hyper Scape is featured in a futuristic frictions world of Neo Arcadia in the year 2054. The Map is vast, and there are going to be many explorable things hidden within the map. The Crown Rush is the main BR mode in the game, which can be played Solo and in a Three-man squad.
  • The looting system is going to be like any other legacy BR games, but the presence of Hacks make sets this game apart from any other BR games. The Hacks are actually abilities that can be found while looting and one player can have two hacks at a time at most. Players also can upgrade their hacks by combining them with some specific weapons to make a fusion of hack & weapon. Though the devs are calling it hacks, they are actually legit abilities that one can found within the map while playing, so there is nothing unfair. For example, if an AWM guy kills while you are trying to kill him with a UMP45, there is nothing unfair, as your enemy managed to loot an AWM while you didn’t. Also, you can compare the abilities of so-called hacks in Hyper Scape with the Valorant Agents’ unique abilities.
  • Also, looting and using hacks can be switched off by the players, in such cases the player would match-make in a lobby with no hacks.
  • In Hyper Scape there is a chance of coming back within the match when you are dead, quite like Call of Duty Warzone, which makes the game even tougher and more engaging. When a player dies in Hyper Scape, the become Echo, unlike Spectator you cannot Scout your team if you are an Echo. Being an Echo grant you have a chance to come back, as when an enemy dies a respawn point will open using which the Echo can come back to the match again.
  • At the later stage when the Showdown Phase would commence. In this phase, a Crown will appear on the map, and there would two ways to win the game from there. The first choice is to steal the crown and keep it under your team’s possession for 45 seconds and the second is just go forward to hunt down all your remaining enemies.
  • Hyper Scape has already made a partnership with, so the live streamers can allow their followers to tune in during real-time by using the Hyper Scape Crown cast Twitch extension.

Why You Should Try Hyper Scape

  • If you are a Battle Royal lover then you must check such a big title coming from devs like Ubisoft Montreal, who also created the Assassins Creed and FAR CRY franchises.
  • Also with passing time, the existing BR lovers started expecting new things from this genre, and in many cases, devs are not able to fulfill the demands. For example, due to lack of new content, new modes & features, a big name like PUBG is also facing a decreasing number of players for the last 8-10 months. But, Fortnite, Apex Legends, managed to survive due to their content and feature updates. So, it is clear people are looking for new and unique content and features in the same genre and while a new upcoming game is featuring some new uniqueness, one must try that out.
  • If you are a newcomer in the steaming industry and want to make a good name, it is going to be quite difficult for you. As there are huge competitions in all the major platforms like and YouTube Gaming. So, trying new games can be a very good idea in such a case. For example, I have seen a couple of streamers who doubled their number of viewers just by switching from Counter-Strike to Valorant in the last two months. So, trying new games for your live streaming career is actually a very good choice.
  • Also, Hyper Scape is featuring a fast-paced game FPS gameplay, so must try the game to hone your Multiplayer FPS gaming skills, as new difficulties and a new form of games would give you a platform to practice in a hardcore way, and the skills earned would help you to improve your reflexes so that you can perform even better at your favorite games.
  • Last but not the least, if you are a BR lover but bored of playing the same game again & again, then try this new title from Ubisoft for free and you may end up with settling with Hyper Scape for next couple of months like you did it with PUBG or Fortnite.


Wrapping Up

Ubisoft Montreal has developed Hyper Scape, so there are huge expectations from the game. Also, in a new game, you won’t face the problem of cheaters and hackers. Most important of all, as a gamer there is nothing better than trying a new game. So, keep playing Battle Royal games, try the new arena provided by Ubisoft and look for new esports opportunities on the same platform by the publishers.