FINGERS launches Fuel+ & Pro Wireless (PD-QC) Power Banks

FINGERS that deals in digital accessories recently has announced the expansion of its portfolio with a launch of two new products in the PD & Wireless Power Banks category that are Fuel+ & Pro Wireless (PD-QC) Power Banks.

As per the press release, the company has designed both the power banks to charge smart devices speedily including laptops.

The Fuel& Pro Wireless features a slim design and ergonomic feel as per the press release.

However, the Fuel+ is not a Wireless one and features a regular interface with a digital display for battery status. It features both PD & QC features to provide all-day charging on the go.

The Pro Wireless which is 2 in 1 portable wireless charger because it offers both Power bank capabilities and Wireless Charger with support to both wired and wireless chargings.

Pro Wireless (PD-QC)
Pro Wireless (PD-QC)

It offers 10,000 mAh “A” grade Li-Polymer battery and features the latest Power Delivery (PD) fast-charging technology which automatically detects connected devices and delivers the precise amount of power for optimal and quick charging times. Furthermore, it comes with Quick Charge (QC) Technology to reduce self-changing by 40 per cent while giving an output of up to 18 W.

Wireless Charging feature is Qi-compatible devices with 2 dedicated USB-A & USB-C (Type-C) ports.