Google to roll out the much awaited artificial bokeh mode on its Photos app

Among the best and the most popular apps made by Google, the Google Photos is one of them. Though an app developed by Google, Google Photos has earned a lot of popularity among the iOS users, apart from the Android enthusiasts, for offering unlimited photo and video backup at high qualities. Not only that, even after offering such unlimited storage, Google Photos offer a great user interface. Recently Google introduced its flagship material design user interface in its Google Photos app, which has eventually rejuvenated the complete app, most users love. Apart from all that, Google Photos keep on editing the user’s photos and videos in the backend, surprising users with collages, animations, edited photos from time to time.

Well, Google announced a ton of new features in 2018 and some of them are also for Google Photos. Among the new announcements made in Google I/O 2018, one of them is the color pop feature, which I am sure will be used as a hot cake among the users or the photographers who want the bokeh effect from their smartphones. This feature will use AI and machine learning algorithms to blur out the background or put it to soft focus mode, keeping the person or the main object in focus. According to a team of popular Android enthusiasts, the feature will be rolling out soon on Android devices. We all are actually waiting for Google to roll out the features promised in the Google I/O 2018.

Other notable announcements made by Google in 2018 include the feature to colorize black and white or monochromatic images, the option to convert photos containing documents into PDF files, suggestions to improve the photos, and many more. I just want Google to roll out the features as quickly as possible. Google Photos is still used by a number of users and rolling out the AI based features will surely increase the user base of Google Photos, which will eventually open more avenues to Google for offering a lot of other new features.

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