Hyper OS to Take the Lead Over Xiamoi’s MIUI

What’s all in store for users as Xiamoi’s Hyper OS bows out MIUI? Let’s find out!

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant has recently announced the succession of its existing OS with an advanced software skin- Hyper OS. Hyper OS will make its way into all smartphones, starting from the Xiaomi 14 series smartphones. The Vice President of Xiamoi, Alvin Tse, announced that the new OS will gradually replace MIUI in all devices.

The expansion of Hyper OS is expected to power the complete ecosystem including Xiamoi’s wearables and other devices. Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO added that Hyper OS will boost up all smartphones from the 14 series and the production has already begun. The smartphones with new power will soon be launched in China.

Alvin also announced that this new Android skin will come pre-installed in all the older versions of phones and tablets.

It will come preinstalled with the latest Xiamoi 14 flagship series & will gradually replace MIUI. Can’t wait for the new era of Hyper Performance, fluidity, and connectivity across Smartphones x AIoT”, posted on Alvin Tse on X.

This OS will be available for all smartphones globally and will not only be restricted to Chinese smartphones. The exact specifications and interface of the new Hyper OS are still not known. However, Tse suggested that it is written with a completely new and refreshing architecture.

The Hyper OS which will retire Xiaomi’s old charm, MIUI, is likely to offer a more refined and power-packed performance across different devices. The Xiaomi Series 14 smartphone is all set to launch in November, this year. Many users await its launch it is the first Xiaomi smartphone to be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.

From MIUI to Hyper OS – A shift in Xiaomi’s vision?

The introduction of Hyper OS will mark the end of MIUI’s 13-year-old yet powerful reign. MIUI has been a part of Xiaomi’s devices for a long time and has now lost its appeal. Many users can complain about the MIUI’s interface which is set to be packed with bugs and bloatware that have degraded the user experience.

Hyper OS will function as the powerhouse of Xiaomi’s ecosystem, allowing users to manage all their devices through a single platform. As of now, there is no clarity if the Hyper OS is based on Android Open Source Project or not. However, it will soon be revealed with the launch of Series 14 smartphones.

Stay tuned to find out if the Hyper OS is really a game-changer for Xiaomi smartphone’s UI or not.