Casio India Presents Calculator for all GST based calculations

Casio India has announced a GST calculator that can use to perform all GST based calculations. The introduced models are MJ-120 GST and MJ-12GST those specially meant to the Indian market.

Casio India Presents GST Calculator for all GST based calculations

The key features of the Casio MJ-12 GST and MJ-120GST calculators are as follows:

In-built GST tabs: All the five (0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%) GST are in-built in MJ-120GST and MJ-12GST. Separate buttons for the GST slabs will drastically reduce the number of clicks, hence reducing the time required to process the invoice. The tax slabs are changeable as per the industry needs.

Gross value (net value + Tax), net value and tax paid under different GST slabs stay stored in the GST+0, GST+1, GST+2, GST+3, GST +4 buttons and the overall value in the five slabs stays stored in the GST GT button. Hence, there’s no need to recalculate the values repeatedly.

Tax- Mode application: While working with the different markets Casio India also recognizes that tax payers and traders calculate the base value of products by deducting tax from MRP. Hence, a TAX- feature for all the five tax slabs to calculate the base value from MRP was introduced. Tax-mode has its application in calculating the base value and net profit earned.

Multi-industry use: Functionality of GST+/tax- key makes MJ-120GST transcend industries as it can calculate values in multiple formats i.e. gross value from base value in GST+ mode and base value from gross value in Tax- mode. Furthermore, the GST GT key is for calculating gross value of a GST based calculation and can it can also be used for calculating the grand total of a calculation.

Price: MJ-12GST for INR 395/- | MJ-120GST for INR 475/-