Googlе Bard May Soon Gеt Mеmory Fеaturе To Rеmеmbеr All Dеtails About You

Google Bard which competes with ChatGPT and BIng Chat, is adding a new feature called ‘Memory’. This feature allows the AI chatbot to remember important things about you.

Initially noticed by 9to5Google, the forthcoming feature intends to enhance the personalized recommendations for users of Bard. While conversing with Google Bard, users might typically receive comparable search outcomes. However, the introduction of the ‘Memory’ toggle alters this by factoring in a user’s search history and preferences.

This implies that you won’t have to repeatedly inform Bard, for example, about your direct preferences like being a vegetarian or having two children when you ask for recipes or vacation recommendations.

You can easily access Google Bard’s Memory page from the left-hand menu. From there, you have the option to add new preferences or remove existing ones. If you prefer not to have Bard remember all your information, you can simply disable the feature from the left side of the screen.

Meanwhile, in the last month, Google unveiled several new features for Bard, including Bard extensions that enable the AI-powered chatbot to integrate with various Google services such as Drive and Gmail. Additionally, Bard now supports more than 40 languages. Google has also prioritized minimizing inaccuracies in information, with Bard results now being cross-referenced with Google Search results for increased reliability.